He Never Leaves


No matter what we do or where we go, He is there.

I’m reminded of the words from a popular song a few years ago:

You can spend your whole life building something from nothing
One storm can come and blow it all away
Build it anyway

God is great, but sometimes life ain’t good.
When I pray it doesn’t always turn out like I think it should,
But I do it anyway…

Do it anyway.

I wrote about the time my family took off without me.  That experience was over eight years ago and since that time I’ve had hundreds of similar stories to tell.  But, in the telling, please understand, I do not feel they should’ve stayed behind.  That would have been detrimental for them.  They needed to move forward.  As Wordsworth said, “Come forth, into the light of things.  Let Nature be your guide.”  That’s been my educational philosophy since training to become a teacher.  And, as a teacher, I could not squelch their opportunities to learn because I was unable to “tag along.”

I thank God their father had (has) the energy to keep up with them.
Yet, at the same time, I would’ve liked to not be left alone. 
(Can anyone say, conundrum?)

I spent quite a bit of time devouring books, watching inane television, and snipping fuzzballs.

Yes.  Snipping fuzzballs.

Somedays it’s too hard to move, but my hands need something to do.  I’m just made that way.  I need to keep busy.  But, when my body won’t cooperate and needs rest to, hopefully, move the next day, I must choose an activity that won’t burn up too much energy.  I started with the afghans and then moved on to some sweaters.  It does allow for a feeling of accomplishment to see a pile of fuzzballs on the nightstand and a sweater that appears almost new, at the end of the day.  😕

It’s not much.
But, it’s something.

I’ve kept myself “busy” to have some sense of accomplishment.
Even something as silly as snipping fuzzballs.

It’s small.
It won’t make much of a difference in anyone’s life.
And it may be eccentrically OCD…
But, I do it anyway.

I sing.
I dream.
I pray.

God is great.
He remains close beside me.
Even when others must move on…


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  1. Welcome, Missy. Wow, what a ministry you have! Just what I wanted to do…you are truly blessed. I look forward to reading more of your blog, as well. Glad you found me. 🙂

  2. I have never made fuzzballs, but I am very good with dust bunnies.

    You have described the importance’s of having a source of faith that you can believe will always be there no matter what else is happening in our lives.

    In a world of change we need something to give us a foundation to stand on.

  3. Yes, Ed! I believe He is the only Rock (foundation) strong enough to stand upon. Especially, as this world keeps changing, I see more and more need for Him. Nothing, and no one, else can bring such peace.

    And…I’m really good at creating dust bunnies, too. 😛

  4. Hi, Michelle, why am I not surprised that you “create” in all different media?! Cool! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and for honestly stating what many are afraid to (“I’m hangin’ in there”) ~ it’s truthful, and it happens to be where God has you at this time in your life. But be encouraged: God rarely leaves us in “park” mode forever ~ sometimes He’s simply tinkering with stuff “under the hood” that we can’t see from our limited perspectives. Prayers for you! – gracie

  5. Dear awesome Michelle . . .this all blessed me so much, so much. And poured out His comfort too, for those of us who get left behind and can’t keep up . . .and just can’t do as much as everyone else. I LOVE your fuzzballs. 🙂 I love that God loves your fuzzballs too! and you . . .my how He loves you!
    thank you for your blog and love of Jesus!

  6. Hey, Gracie!!! I’m so glad to see you here. Yes, ma’m. Give me a piece of fuzz and you’d be surprised what I can do with it. 😛 I do hope park mode is not forever, but then, many have had to deal with debilitating effects of a chronic illness/disability. I do ask for healing. If it is His will, it’ll happen. And tinkering under the hood — I wouldn’t mind if He’d let up a bit in that realm! Of course, He knows the plans and purposes He has for me…I will trust.

    Wow, Debbie, thank YOU! I feel warm and fuzzy reading your comment! For those of us who can’t keep up, isn’t it wonderful that He will take the slow walk with us? I do know He loves me. Took an awful long time to learn…but, I don’t doubt it now. Glad you came by! 🙂

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