While in Prison


Rejoice in the Lord always,
And again I say, Rejoice!

Years ago my dad asked how I could talk of having joy when I was suffering from depression. At first, I was taken aback. But then, the verses from Philippians came to mind.

While in prison, Paul wrote of finding joy in the Lord, NOT his circumstances.

My circumstances suck.
They have for a few years now.
I’ve been grieving the loss of dreams for quite a while…

I’ve been stuck in a prison, of sorts.

But, even in grief, sorrow, and yes, depression…

I have joy in the Lord.

He satisfies me.
He brings me delight.
He is the lover of my soul.

I know He loves me.
I feel His grace.
 ALL of my hope is in Him.

I can’t stand on my good intentions. Even when I might think I’ve wanted to do good, my acts are not free of sin. Compared to His holiness, I will never be able to reach His standards. So…I trust in His promise to save. He is my only hope of salvation.

And I know HE does not lie.
What He promised, He will do.
What He started, He will finish!

So, I say:
Rejoice in the LORD!
Rejoice IN THE Lord!
REJOICE in the Lord!

Rejoice in the Lord, ALWAYS…and again I say…REJOICE!!!


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  1. Rejoice in the LORD! in our worst of circumstances, those simple words are probably the most beautiful rising to His ears, praise out of suffering. love you girl! miss you

  2. Amen, Darla. I love that Paul wrote those words while in prison. It brings a whole new meaning to the command. And then I remember Job: Though He slay me, I will hope in Him. Love you, too! Would’ve loved to sit at your table with lots of coffee and cookies this past weekend…sounds like a lovely time! Stay warm.

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