Test Your Pronouns


You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind [both its inclination and its character] is stayed on You, because he commits himself to You, leans on You, and hopes confidently in You.  ~Isaiah 26:3

Commits himself to You

Leans on You

Hopes confidently in You

The verbs are important, but the pronoun is of upmost importance!

We can commit ourselves, lean and hope confidently.  But, if we do these things in anyone, or anything, other than our God, we will not be kept in perfect and constant peace.

Have you committed yourself to Him

Do you lean on Him?

Do you hope confidently in Him?

Do you know Him?

I must admit, I do not do this 24/7 and therefore, I do not have perfect and constant peace.  But, . . . I do remember times when I’ve tested this scripture, and let me tell you . . . it works! 

He is our strength.  Our God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly beyond anything we could ever ask or think.

Trust Him.

He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

And test your pronouns.  Do you use more I’s or me’s, instead of Him or He?

It’s all about Him, it’s not about me . . . it’s living by faith in Him, abundantly . . .


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  1. i’s and me’s instead of Him’s or He’s – i like that! – a good ‘test’ for how well we are ‘doing’ 🙂

    and i love the Freudian slip (or was it your intent?) in your use of UTmost.

    Not quite sure how this works, but if He is leaning on me and i am leaning on Him – that sounds a little like what is known ‘down here’ (on Earth) as ‘co-dependence’ and that is not really a good thing???

    i am going to have to read Isaiah 26… and maybe a few other chapters also! 😉

    Nice to see you back in the blogsphere Sis – you HAVE been missed a bit 🙂


  2. Hmmmm.. my KJV says:

    Commit/Lean On/Hopes confidently in = TRUSTS

    His mind is kept on us because he Trusts us.

    Is 26:4 says we are to TRUST in the Lord forever for He is everlasting strength.

    Mutual trust is far better for us than mutual co-dependence.

    When we depend on something we invariably get let down at some point because WE are imperfect, not the thing that we put our trust in.

    I don’t see that we are to ONLY Trust in something some of us see as an ‘independent’ and ‘external force’ to ourselves, rather we are to Trust in many things – because we know God is in all things.

    That is not to say any one thing is More trust-worthy than is God. Just sayin’ 😉

    As for ‘leaning on’ – as a parent we want our children to KNOW, when they are just beginning to find their own two feet to stand on, that they can lean on us for support when and as it is needed. That we will be there for them to lean on while they find their ‘balance’, but that is to be a precursor to them walking and standing up on their own… until the next ‘new test’ comes along and they need to lean on us again perhaps while they get the ‘balance right.

    We want them to know they can Trust us – to be there if they need us as a strong firm support – or guide.

    Father is indeed a very apt name for God.

    And we indeed are His Children – till the day we die.

    love you Sis 🙂


  3. Good Morning, Love! It’s good to be back. Although I had a great time in PA and keep dreaming of when I can return…the comfort of home is good, too.

    I copied a few other versions from http://net.bible.org — For the post I used The Amplified Bible. Rain had used it in her post, “Peace” and I really loved the way the expanded (amplified) version defined the word “trust.”

    So, for your further consideration:

    (NET) You keep completely safe the people who maintain their faith, for they trust in You.

    (NIV) You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You.

    (NASB) The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You.

    (NLT) You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, whose thoughts are fixed on You!

    (MSG) People with their minds set on You, You keep completely whole, Steady on their feet, because they keep at it and don’t quit.

    (BBE) The man whose heart is unmoved You will keep in peace, because his hope is in You.

    (NRSV) Those of steadfast mind You keep in peace—in peace because they trust in You.

    (NKJV) You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You , Because he trusts in You.

    I love comparing versions. And at the NETBible.org they give the Greek/Hebrew meanings as well. It’s a great study tool.

    I’m thrilled to call Him Father…and even Daddy (Abba — Aramaic/Hebrew for Daddy) Very cool. 🙂

    ♥ U!!

  4. Wonderful reminder Michelle! Yes I need to get my pronouns in order. It is what He expects of us isn’t? Complete trust in Him, and really He has never disappointed me or let me down.

    Yet how often do I run to Him crying ‘Save me Jesus, I’m going to die!!!!’ (Remember Birgit’s post on Eyes of Faith?) instead of approaching Him with confident trust. I do pray that this will become a part of my very being- complete trust, reliance, leaning on Him in the knowledge that He is more than able to save.

  5. I have been disappointed in Him, Rain. Somehow I’ve gotten the idea that I know what’s best and have been frustrated when His answers to my questions are not what I’ve expected. That’s when I really need to lean more on His will and not my understanding. Complete trust and reliance, even when He doesn’t make sense to me. His choice for me is always loving — Mine can be totally self-serving. I hope I’m learning even when I don’t understand and can be quite disappointed, I will continue to put my trust in Him. As you say, He is able to save.

    You know, Love, it took me a while to understand what you were saying about a Freudian slip. I finally looked up the definitions of both…utmost and upmost. I did mean upmost…He/His is of uppermost importance…don’tcha think? I suppose utmost, as in “of extreme importance” works too…

    Whichever…take your pick. 😉

  6. Thanks for the NETbible.org ref Sis – i have been looking for a reference that has Greek Hebrew commentary! 🙂

    i confess the talk of pronouns actually threw my focus completely on what was being said in Isaiah.

    For some reason i was reading the emphasis you put on ‘You’ – to make the verse read that God was being committed to; leaning on; hoping confidently in; trusting ‘me/us’ (You) – hence my thought on co-dependence when we do the same back to Him.

    It eventually dawned on me what the correct phrasing actually was after i read all the seemingly ‘contradictory’ translations you posted 🙂

    That is why discussion with others can be of such benefit – it helps us understand (sometimes) when we get Him or scripture ‘wrong’ on the first reading.

    i totally agree with what you said to Rain 🙂 (in that it applies in my case also)


  7. Oh, Love, confusion is my middle name! I’m forever misunderstanding what someone’s trying to say. But thankfully, I’ll keep working at it until the light finally dawns.

    I knew if I listed all the versions it would come alive for you. After reading through the post, I’m thinking the way I wrote it is quite confusing.

    The wanderings of my mind…in written form…not always the best combination. 😕

    Glad you’re persistent with me.
    ♥ U, Brother Love!

  8. Good stuff! I am learning to depend on HIM more and more every day. Learning the rhythms His feet dance to. Learning the sound of His voice and the beat of His heart. He has never been more beautiful to me.

  9. hey! this is a good word for all. to remember our place..HE before i, what HE has said, and not so much about what i say.

    wondering how you are doing, and why you didn’t get on IM all day…was looking for you.. love and prayers

  10. Sis – i find that persistance is the key to growing in our understanding – not persistence in holding on to our own ‘belief’ or ‘my’ thoughts – but in trying to see how what someone else is saying – even when it at first seems contradictory or not what we were ‘expecting’ – actually is able to be understood and the reasons behind it made clearer.

    being persistent in the belief that only ‘we’ are right is not what it is about… but persistently believing that He can help us ‘see the light’ and the truth in all cases. (including the tuth that what sometimes appears as ‘true’ to us is less than the Whole Truth).

    I have faith that by reason of your Faith you have much to teach that i can learn from 🙂

    It is just a matter of overcoming our mutual confusions and fallibility. 🙂

    That we are both looking to Him for answers is what makes my ‘persistence’ easier to maintain 🙂

    Nice to have you back in the blogworld 🙂


  11. “He has never been more beautiful to me.”

    I love those words, Sparkle! The more I understand my weaknesses, the more I love Him for loving me, in spite of my weaknesses. Reading 1 Corinthians last night reminded me of how our weakness, our foolishness, is used by Him to confound the world. It’s okay to be weak, for then His strength is revealed. I’m to rest in Him, His beauty, His strength, His love, His mercy, His compassion…HIM…it’s all about Him…not about me…living by faith in Him, abundantly (that’s a chorus we sing at church).

    Hey, Princess! I must keep my eyes fixed on Him…otherwise, I start sinking…fast! I’m doing okay. Spent a lot of time in the yard yesterday. We had a reprieve for 100+ weather, so I took advantage of it and pulled weeds. I’m dog tired today. Sure could use a day at the beach. 😕 Love you!

    Wow, Love. I really appreciate you. Thanks for the encouraging words. I really loved reading this:

    “Being persistent in the belief that only ‘we’ are right is not what it is about… but persistently believing that He can help us ’see the light’ and the truth in all cases.”

    Thinking I’m right isn’t something I experience much…and I always appreciate when others are willing to admit they just might not know everything. Could be why we get along, huh? 🙂

  12. Hi Michelle!

    This post is great. Yes, we need to check that we are not transferring trust to the wrong pronoun.

    Bless you!


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