Does God Answer Prayer?


I love to read.  Always have. 
I remember being in trouble for continually reading as a kid.   

Chores needed completion,
Homework needed answers,
Brother needed watching…

But, I would rather read.

I’ve read LOTS of books over the years, but one series continues to spark my memory.  It might be the idyllic cottage setting.  It could be the paunchy pastor.  It’s probably the home-town happenings.  I’m really not able to pin-point the why of it, but Jan Karon has enthralled me with her books.  Have you read them? 

 The Mitford Series

She has an easy way of telling a story and causing the reader, me, to see the simple life as heaven on earth.  Father Tim is a gentle, loving pastor of an episcopal congregation in the fictional town of Mitford, North Carolina.  He moves among his congregation and his community desiring to show love, getting frustrated with the people, yet continually giving grace to all. 

If you haven’t read the series, do it!  You’ll be delighted, I’m sure.

One prayer Father Tim always prays, when not knowing how to pray: 
Thy will be done.

The first time I read of his struggle to pray in a puzzling situation, my heart warmed with confirmation. You see, it was the prayer I had been praying for years. 

I understand my desires are not always in tune with God’s. I learned years ago to pray Jesus’ words, “Thy will be done.” I know if I am praying for His will, He will do it. I’ll always get an answer.

As Father Tim puts it, “It is the prayer that never fails…”

Thy will be done.

You remember…on the night He was betrayed He went into the garden to pray…

On the night
He was betrayed
He prayed,
Thy will be done.

It was God’s will…He was betrayed.
It was God’s will…He should suffer much.
It was God’s will…He would carry His cross.

It was God’s will that He be crucified…for us.

It’s also the prayer He taught His disciples to pray:

Our Father, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done, (how?) On earth as it is in heaven…

How is God’s will done in heaven?

He is God Most High.
When God speaks, angels move.
His hosts accomplish His will.

Whether or not we understand, we must learn to trust His will.
The host of heaven are at His command, and they move at His word.
We must learn to trust Him.

Even when it includes suffering…

I want to know Christ
and experience the mighty power that raised Him from the dead.
I want to suffer with Him, sharing in His death,
so that one way or another I will experience
the resurrection from the dead!

~Philippians 3:10-11


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  1. I love you!! I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately–how are you?? I’ll e-mail, I think. I’ve been missing you. *hugs*

  2. Thank you. This is so beautiful. You inspire me with your sweet spirit and response to Him. Now I can always know what to pray too. 🙂 God bless you!

  3. Great post! I would not have understood this as well 18 months ago and it wouldn’t have even “hit the spot” 2 days ago if I hadn’t experienced wondering what God’s Will for my life is, praying “just do something, whatever your will is” and then getting the answer and it being way above anything I even thought of! I’m talking about Burton and his work situation! 🙂 I have a long way to go in trusting, not worrying and surrendering but I’ve had a taste and I like it!

  4. Hey, Punkin! I observed y’all’s situation up close and personal and I must say, y’all have been through it!!! The suffering that produces a cry to God for Him to DO SOMETHING…and the trust you BOTH showed in knowing He would have to show up for y’all to have a way to raise your family…and at the same time, you’re giving to me, helping me…wow! I mean, really…just wow. And now…Burt has a ministry that seems to have been carved out especially for him. Yes, m’am, WAY above what you (we) ever thought!!! Way to go, God!!!

    We serve an amazing Father who really does love us more than we can comprehend. So so so happy for you guys!!! 😀

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