Oh, Boy!!!


It’s New Year’s Eve.

A new year and a new decade starts tomorrow. 
(Did you know that?!?  🙄  )

Goals, Resolutions, Plans…

I don’t have ’em.  And yet, as soon as I say that, something within whispers that I do.

I do.  I have plans.  But I’m keeping those to myself…and my God. 

And I’ll live as I’ve been learning to live…

…in the moment.

I’m beginning to get that it’s the essence of faith.

What do I have control over, really? 
Not much.  Only the choices I make in life.

Others can make choices that will affect me. 
And I can make choices that will affect them.
But, I can’t worry about their choices. 

Between peoples’ choices, and God’s sovereignty, and whatever boundaries God allows Satan to have…I really don’t control much.  And to be perfectly clear, you don’t either.

Yet,  I am responsible for the choices I make. 

With all the roles God has given me, what will I choose to do?

I’m a woman.  I’m a worshipper.  I’m a wife.  I’m a mother.  I’m a daughter.  I’m a sister.  I’m a friend.  I’m an artist.  I’m a teacher.  I’m a gardener (when the energy is available).  And now, after two years of blogging, maybe…I’m a writer…?

I can affect everyone within my hemisphere by the choices I make. 

And I will be held responsible for those choices.

So…with that much responsibility, what’s the safest route to take?

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is safest to live one moment at a time, trusting in Jesus.

Now, doesn’t that seem nebulous?  Well, it’s not.   It’s quite concrete. 

I have a choice to make every minute.  Will I please myself, or God?   For you see, before I’m a wife, mother, friend…I’m a worshipper.  Will I fulfill my responsibilities, or will I throw my hands into the air and declare, “Just have fun!”  So many people, myself included, make poor choices when fun is the goal.  When not seeing the pain, choosing to bury it or pushing it aside, we only delay our responsibilities.  For we will be held responsible.  At some point in time, either here…or there…we will give an account.

And the only thing that will last is what we did for the Kingdom.

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  1. Michelle,

    Wow, you nailed it!!

    Your thoughts are very confirming to ones I’ve been having lately (and reaffirmed from other sources as well). I’m hoping to get them into a post on my blog sometime today or tomorrow. Quite appropriate to the new year I think, for putting “first things first” as you so beautifully described here.

    Thanks, and keep pursuing the ultimate goal of Christ-likeness (Rom. 8:29)no matter the cost (Phil. 3:10,11)!!


  2. Happy New Year, Rain and Ed!!
    I hope you both have a blessed year with love, joy and peace in abundance. 🙂

    Hey, Laz! Thank you so much for your encouraging words. 😀

    First things first, yes ma’m, day in and day out. Only making plans with His will in mind. I am asking for eyes to clearly see what He would have me do. As you say, no matter the cost.

    Have a Blessed New Year, Laz!

  3. Happy New Year Michelle! 🙂

    I got so much out of this post, thank you. Just the whole thing of choices. I read again today where Jesus says to enter by the narrow gate in Matthew 7:13. How difficult that can be. How easy it seems to choose the other way, the way that seems the most fun, as you mention here. I guess it’s resolving to hold onto Him, to choose Him, no matter what. As hard as that can be sometimes …

    Love you, Michelle. May God continue to anoint you with His Spirit for the many and blessed roles He’s given you.

  4. Thank you, Birg. I keep finding that if I’ll take the time, in the moment, to pray, I do much better with the choices I make. It is dificult, but He never promised ease, you know? And yes, to choose Him, no matter what.

    Happy New Year, Birgit and Jeff!

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