A Focus to Life


I spend much of my time in prayer asking the Lord what He would have me do.  I’ll pour out my heart to Him of all the desires I’ve had to “work” for Him.  In my mind it’s as though I have not accomplished His will if what I am doing appears mundane.  Greatness has always been in the back of my mind. 

As a young woman I imagined I would be a missionary.  I knew I wanted to live my life for God in a way that would be of service to the lost.  I wanted to speak boldly for Him and bring many people into the kingdom from a “foreign” field.  I concluded all that was worthy was somewhere else.

I read this today from Max Lucado:

When do we get our first clue that [Jesus] knows He is the Son of God?  In the temple of Jerusalem.  He is twelve years old.  His parents are three days into the return trip to Nazareth, before they notice He is missing.  They find Him in the  temple studying with the leaders. . . .

As a young boy, Jesus already senses the call of God.  But what does He do next?  Recruit apostles and preach sermons and perform miracles?  No, He goes home to His folks and learns the family business.

That is exactly what you should do.  Want to bring focus to your life?  Do what Jesus did.  Go home, love your family, and take care of business.  But Max, I want to be a missionary.  Your first mission field is under your roof.  What makes you think they’ll believe you overseas if they don’t believe you across the hall?

Go home. Love your family. And take care of business.

You know, that just might mean playing that game tonight after dinner instead of “working” to reach others in the blogosphere.

I have a mission. 
I’m getting some focus back to my life.

Work as if you were doing it for the Lord, not for people. ~Colossians 3:23

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  1. i think this is GOOD – VERY Good 🙂

    once we learn and understand a little of God and Jesus then we can become as little children – go back to ‘the beginning’ and in the bosom of our Faily – where we LOVE the most – we can better learn how to be like Him – then when we learn the lessons we NEED to we can begin to become a missionary as he calls us to be – IF He does – not all are so called, not all have the same gifts or ministries.

    Having said that it is important to understand about the SELF – how it loves to be the CENTRE of attention and who we ‘truly’ are – and we need to be so on our guard over that one.

    Living with family can be a blessing – or it can be a curse in this regard. Thee is a constant battle going on inside all of us – do i do what i want/love or what He Wills/Loves??

    Jesus did not just learn Josephs family business when he went back home with them, He clearly also learned His Father’s ‘Business’ VERY Well and was able to heal the dead through faith Alone – His Word caused the dead to come to life, devils to be cast out and and stormy seas to be as glass – you don’t learn THAT as a carpenter’s assistant! 😉

    Keep that focus Sis – and watch out for ‘me’ thinking also.

    As one example – never ask: ‘what am i (self) to do?’ but rather ‘What is to be Done?’ We have to learn to keep our will well out of any request to the Father!

    Take another look at the entire first two paragraphs you wrote above…?

    Notice anything? 🙂


  2. Oh, Love! I was trained to perform. (Sounds almost like dog-training, huh?) But, yes…performance and appearance were what called the shots in our home. When that happens, I do believe, we are brought up to have an unhealthy view of ourselves. I mean, poise and ability are one thing…and I don’t believe that’s wrong, necessarily, but to be taken to the extreme…or to put those expectations on one who already has that motivation from within…well, it’s crazy-making.

    So yes, as I read through the first two paragraphs I hear one who has learned her lessons well. How can I perform for You, O God (Dad…Mom), so you will be pleased with me…so you will think I’m beautiful…so you won’t have any hyper-criticisms of me???

    Can I rest yet?


  3. i hear you Sis – i hear you.

    Crazy -making – definitely so. and inside of that child is ‘something’ that knows that kind of ‘demand’ is not quite as it ‘should’ be and begins a ‘rebellion’ of sorts. or may ‘go along’ with believing the lie that that is how we are to be. As our parents are – or as they want us to be ( perhaps ‘better’ than they know themselves to be – or the spitting image?)

    What we so ‘well’ learn as little children stays with us in ways so ‘normal’ to us as to be hard to see some times as we grow into adults and take the ‘place’ our parents ‘groomed’ us for.

    He comes to set Mother against Daughter – to put before us another way of being to the one we learned from our other parents.

    Can you rest yet? What does Scripture tell you? 😉

    and remember most of all… it’s not just about i, me…. 😉

    (It IS about HIM – you, and in that order)


  4. You asked me what Scripture tells me about rest.

    It tells me the work is finished. It has all been accomplished on the cross. And if I am a believer in His finished work on the cross, then I have entered into the Sabbath Rest. (Hebrews 3&4) Every day is a Sabbath for those who believe. Every day is holy unto the Lord. Every day I can rest in Him because He has done all that is necessary to obtain my salvation. And I can walk in His Spirit to fulfill whatever He asks of me in this life, for His glory…not my own.


    It might not have been what you were thinking, Love. But that’s what came to mind.

    I can rest. The work is done. I’m not “performing” for my salvation anymore. I can’t “do more” to make Him love me more.

    Now that’s good news!!

    “Come unto Me all you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me. For I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls.”

  5. I can rest. The work is done. I’m not “performing” for my salvation anymore. I can’t “do more” to make Him love me more.

    I had no thought in mind on that subject of rest other than to let you find your own answer to your own question – Can i rest? 🙂

    i agree completely with the last sentence of yours above.

    From your other quote though i hope you paid attention to the words: Take my Yoke upon you and learn from me. A Yoke being an implement we are to be tied to to carry our burden.

    You will find rest – not you HAVE rest.

    Nothing we do earns His Love or our Salvation or ads to His Work.

    What we CAN do, indeed HAVE to do is overcome our ‘self’. Die to the flesh Live IN and only act/react/ from His Spirit. As he did – we learn from Him.

    it is by no means easy to master it as He did ( the will of our flesh and our ‘past’ and present sins).

    i mean OUR past – since we were born ( perhaps before also but definitely as long as we have lived in flesh).

    i’m not talking about mankind’s sins that have been forgiven us through the Cross, but every one of our own we are ‘responsible’ for, that only by truly living IN Him can we/He wash clean.

    Does that make sense?


  6. I’m getting some focus back to my life.

    This is SO good to hear! I know you’ve felt ‘cloudy’ for awhile. Focus is great! 😀 Good words, too. Very good words. Many times hard to live by. I suppose that only makes them that much more ‘good.’

  7. This is good Michelle. I believe God has also been reminding me lately to be present in the here in the now and in what He has given me right now, to stop living with my nose in the future, this was a good confirmation for me- thank you.

  8. Hey, Love! Sorry I’m just now getting back to this. It’s Summer break and life gets busy around here with two teenagers…whew! Can I rest yet? 😉

    I know you get that salvation is by grace alone through faith. I was reminding myself. I grew up being taught I had to keep myself saved through my actions. If I said a cuss word (and those were strictly defined) I had to go to the cross again and ask for salvation because if I died without confessing, I would go to hell. I truly believed this for many years.

    I’m so thankful to understand: I can do nothing to add to my salvation. It’s a done deal. I am His. He is mine. I will live forever with Him. Now, that’s rest for the weary who was striving to keep herself saved.

    It is such a good thing, Annie, when the clouds clear and the days become brighter. I’m enjoying the Sonshine. 🙂

    Hey, Rain. Your nose in the future, my nose in the past…neither of us in the here and now. I’m being reminded myself, over and over again. But yeah, it’s good…thank you. 😉

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