Don’t Run Too Quickly


“Be open to looking at everything in your life. Don’t run too quickly from disturbing events and insights into an affirmation of your faith that’s more contrived than real. Let your mind explore the hard issues that provoke some really unsettling questions in order to provoke a more trusting awareness of Christ.”

~Larry Crabb, Inside Out

Trust in the LORD with all your heart
And do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight.
~Proverbs 3:5-6


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  1. If we don’t trust our faith, then I doubt we really have much to begin with.

    We can’t avoid hard issues in life. To try and ignore them will only result in being unprepared when we do have to face them.

    Faith removes fear, but only when we let it.

  2. The last line in Ed’s comment reminds me of “faith and fear do not mix,” they cannot exist at the same time.

    I like that scripture. I always have but it’s been particularly appropriate in this season.

    Lean not unto our own understanding. That is tough especially in situation where we THINK we have more understanding than God but what peace comes leaning on His infinite wisdom, understanding, knowledge, will and Word.

    Praying for you as always.

  3. Hey Sis 🙂

    i believe i understand and agree with what Larry is saying here.

    And i can certainly agree with that Proverb…

    The only problem is: we HAVE to rely upon our own understanding of what we believe God is saying to us so as to distinguish between Him and The Adversary who He gave power to over the earth and that which is of it.

    How else can we ever be ‘sure’ that in our Faith we are not being deceived? How else can we ever do His Will if we do not truly understand what that Will is for each one of us?

    We would end up either doing nothing or not understanding what we do.

    Not leaning upon our own understandings (where those are not in correct alignment with God’s Will) is good advice but we do need to have our own understandings, that may or may not agree with those of other fallible human beings.

    We are to be of one mind in Christ – but that is not the same thing as saying we must agree with everything a large authoritative group has decided is ‘true’ for all in Christ.

    We are to answer to Him, not to man.

    Be well, Sis.


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