Happy Father’s Day


My Dad

My dad is so cool! He’s a charmer, a singer, an artist, a soldier, a director, a provider, a comic, a gardener…my teacher.

For much of my life, Dad has been my inspiration. From grade school he has encouraged me to hone my artistic abilities. He’s a professional artist – has been since I was eight. He sees beauty everywhere and much of the time it brings tears to his eyes. Then he has this uncanny, God-given ability to paint the landscapes in his mind. He’s also one of the few truly talented calligraphists in the country. His art has been published for years through a Christian publishing company. They’ve produced posters and calendars of his work. He’s retired now but still, when I’m out shopping at our local Christian bookstore, I’ll come across his work. Pretty cool, huh?

I wrote this poem for his birthday a couple of years ago…

I remember watching Dad
When I was only nine,
Creating pictures for the news
And adverts for the Times.

He inspired me to watch and learn,
To see beauty everywhere.
He gave me guidance as I tried
To express myself with care.

As we traveled on vacations
He pointed out the sights;
Showing much appreciation
For the expression of God’s might.

The waterfalls, the sparkling streams,
The chipmunk on the wall,
Were shown to me through his eyes
As we walked to view them all.

The mighty oak reaching to the sky
With gnarled limbs and shade;
Dappled sunlight shining through,
Creating wonder with all God made.

I thank you, Dad, for inspiring me
To see beauty in the world;
I feel a fullness, a breadth of wonder
You have helped me to unfurl.

My dad’s awesome.

I love you, Dad!

(a repost from May 24, 2008)

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  1. What a fabulous tribute. Fabulous poem. Fabulous Dad. I know a little about fabulous dads. I’ve got one too. So glad you have a great dad!

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