Morning Mists


I have one thing in common with Laura Bush:  my husband brings me coffee every morning.  It’s a great gift and a HUGE help in starting the day. But somedays, even the cup of coffee doesn’t make a dent in the heaviness I feel. And many mornings I’ll ask Phat, “Is it overcast?”

“Yes, it is. Are you hurting?”

“Yeah. It might take a while for me to get moving. I hope it clears up soon.”

Some days the clouds hang low and heavy. On those days I stay curled up in bed, drawing, reading, blogging, listening to the TV or songs on youtube…waiting for the sky to clear and my body to release from the dreariness it feels. It’s harder in Winter when the days stay cold and overcast more often.

But, thankfully, I live in Texas — aka God’s country — and the sun shines bright most days.  On Spring days when the sun comes out and the air is fair to middlin’, I’m a happy camper. The oppressive spirit of the cloudy overhang is gone and I’m able to move more easily throughout the day. 

I ran across this verse in the book of Isaiah (44:22):

“I have swept away your sins like the morning mists.
I have scattered your offenses like the clouds.
Oh, return to Me, for I have paid the price to set you free.”

Isn’t that beautiful? What a perfect wordpicture God gives of the freedom we can feel through His grace…His mercy…His compassion…His forgiveness.

He doesn’t desire for any of us to carry the guilt of our sins.  To live in the anxiety and dreariness of what we’ve done is not His plan for us. Others may not want us to ever forget, but not God.  He wants us to live free.  Freedom from guilt…

He has scattered our offenses like the clouds.
Our sins are gone like the morning mists.


I’m basking in the sunshine of His grace today.

“I have wiped out your transgressions like a thick cloud
And your sins like a heavy mist.
Return to Me, for I have redeemed you.”

Even though the sky is a bit on the heavy side today, God spoke a clear word of affirmation to me. He has cleared away the thick clouds of my transgressions! I can enjoy His Sonshine!

I have put your evil doings out of My mind like a thick cloud,
And your sins like a mist:
Come back to Me; for I have taken up your cause.

Spring has sprung in my heart.


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  1. love how your heart finds the sunshine of His grace even when your body feels the overcast skies outside your window. you challenge me — and push me to be more like Him.

  2. Oh, Heidi! I’m so glad to see you here. Are you back online for blogging??? I’ll come see. And if you want to see the sun…come see me…in the Spring. (hee-hee) And when we do get to see the Son, we’ll be able to have eternal fellowship, how ’bout that?

    Wow…Alece. Thank you. Do you know your words always feel like a warm hug? How do you do that? Thank you so much for stopping by…I’ve been praying for your recovery. Love you, friend.

  3. mmmmm… so glad to hear that. you made me smile huge. and thank you so much for your prayers. i feel markedly better today than i did yesterday! praise jesus!

  4. Did it hurt to smile? 👿
    I keep checking your blog, hoping you’ll cave and put up pictures. 😯

    Seriously, I know the pain of oral surgery…thank You, Jesus, for bringing relief to our sweet Alece. And thank You for continuing to work in her life in such a mighty way. You have carried her through a monstrously difficult time and although the emotional healing may not come completely this side of eternity, I am so thankful that you redeem our stuff. I ask for Your further blessings in her life. Help her to get a clearer vision of You each and every day and please, use her for Your glory…that is her deepest desire. Please, continue to use her. You are so good to us, God. Thank You, Jesus, for loving us the way you do…

  5. i am so grateful for your heart for me. and reading your prayer blessed me so much. thank you.

    smiling doesn’t hurt, thank goodness! and… i’m contemplating putting up pics… we’ll see! 😉

  6. Great to hear Michelle that you have spring in your heart. Old man winter has been hanging around here long enough. I am ready for spring in any form.

    As far as Texas being “God’s Country” I don’t remember there being any oil wells in Eden. It seems to me there were a lot of trees like you will find in beautiful New England. 🙂

    Faith puts your focus on today and the future. Guilt keeps you thinking about the past, and can keep you curled up under the bed covers.

    Faith does work a little like coffee. It gets your heart pumping and provides the spiritual energy to get you moving in the direction that God has planned for you.

  7. I’ll keep checkin’ to see those pics, Alece. 😉

    Hey, Ed! You guys are getting another round of snow today, aren’t you? Man! And you think that’s Eden??? I sure do want to see New England someday. I’ve been to Old England…lived there for a year…but yeah, it’d be great to spend some time up North…if it weren’t for all those Northerners. 😛

    False guilt is a very debilitating thing. To not forgive ourselves when God has…makes me wonder sometimes who we think we are. Greater than the Most High God??? No. He forgives completely…all our sins…and remembers them no more. It’s us…our human-ness that won’t let go and live free. (sigh) I do get in the way much too often. I also think part of it is living with a heavy probation period for my son. That has been hard to understand. In the court’s eyes he received much mercy…but in this mama’s eyes, I think they went a bit overboard. I am thankful God sees it all and will help us to understand…someday.

    Such is life on earth…as Ric has said in the last thread…so not what we were created for.

  8. Thank you for that scripture, and all the different translations. There is a phrase there that is staying with me: ‘I have taken up your cause.’

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