In Praise of My King!


I heard this one afternoon as my baby was taking a nap.  It penetrated my heart and mind.  I’ve never forgotten it.  Have a listen.  

You won’t be the same after…


About Michelle

I'm just a girl struggling to make sense of life while considering Jesus. He brings meaning to my life. I hope I can help you see how He will bring meaning to yours.

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  1. Don’t you love this, Darla?! I keep listening and remembering the first time I heard it. Lying on the couch, grieving a miscarriage and this came on the radio. Wow…just wow.

    Hey, Debbie! I’ve posted this before, but as I told Darla, I can’t seem to get enough of it. The rhyme and rhythm…the enthusiasm…causes praise to rise up within me…love it!

    He is beyond description, but Lockridge sure does a great job trying!! 😀

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