A Season of Funk


Who’s to say when the season ends?
Who’s to say when the crying stops?
Who’s to say when it’s time to move on?

Not you.
Not me.


You may give a “buck up” message to help someone “get past” their crud.
But, unless you’ve walked their path (and no one has the exact same path),
You have no idea the length of time it will take for them to be able to “move on”.

And, believe it or not, some people are created to grieve.
You might not like that, but it’s biblical.
Some people are given hurt after hurt after hurt to be an example of the reality of a sinful world.

You can’t know who that person is…and it’s way too easy to say, “Get over it!”

God determines the seasons of our lives.
WE are to be compassionate in whatever season we find others…

Mourn with those who mourn.
Rejoice with those who rejoice.

YOU are not God.
I am not God.

He determines the times and the seasons…
…the epochs of our lives.

Love covers a multitude of sins…even self-pity…
Be gentle, compassionate, forgiving…let the fruit of kindness be ever on your lips.

Grace, people.

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  1. Amen, Michelle. To this I will say, “Preach it, sister.” Walking in faith is blue, like jazz. More often than not, is never resolves. Not in this world, anywho. We want it to resolve but we’re not the conductor / leader of the band.

    While accepting the fact that some things (many things?) in this world will not resolve is, admittedly disheartening , it is also quite freeing.

  2. “While accepting the fact that some things (many things?) in this world will not resolve is, admittedly disheartening , it is also quite freeing.”

    Yes, sir! And trusting in the conductor is the safest place for the music to sound as intended. 😉
    Thanks, Ric. I thought you’d get it…

    Oh…and I love that book!

  3. I just loved this and am taking it in on all accounts. For myself and for others. What a comfort you are to us . .. thank you, sweet Michelle! God bless you and all the seasons you go through with Him! love and prayers!

  4. I’m glad it spoke to you, Debbie. I believe we need to let people move in the unforced rhythms of His grace…
    I hope you’re well. Love and prayers for you, too!

  5. Interesting blog.

    But what about the funk you may be in because of someone else’s sin? Someone you trusted, someone in ministry, someone who said one thing-yet did another? Yes, I know God forgives sin … but I can’t seem to forget that someone who professed salvation and sanctification seems to be glossing over a sinful situation. Better pray some more …

  6. Welcome, C…

    Thank you for commenting. Some of my thoughts concerning your questions…

    A funk is a funk, no matter how you got there. I’ve lived both kinds. Some of the current funk has to do with what I did, but then came the fallout after I repented, the lack of forgiveness or desire to reconcile.

    We are only responsible for ourselves. And, I think, sometimes we take on way more of other’s stuff than we were ever asked to do. We are all called to examine ourselves…not others. Yes, it hurts terribly when someone sins against us. But, as I’m learning to do, it can cause us to better undestand how much God grieves because of our sin…and why Christ suffered as He did.

    On this side of one of the ugliest sins, adultery, I can say I am so very grateful to those who still love me and have extended grace. It helps not to be left in the pit to wallow in shame, but to have another who will look past the sin (knowing it’s been dealt with at the cross) and see the person needing understanding. Sometimes, we imagine someone is glossing over their sin because we haven’t witnessed them in the dark of night, crying out to God. Some may only show their faces when their masks are firmly in place.

    No one knows what goes on in the heart of a person…only God.

    Give grace, grace, grace, grace, and then, give more grace…God will do the convicting…

    And…remember, sanctification is a process, not a one time moment that leads to sinless perfection. None of us will reach maturity, or experience sinlessness, until we stand before God, face to face.

    Oh…and about the funk you feel…identify the problem. Look at the emotion. See what it is you’re feeling and feel it. If it’s anger, be angry, yet do not sin. If it’s sadness, grieve. If it’s fear, understand that God is greater than anything you will ever experience. He will cover you with His hand. Go to Him with whatever you’re feeling. Get it out…it truly helps to see the situation for what it is…and keep doing it for as long as it takes. God heals our hurts.


  7. Thanks for your heartfelt reply, Michelle. I did pray … and asked the other person to explain the situation. They told me that I was the only friend who had asked about the situation and they appreciated the fact that I actuallly asked. I do feel better after talking with my friend, and I know that they will deal with fallout for a time. I just pray my friend will accept the forgiveness and true peace that God longs to provide.

    Blessings ~

  8. I’m very glad to hear that openness and grace worked together in your friendship, C. I feel sure as she feels grace pouring into her from you, she’ll be more able to feel the forgiveness and peace from God.

    “Grace covers a multitude of sins.” Thank you, Jesus!

  9. i hate the funk… =/ I seem to find myself there time after time, and almost always, God reminds me that there is a war in the heavenlies, and I am seeing the bigger picture. Love and Grace do cover a multitude of sins. Sometimes the funk is just a directional change, and it takes me a long time to see it. I think its human. I love you! and wish we could have that wine now!

  10. A war in the heavenlies…I’ve been thinking about that one quite a lot lately. And I like the thought that the funk can be a change in direction, if we cooperate with His Spirit’s leading. I tend to get stuck in the funk, but maybe what I think is stuck is really just the grieving before moving on…?
    Wine sounds good. A little early in the day for me, but still…good! 😉

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