Everybody Falls Sometimes


Thank you, Father, for the love that extends to me…a sinner, saved by grace…


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  1. Hi Michelle, I spent some time talking with this lady today who really inspired me about the importance of faith, and what God is able to do through our simple belief in His Word. The words of this song echoed what she said in lots of ways 🙂

    Love the new avatar! xo

  2. “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”

    For years, Birg, I’ve tried to please God through my own efforts (self-righteousness). It’s really amazing to me that I’ve never seen it as clearly as I do now. Only faith in what His Son accomplished, resulting in His righteousness then imputed to me…by grace through faith… amazing, isn’t it? Truly, amazing grace.

    Love you, too, Birg.
    (and thanks!)

    Thank you, Ric, for sending me over. I had seen that vid awhile back…but now…the reminder is even better. Even if we fall 100x…wow.

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