Secret Thoughts


Look at me folks,
Working hard for the Lord.
I’m so much in demand,
There’s no time to be bored.

Listen to me folks,
I’ve the right turn of phrase
To speak to your need
And keep your faith ablaze.

Look at my badge folks
That I so proudly wear.
I’ve an important role,
But there’s so much to bear.

Notice me folks,
I so need your support
I’m wearing myself out
And wondered what you thought.

Look at Me, my son,
Allow Me to be centre stage
And do a work through you.
What you do may not be seen,
Will not be all the rage,
But there will be peace in your heart.

Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.
For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.
~Colossians 3:2-3

~Wayfarer Jon
Walking With Father
Senior Eagle Finds His Wings
Wayfarerjon’s Photo Reflections

I’ve loved Wayfarer Jon’s thoughts for quite a long time now.  I think I found him early on in my blogging experience due to the fact that we share an illness.  (Well, I think we do.  Not really sure what mine is yet.)   He speaks to my heart much of the time.  

Check out his various blogs.  These days, I’m enjoying his photo reflections.  (Beautiful England!  I will return some day!!)

This particular poem says what I’ve been trying to say for quite a long time.  It’s not about what we do, it’s about Whose we are, and what He desires to accomplish through us.

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  1. You gaze upon anothers walk
    Wishing you could emulate
    Everything they’re seen to do
    Wow, amazing, they’re so great
    Must be something that they eat
    Tuned in closely to their Lord
    I will never be like them
    Have to try and get on board.

    Give up now and be yourself
    Unique creation, please be real
    Follow Him just like a sheep
    Then your gifts He will reveal
    You were made to touch the hearts
    Of those who watch your every move
    Keep your blinkered eyes on Him
    There is nothing left to prove.

  2. Versical~ did you write that? awesome!! I would like to share it with someone..may I?

    Michelle~ had some time and wanted to stop and check in…love you

  3. Great words, Mike! Keeping our eyes fixed on Him – I like the “blinkered eyes” reference. We can get easily sidetracked with comparisons and the desire for attention. Thank you for sharing!

    Hey, Darla! Love you too. Try not to wear yourself out with all there is to do. I know you are one busy woman! Stay healthy. 😉

  4. Excellent prose Sis 🙂

    I completely get the ‘change’ of our ‘focus’ and have no issue at all with the perspective that the last verse directs us towards.

    i do not believe that what we do to or for the ‘outer’ world (outside of our own bodies) is, or should be, where our ‘focus’ lies – what is at the centre of it… i believe however that what we ‘do’ in our own inner world is what determines if we fully accept His Gift of Grace and whether or not we actually then do live IN Christ.

    in short, what we do to others should come Firstly from Him, while what we do within ourself will determine if we truly do as He Wills, or if we just follow our own imagininigs/interpretations.

    It’s a fine ‘distinction’.

    love you


  5. I like these thoughts. The one thing that came to me as I read is: man’s wisdom is attention seeking and arrogant. God’s wisdom of course, does not operate this way. His wisdom is SO much more delicious. (I know that’s a strange adjective, but … it really is! We are to “taste and see”!) 😀

  6. Just wanted to stop in and say howdy! Love the poem!

    There is a freedom that comes with the realization that it just is NOT about us….all Him!

    Love u!

  7. I really enjoy Wayfarer Jon’s words, Love.

    “In short, what we do to others should come Firstly from Him, while what we do within ourself will determine if we truly do as He Wills, or if we just follow our own imagininigs/interpretations.”

    I agree. Our motivation is key. We may do all kinds of things for others in outward appearance, when in actuality, we were doing those things to “medicate” our own pain, or our own sense of importance. I’m finding, so much of what we do is not selfless, even the seemingly “good things.”

    Yeah, Sparkle, strange adjective, indeed. But a good choice. We can taste and see that the Lord is good. If we are truly following His lead, then our works will be without arrogance or to gain kudos from others.

    Amen, Deb! All Him. As long as we are holding Him up, we have no time to make it about us… Glad to see you here. Love you, too!

  8. “It’s not about what we do, it’s about Whose we are, and what He desires to accomplish through us.”

    The constant battle. It’s not about what we do. I sometimes wonder how we can live in a world where it is all about what we do?:) Be in the world but not of it?

  9. Hey, Rain. It is constant. The conflict of being in the world and not of it…I’m finding I’m more settled about what He’s called me to do when I let Him set the agenda, and not those around me who feel they know best.

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