My Friend, Big Lang


Big Lang was one of the first neighbors I met after moving.  He often sits on the steps across from my parking spot.  We smiled, waved, and eventually, talked.  Our first conversation delved into race relations in Dallas, alongwith childhood experiences, and the movie, “The Help.”  It spoke of our different lifestyles growing up on opposite sides of this huge metroplex we both call Home.

I’m really glad God put Big Lang in my path.

I found out what kind of heart he has when the holidays rolled around.  I don’t know if a day passed that he didn’t have someone he was helping out…me included.  And if he knew of someone who needed help, yet, he was unable to meet the need, he’d call on others to see what we could do.  The day he showed me his apartment filled with frozen chickens to pass around, I knew I had found a friend for life.  For, you see, he had a hundred chickens to pass out and walking is not something he can do easily.  He is disabled.  Like me…

Big Lang (yes, he is well over 6’6″!  I barely reach 5’…) has been through hell and back many times.  No, we don’t have the same disability, but we both know the struggles of life.  Of course, when I hear his story, I don’t know if I can call my life a struggle.  Gracious, what some people have to endure…

He speaks freely of his trials and the faith he has in Jesus.  His words of encouragement always hit the spot.  I find wisdom beyond understanding when he shares pieces of his life story.  He has lived the hardest of lives and yet, he has an enduring trust in God.  It doesn’t always make sense to me how someone with such a background (the hardest, remember) can speak so faithfully of God.  He has no tinge of bitterness.  He doesn’t bemoan the hard knocks he’s endured.  (And even the term ‘hard knocks’ is so benign for what he has lived!)  The only way I can understand his attitude is from the scriptures…

He has a peace that passes understanding.
He has joy in the LORD, not his circumstances.
He knows it is much more of a blessing to give than to receive.

Big Lang has become a model of Christianity I hope to emulate.

What a man…
I’m blessed to call him friend.

Would you like to contact Big Lang or read more about his life? Go to:
Changed Life Ministry


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  1. I loved getting to meet Big Lane! So, so glad God gave you each other as neighbors. What a perfect fit . . .Big Lane meets Big Heart! 🙂 love you and God bless you, big!

  2. 😀

    I had a bad fall last night, Deb, and my brother had to drive me home. There he was, Big Lane, on the steps. My brother asked him to please check on me in the morning. Faithfully, he called to make sure I would answer. If I hadn’t, I’m sure he would’ve been knocking on the door and then contacting my brother. Being single and living alone for the first time in my life, that’s a good network to have. I so appreciate my friends.

    Blessings and hugs to you, Deb!

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