The Beginning


A pinprick of light
In the darkness.

Do we dare hope
In the emptiness?

The expectation. 
A tiny light is lit.

The vast darkness is dispelled?
Can despair be overcome?

A pinprick of light is born.
We wait as our hope begins to grow.

The light shines in the darkness,
The darkness did not comprehend it.

Jesus … the Light of the World.



2 responses »

  1. That is a very beautiful poem Michelle.

    I think of the time I woke up before dawn and went a senic overview at the Grand Canyon. Complete darkness, could not see the hand in front of my face. The just a little pinprick of light on the horizen. Then the morning sun broke over the horizon and the Canyon was bathed in a burst of light.

    The morning sunrise over water at the beach on Long Island Sound is my cathedral.

  2. Thanks, Ed. Isn’t it wonderful to experience the sunrise, especially over water? I completely understand it being your cathedral.

    I was reflecting upon the first candle of Advent when I wrote this.

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