About Michelle

I'm just a girl struggling to make sense of life while considering Jesus. He brings meaning to my life. I hope I can help you see how He will bring meaning to yours.

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  1. This is a very beautiful song. I haven’t heard it before, but it really makes me think. What if the trials are mercies in disguise? Am I thankful?
    God bless you and love on you today!

  2. I’ve only heard it recently, but yes, it makes me think. And, hopefully, I’ll learn to be thankful, not knowing for certain how much worse it might have been. I do love the comfort in knowing healing comes through tears. I must really be doing a LOT of healing. :-/ Love you, Deb.

  3. That was a very thoughtful song.

    I can’t think of any trials I was thankful for as I endured them. It takes faith to believe they all will lead to a better tomorrow.

  4. Very hard-lived, Laz. But then, we were never promised lollipops and rainbows…you know?

    Oh…wait a minute…we were promised rainbows. 😀 hmmm…

    It is so hard to be thankful during the trials, Ed. I know, for certain, I’ve not been thankful for the trial, but for knowing God and trusting His will. I think it might be why it’s called “a sacrifice of praise,” when we thank Him in the midst of the storms. The promise — All things work together for good for those who are called according to His good will — is hard to understand. But, I do trust He keeps His promises. I’ve got to. Nothing else makes sense…

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