The Great Equalizer


Compassion is a choice.

Do I choose to understand, accept and forgive another?

Can I see their perspective? Their attempt to survive in this cruel world…whatever choices they’ve made…are a direct result of striving to remain alive. As the basic need for survival works out in our lives, we do what we do to live. Sometimes the choices we make are good and sometimes they are bad. But in reality, most of us are trying to do the best with what we know. Some seem to know better than others, but we all make choices based upon the knowledge we have. When I see we are all trying to survive, I can choose to understand, without judgment, when others make choices I don’t get.

To accept another, not necessarily their actions, but them…as people…created by God. We are all born with the exact same amount of “worth.” God created us; therefore, we are worthy of existence. He can choose to take that away at any moment. But the fact that I live gives me worth. Nothing more…nothing less. And that gives you worth as well. If we could only see one another as He sees us…closer to angels than animals…we would learn to accept each other.

Forgiving. Giving for another. Giving what for another? Grace. To understand all people have as much worth as me: no less, no more. It doesn’t matter what they’ve done: what they look like, what they think about, where they live, with whom they associate…. I won’t judge them based upon any other criteria than they are human…as I am. They have tried to do the best they knew to do in the situation. They may have failed miserably; but then, so have I. I can forgive…and choose to move forward.

When I hold myself higher…or lower…I am not seeing clearly.
I might not like what another has chosen to do with his/er life, but it’s not my judgment to make.

Grace is the great equalizer. We all need it.

Will I give it? Will you?

Help me see, with Your eyes, the preciousness of others.
Help me listen, with Your ears, to their stories, their perspective.
Help me give, through Your strength, the compassion we all desperately crave.


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  1. Will I give grace? You mean, to everyone? Today? No. I know that’s not the correct answer but it is my current answer. Maybe someday as I go though this journey with Him, He will change my heart in this radical way …

  2. I hear you, Ric. I’m trying to get it too. This is the result of my reading from last night and hoping to understand Jesus’ words, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

    I’ll pray for you…will you pray for me?

  3. Learning to understand, accept and forgive is the key reducing world wide conflict.

    In looking at the world news, being able to look at every other person on the planet as our equal is something most of us seem to be failing at, whether we say we believe in God or not.

    I hope you have found your answer in God’s grace. That he is helping you see with his eyes, and listen with his ears.

    We need all the help we can get. πŸ™‚

  4. Good Morning, Ed. I agree. It is the key…however…I believe this works on an interpersonal level, I’m not so sure about nations or reducing the conflict worldwide. Why? Because of the evil in the world and the need for radical heart changes. I believe that will only happen through the Holy Spirit’s work changing our hearts of stone to hearts of flesh. Scripture calls it “the circumcision of the heart.” Painful work, huh?

    I believe Jesus will literally come back to rule the world and until that Day arrives, scripture says it will get worse and worse. But some day, yes, the Prince of Peace will reign and the world will know what it’s like to have truth and righteousness and justice rule. (Pretty radical thinking, huh? Yeah, I’m one of “those” 😐 )

    Until then, I do hope to be able to give freely of the grace I’ve received. Only in Him. As He cuts away more and more of my selfish ways…

  5. So full of grace and understanding, Michelle.
    I liked what you said about how, for the most, we are each trying the best we can with the knowledge we have.
    Love you ox

  6. Nice work Sis!

    This is indeed an area where the Spirit strives against the flesh – and all of us are far more flesh than spirit – however much we wish it were otherwise.

    But that is not to say that our spirit cannot have some mastery over any of our lives, merely that for the vast majority of us it takes a heck of a lot of concerted effort and work (and Faith and Prayer – and yes, also Grace) to ever come close to achieving the goal a True Christ Follower seeks while in this world.

    But if you can learn to keep those kind of thoughts from your post always at the front of your being and consciousness (and conscience) then you are doing better than most πŸ™‚


  7. “When I hold myself higher…or lower…I am not seeing clearly.”

    Man you sure know how to aim right between the eyes. This is not always easy. Though I am a firm believe in “consider others as better than yourself”, I do find it hard to do with people who are even trying. Of course, there are not caveats in that, are there? That’s what makes it hard. “To whom much is given, much is required…” I have been given much grace – guess I have to remember that. πŸ™‚

  8. Hey, Birg! When I remember to keep that perspective, I find I listen better. Which is good, since we all desire to be heard. Love you too. xo πŸ™‚

    Good morning, Love. I do think we can “strive” (heck of a lot of concerted effort and work) to live well. But I’ve found, with the Holy Spirit’s prodding, I can love others as I’ve been loved. The key for me is being in tune with the Spirit…not quenching His work within…keeping short accounts. I think that makes sense. πŸ™„

    I aim for the eyes, Phat!!! 😯 No caveats…just grace. I think the caveats could sound a bit like “the Accuser” if we’re not careful. Possibly?

    He is SO persistent, Sparkle! Sometimes aggravatingly so…. As long as it’s surely, I guess it doesn’t matter how slowly the learning occurs. (I’m a very slow learner. I’ve got at least 16 years on you!! 😳 ) Love you. xo

  9. This is good Michelle. I have to remind myself often to give the same grace to others that God has given me. Funny how we think some people are more deserving of our grace than others, when really, we are all undeserving.

  10. We are all undeserving…

    So true, Rain. Yet, we make distinctions. So NOT what He told us to do. I’m afraid I have a long way to go to get it as He commanded.

  11. Why are we so hard on ourselves and each other?

    Why do we take others’ choices personally and make it our personal mission to “redeem” them from themselves?

    God is definitely humbling me in this season to show more grace to those around me in spite of the choices they make and how they affect me (directly or indirectly).

    It’s not easy but it is possible. One of those lifelong journey things; we strive to work on it all our lives with God’s help and we perfect it when we get to Heaven.

    I look forward to Heaven where there is no competition, comparison, superiority, and/or inferiority.

    Just peaceful co-existence.

  12. Peaceful co-existence sounds perfect, Gch.

    Oh. Yeah. It is…Heaven.

    Now I have stuck in my head the sing-songy chorus: Heaven is a wonderful place…filled with glory and grace…I wanna see my Savior’s face…Heaven is a wonderful place. IWANNAGOTHERE!!!

    Learned it in high school on some weekend retreat…somewhere. Lots of fun. πŸ˜€

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