Bible Study on the Gospel of John


In 2008, a few of us bloggers decided to do a weekly Bible Study. Since Easter is at the end of this month, I decided to republish these studies. I believe the Gospel of John compels the reader to make a decision concerning Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the Living God. I am praying you will have your theology challenged, your faith built up, and your spirit encouraged.

Our God is beyond comprehension. Yet, He has made His plan for us, so simple…

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  1. This is really wonderful Michelle. I’m going to keep coming back for bite size lessons! Thank you sooo much. 🙂 I love learning here!

  2. You’re very welcome, Deb. I had to reach back almost three years, but something about this season (personal and holiday) is calling me nearer to Him…

    I’m humbled that you might learn something here…thankyouforthat.

  3. It was a good endeavor, huh, Darla? I feel honored to have been a part. It’s nice when it’s over to see a whole book complete with posts…kinna cool.

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