If the Lord had not helped me,
I would have laid down in the silence of death.
If I say, “My foot is slipping,”
Your loyal love, O Lord, supports me.
When worries threaten to overwhelm me,
Your soothing touch makes me happy.

~Psalms 94: 17-19

He is so good to His children.  And I say that in the depths of trial. 

His loyal love supports me. 
No matter the circumstance, I know He is with me. 

I cry out to Him for deliverance and He is faithful to come. 

Even when I’m stumbling along the path, with scraped hands and bruised knees, He picks me up. 

He dusts me off. 
He comforts my hurts. 
He restores my soul.

I will praise His name!

His mercies endure forever!!

Turn to the Lord.  He loves you…MORE.


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  1. “I would have laid down in the silence of death.”

    The silence of death can be experience even as we walk in life. If we become dead to love this can be worse than the silence that comes to our bodies when life in this world ceases. For a CF to not be living life through the guidance of their soul can be worse than death. We can become dead to the world around us even as we breath.

    “When worries threaten to overwhelm me”

    Without faith the worries of the world will overwhelm us. When I was sick as a child our family doctor told me I “worried for the world”. 🙂 I doubt we will ever be worry free, certainly not regarding our loved ones, but hope can cancel out worry.

    Confidence in the source of our faith is what allows us to get past whatever is troubling us. It won’t stop us from worrying, but it will keep us from becoming paralyzed by worry. Faith sooths our nerves,and revives our spirit

    As you praise your God your soul is restored. That is a very good habit to get into. Much better then just sitting around worrying.

  2. I agree with Ed that we will never be completely “worry-free” while in this world. Complete peace and relief from pain, sorrow, suffering, worry etc. will come when we are with our Father in Heaven.

    I look forward to that day.

    Until then though I am comforted by the presence of His Holy Spirit. I love God for loving us enough to not leave us to do this thing called life by ourselves.

    He is a comforter in times of pain. I am experiencing Him in that way during this season.

    Love you Sis XO

  3. “As you praise your God your soul is restored. That is a very good habit to get into. Much better then just sitting around worrying.”

    You said it, Ed!! That’s one reason I love to read the Psalms. With as much as David, and the other psalmists, expressed of real life, it’s always possible to read a prayer/hymn that comes to a point of praise, after pouring out the need.

    I look so forward to heaven, Gch! I know it will all make sense on that Day. But yes, we do have the best Comforter, of another kind, until we see Him face to face. His Spirit will carry us through. Love you too, Sweet Girl! XO

  4. He does love me. So much more … than I had even realized. And I want to know His love so much more. Right now, at this moment, I crave it.

  5. His love is being poured out on you every moment, Annie. I pray you will know that what you crave is indeed happening.

    I’m so thankful for His steadfast love, Rain, even when I’m not so easy to love. He is good to us.

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