I See God in Art


The purpose of life … hmmmm…?

“Life” in the strictest sense is God Himself. And His purpose? … just to be.

I am so grateful for that. I cannot wrap my brain around how or why or where or anything (my brain cannot fathom never beginning), but I do know His purpose is to be I AM.

Our lives? Hmmmmm I have thought about this.
Our existence? Because He wanted it.
Our weakness? Because that was the only way.

People who say that there was no sense of desire or want or need in God when He contemplated creating humanity (and indeed creation) simply do not understand the passion of a creator. Have you ever seen an artist? (you are one, I know) I mean the kind of artist who simply oozes their creativity. Who finds peace, enjoyment, fulfillment in simply being creative.

They (artists) are never thinking but they are examining the visual effect of one thing against another. They are never writing that their fingers don’t itch to doodle in the margins. They are never home, but they have to spend time in their studio. Does such a passion need to be expressed? Or does it simply want it so badly that it feels something is missing if it is not there?

You see, I see God in art. I see that every artistic and creative person in the world reflects the image of God in some manner. And these passions of design, architecture, invention, and beauty are not things which originated in the mind of man. God Himself is the ultimate Creator. He is oozing with design, art, invention, and creative ability. Would He have been satisfied with an existence void of that expression? Would an artist be satisfied being a financial accountant? Everything that exists, does so because it was created. Out of Him. We are His workmanship.

Yet in creating, He knew that everything He created could only be inferior to Himself. It was not possible for Him to create another being of exact measure as Himself. The only way He could create a family for Himself, was to infuse His exact nature into it. So God breathed into us His Spirit, and we became a living being.

It was always our design to have Him on the inside of us. Yet He knew we would fail. Only He Himself is capable of living up to the exacting measures of His holiness. So He had a plan. A marvelous, un-heard of plan to rescue us, and take our failure as His own, giving us His perfection instead.

This plan would fully demonstrate for all eternity the immenseness of His love. The plan was designed by love, created by love, carried out by love, fulfilled by love, and all things exist in and through love.

This is the story: We fail, but He redeems. We are broken, but He restores. We kill Him, but He raises Himself and us back to life. Our flaws are not the point. Our pains are never the end. Our sins, our sickness, our brokenness … are only the setting for the most wonderful display of love in the history of eternity.

For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison…
2 Corinthians 4:17

~A comment left here by Annie, over a year ago. 

Thank you, Sparkle, for speaking to me again…on this day after the memorial of His plan.

Love came down at Christmas.


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  1. Thank you, my dear. You have brought tears to my eyes. To hear my own words repeated back to me … and to apply them to this very difficult time I am in … you ministered to me by posting this.

    (And I only ever feel blessed to know that my words minister in any capacity–what an honor!)

    Thank you, my beautiful Michaela.

  2. You’re very welcome, Sparkle. You continue to minister to me. I love having a record of your words, here, at my place.

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. 🙂 I’m still so stunned by it all. “… take our failure as His own, giving us His perfection instead.” Wow. That is what He does, doesn’t He? That thought loves me like a sandwich from both sides. He loves me all the way through my failures. He doesn’t stop and re-start again. And it makes me want to do better, just to know that He’ll carry whatever I do as His own. I want it beautiful for Him. I want to be beautiful for Him. Because He sees me beautiful. I’m so glad He loves me like that.

  4. Me too, Annie. If He didn’t love me like that, I would have given up long ago…I’m just that weak. But, that thought, that He takes our failures and gives us perfection instead, is the only thing that’s gotten me through this difficult season. He is about making us into the image He sees. And that might mean some very dark moments, so His light shines even brighter.

    He is doing His thing through us…transforming lives.
    Amazing love…how can it be? That Christ, my God, would die for me…?

  5. “And that might mean some very dark moments, so His light shines even brighter.” I am seeing that lived out. Hard, it is, but the beauty will be worth it. I firmly believe that.

    How did you remember this, anyway? I didn’t even recognize my own words ’til you attributed the whole thing to me. lol. And then I had to go back and read the post to remind myself. haha. It was like seeing me from the outside. 😀

  6. I was looking through some recent clicks, reading old posts. I love the wisdom people have shared in the comment threads. It’s very encouraging to me, especially when I can’t think of anything to write.

    Maybe we’ve already shared enough…so much truth and wisdom…it’s been a good community. I hate to see it dying. Must all good things come to an end?

    So fatalistic. No Michelle, the best is yet to come. Right, Annie?

  7. Absolutely! I don’t believe it is dead. And even if it does die, it is only to make new life begin. That is actually the purpose of death, I discovered. “Unless a seed fall to the earth and die, it cannot bear fruit.” So yes indeed … even in death … the best is yet to be!

    For myself, I’m awaiting spring. I feel as though so many seeds keep getting planted inside me. I wish I could share, but I know now is not the time. So I await the spring. This winter is indeed a hard one. And yet it is not the end. 🙂

  8. Winter can last a very long time. I understand not being able to share. And sometimes it’s not possible to ever share fully. But that’s okay, because God knows. And He forgives, redeems, restores, carries and counsels us through the crud of our lives.

    And as you say, the resurrection (spring) will come. Have you heard “Resurrection” by Nicol Sponberg? Love it…

  9. That was beautiful. The music is exquisite. I love how the melody is put together. Beautiful words as well. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  10. Yaaay!! 😀
    I’m glad it spoke to you.

    It’s my prayer…and the best thing: I know He’ll answer it.

    It’s what He does.

    Love you, Sparkle.

  11. (Plus we’re driving up your comments count–lol! Always a plus with bloggers!)

    Yes…thanks! I appreciate the stats. 😆

  12. I can’t visualize being an all powerful entity. On most days I am happy if I can find socks that match.

    The act of creating anything from nothing requires the imagination of an artist. What is created reflects the degree of passion emanating from the creator. Since we are passionate, if we were created by God, I think God must be passionate himself.

    I will guess God certainly has more fashion sense than I do, and has no trouble matching his socks, or whatever he does choose to wear. Hmmm? Would God even bother to wear clothes. Does Heaven have a clothing optional beach? 🙂

    The Christmas spirit is about love. Jesus was passionate, and loving. I hope 2010 brings you, and your family, the passionate joy found in the Spirit of Christmas

  13. The act of creating anything from nothing requires the imagination of an artist. What is created reflects the degree of passion emanating from the creator. Since we are passionate, if we were created by God, I think God must be passionate himself.

    Ed, that is perfectly lovely! I rather agree with you. 😀

  14. Hey, Ed. I can’t visualize an all-powerful being either. All I have are glimpses of His power and majesty. But yes, as passionate as we are, He must be as well. It only makes sense, if we are created in His image.

    And His imagination is infinite. I wonder if we’ll ever plunge the depths of His creation.

  15. Talking of God in art reminds me of Kurt Vonnegt Jr.
    Even though he struggled with faith (who wouldn’t after living through the ww2 bombing of Dresden), I remember one thing he said:
    “The only proof of the existence of God I need is the music!”

  16. Hey, Blogger! For one who considered himself (Vonnnegut) anything but a believer, that’s quite a statement. I do tend to agree, with most music, that is. But then, there is some art, also, for which I would not dare give credit to God.

    I wonder what music will be like in heaven? We do have a glimpse of His artistic ability, looking at Creation. Butterflies, for instance. Wow. But as Lewis said, I don’t believe we’ve truly experienced colors, they’re all just a bit dull here, on this side of the mirror.

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