The Self-Existent One


We don’t define Him.
He defines Himself.
I AM that I AM.

NOT…He was that He was.
OR…He will be that He will be.


He is not becoming…
He is not past-tense.


At this point in time, I AM.
At that point in time, I AM.

I believe this to be TRUTH.

I agree with…

Adam, Enoch, Noah,
Shem, Abraham, Isaac,
Jacob, Joseph, and Moses…

Peter, Andrew, James,
John, Matthew, Mark,
Luke, Stephen, and Paul…

GOD is Self-Existent.
No one created Him and no one can destroy Him.
Declaring “He is not” or “God is dead” does not make it so.

He was I AM.
He is I AM.
He will be I AM.

As the angels sing,
“Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God, the All-Powerful,
Who was and Who is, and Who is still to come!”

He is past, present, and beyond.
More than we will ever comprehend.
If we could understand, He wouldn’t be God.

I can rest, knowing, the Self-Existent One…IS.

He determines the times and epochs of man.
Whenever He decides it ends, then…it will.

We live in Time.
He lives outside of Time.
From His view, Time is elastic.

He exists.
And only because He determines…
We do, too.

When He decides to withhold His breath from us,
We will cease to exist in this realm.

We are in His hands.
His holy, loving hands.
It’s not about me, it’s ALL about Him.
~adjusting my being…

God is what He is in Himself.
He does not become what we believe.
‘I AM that I AM.’
We are on safe ground only when we know what kind of God He is
And adjust our entire being to that holy concept.
~AW Tozer


About Michelle

I'm just a girl struggling to make sense of life while considering Jesus. He brings meaning to my life. I hope I can help you see how He will bring meaning to yours.

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  1. What a comfort and word you have brought us from Him today. 🙂 Thank you! “We are on safe ground only when we know what kind of God He is, and adjust our entire being to that holy concept.” That is going to keep me busy digesting for awhile.
    God bless you, sweet Michelle, believer in the great I AM, adjuster in His hands!
    love and prayers as I adjust too!

  2. Digesting and adjusting…seems to be where He likes to keep me, Deb. I’ve decided to go back to basics. Being in need of a safe place usually pulls me back to His side…to reflecting upon His name.

    “The name of the LORD is a strong tower, the righteous runs into it and is safe.” ~Proverbs 18:10

  3. I come back to this… I AM…often..Never changing, always here with us, always faithful, never shocked… it reminds me of the song that i play the most in my itunes..

  4. Oh, Darla, I love that! I might just need to post it. I’m going to spend time discussing the many names of God and that is perfect. I love that He is everything. I don’t need to look any further, although I surely do at times, He is my Sustainer. The Great I Am. Love you, Princess! It’s good to see you here. 🙂

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