Woody Allen is credited with saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” We could add to it, “If you want to hear him laugh even louder, tell him how much you know.” Just because it’s true, however, doesn’t make it easy to accept. It’s hard to admit that we do not know as much as we think we know. And we certainly aren’t in control of as much as we’d like to think. We make our plans, but it is God who controls the outcome. We make our plans, but we understand that, if the Lord wills, we shall live let alone do this or that (James 4:13-15).

John Ruskin said, “I believe that the first test of a truly great man is his humility. I don’t mean by humility, doubt of his power. But really great men have a curious feeling that the greatness is not of them, but through them. And they see something divine in every other man and are endlessly, foolishly, incredibly merciful.”

~Kenneth Boa  go to to read the rest of the article.

Endlessly…Foolishly…Incredibly Merciful.

Man.  I have a long way to go…

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  1. Michelle, the act of making plans gives us the sense of having control, but, as you write, we need to have the good sense to recognize there are forces outside our control that will impose themselves on us.

    When people speak of virtues, humility is the one I lack the most. I have also learned from experience that when I write out my plans I should not use indelible ink. I need to have a large supply of erasers.

  2. God is taking me through a crash course on humility and making plans, Ed. I’m holding on for dear life. He knows what He’s doing, but I’m clueless. It’s all about character…I do know that much. 😕

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