Without Flinching


“…I must learn to forgive myself.  He has already forgiven me.  A weaver works diligently on a rug that he is making.  He uses even the dark thread as he does his work.  In the same way, those deep transgressions must become a part of the Spirit’s work from my life.  He takes it up, without flinching, and weaves it into His work. What He does is miraculous. 

I see sadness, and He sees glory.  I see nothing but evil, and He chooses to turn it into a special grace.  And so, I cling to Him and wait for the Lord to meet me.  He is not overwhelmed by my stains, and He promises a complete deliverance from my great darkness.  So I cling, as a drowning man latches on to a life preserver…”  ~from Broken Believers, Pastor Bryan’s blog.


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  1. Thank you for posting . . .I was thinking about you. So glad that you found something in Pastor Bryan’s work that spoke to you. Praying that you feel a flood of His grace sweeping you up into His arms.
    love you,

  2. Pastor Bryan has many good things to share, Annie.
    It’s good to see you here…love you, Sparkle! 😉

    Yes, Ed. 🙂 He is reminding me everyday how much He loves me.
    Thank you.

    I do find many good things on BB, Deb. Pastor Bryan has a way of making things clear. I really appreciate his ministry. Thank you for your prayers, Deb. I am resting in His grace…and feeling His love. Love you, too! 🙂

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