accept one another,
just as
Christ also accepted us
to the glory of God.

~Romans 15:7


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  1. Michelle, it will happen when we come to fully understand that we are all part of one family. For me that is the family of man, for you it’s that we are all children of the same God.

    My faith is that it will happen. It is very unlikely I will ever see it, but like John Lennon I can imagine it.

  2. Hey, Ed. I suppose imagining it is as good as it gets in this world. Contrary to Lennon’s words, I believe it will only happen in the next. Until then, if we will accept one another as Jesus accepts us, in all our crud with arms of grace, forgiving one another…maybe, just maybe, life would be more bearable.

    Loving each other, not condemning…what a concept…

  3. Sounds like such a simple command yet so often we just don’t get it. We judge people for the very things we have done or are doing. We’re insecure about our own inequities so we transfer them to others to make us feel better.

    Sigh. We have a long way to go but praise God that He has begun that good work in us and will see it to completion upon His return.

    Love you, Sis.


  4. Sounds simple, huh? Yeah, I hear you. It is so much easier to put off on others, than look at ourselves. That plank is rather blinding.

    I am glad to know I am not perfect…and I won’t ever be this side of heaven. After we go through the Refiner’s Fire, then we will stand complete. I heard these points on Sunday about when we come to faith in Christ:

    My spirit is immendiately justified.
    My soul is progressively sanctified.
    My body is eventually glorified.

    All are in the present tense…just waiting the completion.
    Cool, huh?

    I love you too, Gch! XO

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