It’s beginning to feel like Fall in North Texas. The wind is cooler, but the leaves are still green. The rain hasn’t stopped for days. Somehow, the tears falling from the sky mock my own.

Spring had such promise of new life. Without realizing the change of season, all at once, buds appeared. The gray skies became brighter and the brown limbs, greener. It was a beautiful promise.

Summer had its moments. Swimming in the heat. Cool drinks under the fan. Vacation time to forget about responsibilities…for a while. The summer flowers were spectacular. Now…they’ve faded away.

What will this new season bring?
It should be a time of harvest.

But, I’m afraid of what I’ve sown.

Help me, Father.
Let me bring glory to You,
Even in this moment of fear;
This Season of Unknown…


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  1. Dear Michelle, my heart went out to you reading this. I’m not sure of what you’re facing or what lies ahead, but I will be praying that you feel God close by, and His love, and His peace. Love you friend, thinking of you today, Birg xo

  2. Thank you, Birg. I do feel Him. I’m so thankful for His loyal love…and for people like you, He continues to bring into my life. Praying for you too. Hoping tomorrow is a huge blessing for you and all who come to hear what God has placed on your heart. Love you xo

  3. All of the season have their own beauty. That is why learning to appreciate each moment is so important. Those beautiful moments will fly by us all to quickly. Too much work goes into growing those spectacular flowers not to enjoy their beauty for as long as we can.

    The season will change just like our lives will. It is also true that we can’t know what change will bring. Without faith it can be easy to be afraid of the future. Without the strong foundation of faith our future can look very shaky.

    We all have some doubts about our own abilities, but faith turns doubt into trust. If the CF can’t trust their own judgement, they should have faith in their God’s. God’s grace is the guaranty that your future will be better.

  4. ED!!! You are an undercover Christian, I am sure!

    Well, okay…you must believe in your heart and confess with your mouth for it to be true. But, man! How do you always say just the right thing?

    Thank you for sharing what you’ve come to understand of the CF’s faith. I am trusting in His grace. He has promised to never leave me.

    I am His, He is mine.

  5. lol @ “undercover Christian” 🙂

    God truly is a Mastermind in how He created different seasons to imitate much of how our lives look as we go through our own different kinds of seasons. I think about how some people associate seasons (especially winter) with depression or negativity while other seasons (especially spring) bring hope and newness. We are the same during the different seasons within our personal, faith journeys. When faced with a stormy/valley season we tend to retract, hibernate, get depressed and fall into a pit while when faced with a season of restoration, blessing, revelation and deliverance we are joyful, excited, energetic and pro-active in sharing our testimony with others.

    Praise God that no matter what the season He walks us through it. Like you said Sis, He promises to never leave nor forsake us.

  6. I thought a lot about seasons with our recent winter, everything was so horrible and bleak and grey and dead and cold, it felt like it would never end. But it did and summer came and now I almost cannot imagine that there was such a winter. It is a great comfort for our spiritual seasons and the seasons of life, that winter never stays. Praying for you.

  7. Hey, Gch. It is very hard to choose not to hibernate, but to express the feelings even when they are not so lovely. But that is what I love about the quote from Chambers (in the other post): Or a river will drop out of sight for miles, only later to emerge again even broader and greater than ever.

    Sometimes the hibernation could be a good thing…a time to be strengthened in silence to emerge greater than before. We don’t have to fall into a pit of despair. I’m hoping to emerge stronger from this season of unknown. In Him…thanks, Gch.

    Hey, Rain. This too shall pass? Yeah, you’re right. I will remember in seasons past the work He has done. Thank you for the prayers.

  8. Afraid of what you have sown?

    One thing i am certain of – our fears are an indication that we doubt God’s will for us.

    i’m not saying that you can do no ‘wrong’ so you should not ever have fear, but that it is how we respond to the lessons our failures show to us that is what determines how well we do His Will.

    What has been done is done and nothing can take it back (reason to consider very carefully all we ever choose to do) but once it has been done it is up to us to face our responsibility while giving thanks for all that He provides to us in this life – the ‘good’ (comfortable) and the ‘bad’ (uncomfortable) and even the downright ugly.

    Face your fear and overcome it Sis, remembering to give thanks, come what may, for that which improves us by passing us through His refining Fire, ridding us of the dross, if leaving our ego somewhat ‘singed’ 😉

    He is your strength – we his servants. 😉


  9. Thanks, Love. I needed to hear your words. Being “slowly cooked” (reference to the newest post) is definitely not fun, but necessary. I want all of the dross to be gone…as does He.

    Thanks, again…Big Brother! 😉

  10. i know that there are (many) times when we wish all the dross would be gone from us and we’d be left ‘perfect’. And we could finally be free from the pain and sufferring.

    we both know that our desires are often not what can give us the best teachings and that he does actually know best what we are most in actual need of in order to live with Him.

    Patience is a virtue, but one i struggle with more than i know i should.

    That slow cooking might actually be a blessing compared to what can happen to us – we may never know what we have avoided by choosing to suffer in the way we are doing.

    We can get through together Sis – even if we must do it apart at this time.


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