God’s Poetry


For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them. ~Ephesians 2:10

His workmanship. His masterpiece. His poiema…poem. Can you see it there, in the Greek? We are His poem.

Do you like to write poetry? I used to, a long time ago. Now I just write little ditties to get a laugh, or hopefully, a smile. But at one point in time, I loved to write poetry. To find the perfect word or phrase to describe a feeling, or that special moment, was a challenge I truly enjoyed.

Usually the word poiema is translated workmanship or masterpiece. No matter which word is used — poem, masterpiece, workmanship — the idea is the same: We are His creation.

I love to create.  Today I spend most of my time drawing. For a time I tried to paint. It took quite a while for me to realize the only way to make my paintings “pop” was to apply the dark colors first (for oils/tempera), then to layer with the lighter colors, ending with white highlights. When using watercolors it works best to paint the negative space and the shadows, so the lighter hues stand out. Now I’m finding in my drawings, I am most pleased when all of the details are added and the shading deep…dark.  The contrast between light and dark is quite effective.

I’ve been wondering about grace. How extravagant God is with the grace He gives.

We are so dark. The shadows of our lives, the parts we hope are kept hidden from view, the deep darkness of our souls can cause despair when we get a glimpse.  But, when I think of the forgiveness I’ve been granted, the unmerited favor He’s given, I am astounded! 

He sees my darkness.  It’s not hidden from Him. He knows every moment of my existence, every thought and action I’ve done in the shadows, hoping forever to stay hidden.  And yet…He found me.  In the dark.  Afraid.  He found me and offered His Light. 

He poured His lavish grace upon me and started painting the highlights. He began bringing beauty to the darkness of my canvas. He allowed the shadows to help create the masterpiece He sees in me.   

In you.

All the details of our lives, all the secrets we’ve kept hidden, all the darkness we don’t want to see…it all helps to make the Light He has given more glorious.   The contrast.

We are His workmanship.  His masterpiece.  His poem.

He is creating a masterful poem…a vibrant painting… a detailed drawing…for the world to behold. 

And through seeing the masterpiece, the Artist’s amazing ability is glorified.

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  1. Nice work here Sis.

    Unless we come to Him (Again) as a little child, we shall not enter The Kingdom.

    Did you create much as a small child – was your creativity and imagination allowed to bring forth fruit?

    Do you feel you have you retained that intentionally? or that you do less now than you used to?

    While we are His masterpiece – His living poem, we are made in His image – we are made to Create, using the powers and gifts He supplied.

    As we work through life we are constantly creating – bringing new thoughts and dreams into creation that then can ‘evolve’ into something more ‘tangible’, physical.

    Unless we have been taught how to (or somehow learned to without.a teacher in the usual sense) our creations will likely be inconsistent and imperfect as they develop into our ‘life’.

    Every thought when combined with an emotion such as fear, joy or love creates something within our life and we become the sum total of those creations.

    His ‘brushstrokes’ (or re-edits of the Poem) are constantly being added – we are – to use a certain well known ‘phrase’ – a work In Progress 😉

    I believe it is important to understand our role in that process – we play our part whether by intent or by merely ‘letting’ it just happen, every single second of our lives.

    it is my personal belief that our best outcome – His Best work – is when we learn how to work ‘with’ Him and not haphazardly, randomly or intentionally against Him in favour of our own selfish desires, perhaps coming back to Him at various times (often of disaster) in our otherwise ‘successful’ lives.

    and i hope you see that i am not directing that last comment at you? 🙂

    (Some people can easily get what i say confused i find!)


  2. Ah Michelle, this is beautiful! Could be a poem of sorts! So beautiful and so full of truth.

    I especially like it because I have been working a couple days on a writing challenge from LL Barkat to write a poem on ‘what is poetry’. My attempts have been useless:( I used to like to write poems when I was blissfully unaware of what ‘good writing’ was and just wrote whatever I felt. Since I ‘ve realised how much there is to writing good poems I’m not so inspired any more.

    I’m carrying this reminder that I’m part of God’s poetry with me today:)

  3. Hey Michelle! First, my hugs to you!

    My dear, I am so happy I visited you today. This piece is one lovely read!

    I am in love with what I often call poetic essay or poetic prose. This certainly belongs to that genry! Just amazing. It’s so well written, and the thought it contains, so very true. Insightfu!.

    Thank you for writing this, Sister. I treasure this post. (I treasure your other posts containing scriptures, but this one’s different.) You wrote a poem while painting humanity with words.

    God bless.

  4. What a beautiful thought that we are His poetry.
    I love that He is at work in our lives in this way.
    Lots of love to you Michelle 🙂

  5. Thank you, Love. Yes, I was creative as a child, always drawing, and coloring was my favorite activity…still is. 😳 I have intentionally held on to that creative side. But, honestly, I’m not really sure how much is intentional when so much of it seems to be in my genes.

    “it is my personal belief that our best outcome – His Best work – is when we learn how to work ‘with’ Him and not haphazardly, randomly or intentionally against Him in favour of our own selfish desires…”

    I agree. And no, I didn’t take that comment as directed toward me, but it probably should be. 😉 I don’t “intend” to work against Him, but I do find the struggle against selfish desires to be HUGE.

    And on a side note: I’m loving your input these days. Very thought provoking for me…thank you, Love. 🙂

    Thank you, Rain! I found the same to be true for me and poetry (although I think you’re a great poet!). The more I studied, the more inept I felt. My vocabulary isn’t strong. I overuse words like amazing, wonderful, really great…as though they convey some great meaning…it’s kinda sad…or laughable. 😆 But you?!?! Keep it up. I love reading your writing. 😉

    Wow. Thanks, Sherma! Coming from you, I feel humbled…and a bit in shock. Thank you. And many hugs to you from across the ocean. I’m praying for you…now…you are a treasure! 🙂

    Me too, Birgit. It helps to realize even the dark moments come together to create a “work” through His masterful strokes. Love you much, Birg! Hope your day is intentional. 😉

    (((Kinda heavy on the emoticons there…must be an emotional morning for me.)))

  6. Confession: I’ve never thought of myself as a poem God is writing, but that certainly sounds good. Sometimes the paper and ink are flawed (me), but the Master Writer knows how to straighten things out as needed.

    Thanks for such a wonderful thought today. 🙂

  7. “…but the Master Writer knows how to straighten things out as needed.”

    Amen, Preacher! And that right there gives me hope. He knows what He’s writing and He will complete it.

    “He who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it.”

  8. Poetry is quite powerful and I have been blessed with the gift of writing poems that seem to touch lives.Perhaps you should put a few on here to see if people are struck by your gift.God Bless,Mike.

  9. I love your writing. I read often but don’t comment much.

    This touched me tonight as I read. I have been an emotional wreck the past two weeks because of some stuff at work. The beauty of it is the work God has done in my heart over the past year or so prepared me for what is going on.

    With out the poetry of Grace he wrote in my heart, I would not be as comfortable with what is going on as I am.

    Peace and Love Sis.

  10. i love this. me? Gods poem. what a thought! makes me feel like the most special person in the world. and to Him, i am, we are! a masterpiece.

    blows my mind, takes my breath. especially knowing who i am…


  11. That was quite thought provoking, not to mention beautifully written. Well done.


  12. Thank you, Mike. I’m not sure the poetry I write these days would inspire anyone, but thanks for your vote of confidence. And welcome!

    I’ve missed seeing you around here, Carl. I know you’re a very busy man with many ministry opportunities, family being number one.

    As for being an emotional wreck the past couple of weeks, I hear you! It is good to know He’s working it all together to make a masterpiece for the world to see. It’s so hard for me to think of myself in this way…but I do know He is able to make beauty from ashes.

    I am praying for your situation at work. Knowing only the little I do of you, I’m certain you are a picture of Grace.

    Isn’t it remarkable, TammyJo!?! Completely blows my mind when I can see the darkness within all too well. I’ve wondered what verse, or stanza, He’s working on right now…

    Welcome, David. Glad you stopped by and thank you for your kind words.

  13. I love that! We are His poetry. God is so good. As I told my husband last night, “He is quite irrationally in love with us.” So many times His love for me doesn’t make sense. But … He does. It doesn’t need explaining, just accepting. What a wonderful God.

  14. I need it explained LOTS! Unconditional love is the hardest thing for me to get. But I’m so glad He freely gives. Lavishly…in abundance…He is AMAZING!

    Love you, Sparkle! Good to see you out of hiding…or hibernation…or rest…or whatever you want to call it… 😉

  15. Wow, Michelle, this is lovely. Yes, we are His not only in ownership but in created identity. Simply lovely.

  16. 🙂 Rest, I think. Yes … still in it … and I think will be for some time. God is doing many things behind the scenes here in my life … and it is so peaceful to not sit on the computer all day. (I know, I know ….) So I’m just taking one day at a time, and doing my best in what I hear God saying. It’s a beautiful way to live … but I miss all of you here. 🙂

  17. “I’ve been wondering about grace. How extravagant God is with the grace He gives…”

    THANKS for sharing this…this “poem” with us, Michelle. Though written nearly a year ago (March 31, 2009), your words still have great right-now application ~ a characteristic of all “classic” literature… Little by little, I’m working my way through your archives — a wonderful treasure-trove! THANK you for sharing these insights from Eph. 2 (seems like teaching, insight/wisdom are among your GRACE-gifts… What do *you* think are your gifts ~ at least the ones that you know about;-)?) — Again my heart is encouraged by your words… THANK you abundantly! — a graced-one;-)

  18. Wow. Thank you, Grace. And yes, I was a Bible teacher for many years…and a school teacher. I LOVE teaching, but can, at times, get a bit bogged down in the details. Thank you for honoring me with your time…taking the time to read as I stumble along. 😕

    Oh…and thank you Angie and Annie…I missed you there months ago… 😳

  19. You say you are “just a girl”,but dear Michelle, you are a grown woman , nearing middle age. I have read your writings for a few years now. I walk away from this site for long periods because it is so depressing. What is your objective ? Try,just try to take your eyes off yourself for a time.

    I thought I’d delete your comments, Cathy, however, I decided to keep them because you may have said what others are thinking. What is my objective, you ask? I write for me. I write as a prayer, of sorts, to get said what I’m feeling and to refocus my attention upon the Lord. I write to confess, for in the confession of sins, we are forgiven and healed. I write for others. Some have said it is helpful to them to have a place where they can read about real life hurts with a focus on God’s will and sovereignty. I write as a form of teaching. Physically, it isn’t possible to teach anymore. This is a good outlet for rightly dividing the Word of Truth…from my own lap, when my legs won’t move. I write for healing. It helps greatly to go back and understand the path I’ve walked. It helps to see how the Lord has carried me through these many trials. I do hope, as He guides me through the valleys and helps me climb the mountains, I will continue to bring Him glory through these simple posts. Because, truly, that is my greatest desire.

    In Him, Michelle.

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