His Eighteenth Birthday


Heavenly Father, I know You have a plan for him. I know You chose him before the foundation of the earth to be found in You, for he gave his life to you at an early age. He has desired to live for You for many years now. But You know, better than me, what the shattering did in his young life. You know what needs to happen for him to be completely restored in You.

This next year is huge for him. In just a few short months he will graduate high school and decide to move on…for college…for career…for whatever it may be…I’m trusting You to lead him. He feels too “old” to hear from me. He feels he’s an adult and doesn’t need to listen to us anymore. He desires to be totally independent…and yet, we know how much he still needs us. I know how much he still needs YOU. Oh God, grab ahold of him and keep him close. Let him know You will never leave him or forsake him…no matter what he chooses to do, You will be right there with him. If he needs to be chastised, please Lord, chastise him. If he needs to be broken, please Lord, break him. If he needs to be encouraged, held up, carried along…please Lord…carry him…please Lord…

His brother is in jail this weekend serving out part of his probation…and missing his eighteenth birthday…and neither one are too happy about that. But help him, Lord, to understand the chastising that can occur when we choose not to walk in Your way. Help him to see the roadblocks You place in our lives to keep us from heading down a path that will take us too far from You. Help us all to get a clearer vision of what You want for us…as a family…

Help me to know how to be his mom during this tough season in his young life. These days have been bittersweet. Help him to feel the sweetness and less bitterness on this one day…this special day of his birth…the day he came into my arms and on this day I must let him go…

Please Lord, bless my son.


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  1. God, bless this mother, and her son/s. Thank you for loving their whole family more than we can think or know.

  2. You know, your prayer here reminds me of a prayer of one of the “coolest” moms of all time: Hannah (1 Sam. 1). The “spiritual leader” nearest her thought her a crazy woman (“drunk” is the rendering in some versions). Even her dear husband didn’t quite “get” her (“Aren’t I even better to you than…10 sons?”). Nevertheless, GOD “got” her just fine! And guess what? She ended up “getting” from God: a) her initial request of a son, b) many more children thereafter, and c) a song to sing that was uniquely hers (1 Sam. 2.1-10), among other things. Was her son perfect, though he was an answer to her prayers? Not! But God used him even while he was “in process” of changing and growing.

    One of God’s best-ever gifts (personal opinion) to any of the Bible characters is the “world-class” set of ears He gave Samuel. Think the boy got those totally on his own? Hmm… This is an extra-biblical interpretation, but I do think that even while being held in his mother’s arms, the baby Samuel was constantly hearing his mom’s prayers, and her silent listening that followed. Day in and day out. Night after night. Application? I think that your “young ‘uns” have some incredible spiritual gifts as a result of having been around their mom… Maybe there will be an opportunity in the next few days/weeks to ponder what some of those gifts might be ~ even though you may have yet to see those gifts exercised to the greatest extent possible. And know this, prayin’ mom: God DOES hear, and DOES answer your prayers, and the prayers of ALL prayin’ moms… so keep on prayin’! And stay expectant-in-hope of those answers! The “song” you have to sing (or the art you will be creating, or the new blog post you will be writing, etc.) will be uniquely yours, even as Hannah’s song was uniquely hers. Let’s see how God “gets” your prayers, Michelle! You and your children are so, SO dear to Him! “Attaching” prayers to this comment…

  3. Michelle, I hope both your sons have, or will find, the faith they need.

    I hope you and your husband will find some comfort in your faith for God’s plan for your children.

    I will guess that at this moment thousands, millions, of parents all over the world are saying a prayer for their sons and daughters, as their children leave their homes to find their own life. Faith is a personal experience that we must all discover for ourselves.

    When we look in the dictionary under parenthood one word we won’t find is “easy”. 🙂

  4. Thank you, Carol. 🙂

    Amen, Ric. Someday we’ll be where we belong and no more tears…gotta love it! 😉

    Hello, Grace! I will continue to pray. It is the only real power I have in their lives. Not that I desire to control them, but I do hope they’ll remember all they’ve been taught…if I taught it well. Thank you for reminding me to look at their gifts. God has greatly gifted all three of my children (their sister is the youngest) and I know He desires them to use those gifts for His glory. I pray they will always keep that understanding at the forefront of their minds. I pray that will be their motivation in life…His glory, not their own.

    And thanks for all your other encouraging words today. You have blessed me…again! 🙂

    Hey, Ed! Not at ALL easy! 😯 And my oldest has had me on my toes from the day I brought him home from the hospital!

    Our comfort for our kids comes in knowing God loves them even more than we do. He will watch over them…and the greatest comfort for us: they, each and every one, love Him too. That’s always been my highest hope for their lives. If they do mess up, and they will, God is faithful and His grace covers a multitude of sins.

    Thanks, Ed, for your encouraging words.

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