God’s Gift to Me

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  1. 😀 😀 😀 I loved it! Thank you for welcoming me! 😀 Someday I will get there … and if not, I’ll visit your gardens in heaven. But hopefully I will be able to visit you sometime in this lifetime. Those were so beautiful! I love all the blossoms, and the feel of your backyard is so restful and peaceful. Exactly the place I would love to visit. 😀 Thanks for inviting me!

  2. It would be a privilege to have you come, Sparkle! I know we’d have a great time talking the day away. Of course, you might not be able to handle the heat in Summer. Maybe you’ll need a break from the Wintertime blues.

    “Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…all you gotta do is call…” 😆

  3. Loved the slide show Michelle. You have a beautiful garden and yard.

    Thanks for the invite. That pool looks especially inviting. I will bet you get a lot of company. You would be the most popular family in my neighborhood.

  4. Welcome, Ric! 🙂

    When the kids were younger, Ed, we were the neighborhood summer spot. Now with little neices and nephews, it still gets plenty of use. My favorite time to swim is when everyone’s gone for the day, around 8pm…and can watch the stars come out. Anytime you’re in Texas, please call! 😀

  5. Wow, Michelle, what a beautiful view from your back door! I love all the different colours in your garden 🙂 I think my favourite are the yellow roses, they’re exquisite.

    You look very relaxed 🙂 – I’m so happy for you that you’re enjoying your summer, and you’re amongst such beauty! ox

  6. Hey, Birg! I love those roses, as well. Although they do take special care to stay healthy, they’re worth it. (Just might be a spiritual lesson in that thar statement.)

    Time in the backyard does helps me relax. Working, resting or swimming, it’s all good in my little piece of the world. And now Phat is building a studio in the back for me to get-away and create. Very cool.

    Love you, Birg! xo

  7. Hey Michelle:) That was beautiful. I loved the little garden of everything. I have never really gardened but with summer approaching I have recently been inspired to try and grow something- that little garden of everything gave me some inspiration. And the petunias- loved them! It is very cool that you’ll be getting your own studio, wow, blessed lady:)

  8. Hey, Rain! I’m lovin’ the plans for the studio. It will help to get out of bed and actually go somewhere to draw. Maybe I’ll feel more purposeful…we’ll see. That little garden of everything was inspired from my memories of England. Although, I’m a much messier gardener than the English. 😕 I hope you do garden a bit this year — it’s a great way to spend time with the Lord.

    Love you, Rain! xo

  9. You’re SO my Sis!

    That was beautiful.

    I hope that swing seat can hold 3? And gets a little shade some time in the heat of the Day?

    Don’t know when – but i sure hope to take up that invitation – expect a call from Oregon when i get there!

    We can swap gardening ideas 🙂

    and maybe share some thoughts on Him too.


  10. Thanks, Love! Whenever you make it to Oregon, you’d better call!! And if money allows, hop a plane for Texas. My swing is a three-seater with an attached shade. Time in the garden with good conversation…one of my favorite pastimes. 😀

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  11. oh my glory, your yard is beautiful! i can see God smiling at you in every picture.

    i loved the shot of you in your chair. comfy, warm, welcoming. just like i’ve always known you to be.

  12. Amen, Papa! Sometimes, when I’m surrounded by His creation, all I can do is breathe.

    Why, thank you, Alece. I keep reading your words over and over…the encouragement from you is much appreciated. I would love to welcome you into my home…someday.

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