Dwelling on God’s Goodness


“He comes to us in the brokenness of our health, in the shipwreck of our family lives, in the loss of all possible peace of mind, even in the very thick of our sins. He saves us in our disasters, not from them. He emphatically does not promise to meet only the odd winner of the self-improvement lottery: He meets us all in our endless and inescapable losing.”   ~Robert Farrar Capon

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  1. I so love this encouragement today, sweet Michelle. Thank you for giving us the boost we need today, right where we are at, in the thick of our humanness. God bless you and love on you today! love and prayers!

  2. In the thick of our humanness…

    I’m so thankful we have a High Priest who can sympathize with our weaknesses. It’s beyond me when I think of the glory He willingly laid aside so He could experience our world…not just observe it from afar, like an ant bed, but to become one with us. I can trust Him cause I know He gets me. Every part of me. He knows how difficult it is to live on this earth.

    Love and prayers for you, Deb. ♥ ♥ ♥

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