Love is a Verb


Bears all things,
Believes all things,
Hopes all things,
Endures all things.

To bear…to cover with silence…to suffer…to forbear.
Love suffers.
Let your forbearing spirit be known to all men. 

To believe…to have faith…to entrust…to commit.
Love entrusts.
Love is a commitment with a beginning and no end.

To hope…to put trust in…to expect…to confide.
Love expects.
All things work together for good. 

To endure…to stay under…to remain…to persevere.
Love remains.
Do not be afraid, I have overcome the world. 

Oh God,
Help me to love
As You love.

I choose
To bear,
To believe,
To hope,
To endure.

I choose
In all things
To love.



(*Wayne Hudson,  Many a Tear Has to Fall)


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  1. Beautifully put Michelle.

    I agree we can’t love without a commitment to trust, and a willingness to endure whatever love brings, joy, passion, and sometimes suffering. It must start with the hope that it will be a beginning with no end.

    I can understand why a Christ Follower looks to their God as the perfect example, and inspiration, for loving. Since we are less than perfect I doubt there are many of us who have not suffered as a result of a less than perfect loving relationship with someone that ended badly.

    Of course I know a lot more about passion than I do about love.

    Choosing in all things to love is the ideal. Persevering in our commitment is the hard part.

  2. Ahhhh – 1 Corinthians 13 – is there a more beautiful Chapter?

    most Humans tend to understand that (human) love can cause us suffering, but few i think believe that love should be something that makes us suffer but which relieves us from our suffering.

    Yet the first verse of 1 Cor 13 states: ‘Love suffereth long.’ – God’s Love Suffereth. Which of us follows this understanding about love FIRST? Few i suspect.

    While this may be First it is not all that Love is.

    Love endureth ALL things and Love NEVER Fails.

    We would do well to live up to such Love and seek to have it within us always.

    Love is most certainly (among all it’s other qualities) a DOING word… a verb, in fact 🙂

    Nice Post Sis 🙂 (i may be biased in my opinion here and i don’t apologise any for that) 🙂


  3. Hey, Ed and Love:

    Learning to love as He loves is excruciating. Which completely makes sense if you think about it. He went to the cross for us…crucifixion…which is the root of the word “excruciating”.

    To deny ourselves and take up our cross daily.

    Death to self…death to my own way. Life is found in dying to my way and living for Him. That’s true love.

    Thinking out loud here…

  4. Yeah, I’m struggling with it too, Ric. Which is why I decided to look into the Greek meanings. I wondered if it really said what it meant…and I think I found it’s even more than I thought. 😕

    In Him…

  5. It’s amazing how the passage is full of single word definitions of love yet their meaning carry so much weight. I believe it’s a lifelong process of getting to a place where we can love in that way (just like other spiritual disciplines that we’re constantly working on).

    I think I struggle the most with “bears” and “endures.”


    Thank you for this Sis. Love you XO

  6. He isn’t finished with us yet, Gch, or we would be home. We must still have some things to learn, huh? “Bears” and “endures” are whippin’ my butt!

    Love you too, Sweet Girl. XO

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