Lion and Lamb


I will not leave you alone.  You are mine.  I know each of My sheep by name.  You belong to Me. 

If you think I am finished with you, if you think I am a small god you can keep at a safe distance, I will pounce upon you like a roaring lion, tear you to pieces, rip you to shreds, and break every bone in your body. 

Then I will mend you, cradle you in My arms, and kiss you tenderly. 

~Brennan Manning

Come on! Let’s return to the Lord!
He Himself has torn us to pieces, but He will heal us!
He has injured us, but He will bandage our wounds!
  ~Hosea 6:1

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  1. Sort of, Debs. I need to prioritize and sometimes this little blog can take too much away from “real” life. Asking for His plan, not mine. Love you and thanks for all the prayers I know you faithfully intercede for me. 🙂

  2. Wowzers. What a picture. Reminds me of C.S. Lewis’ revelation: “He is not a tame lion.” How much we try to make Him one. Tender, compassionate, forgiving, yes. But passionate, vengeful, and jealous … oh yes, that too. Always for us. So there is never anything to fear. sigh.

    I like my Lion fighting for me.

  3. Hey, Annie! Yeah, that’s what I thought. I decided to back it up with Hosea 6:1 as I was looking for the illustration of the shepherd breaking the wandering sheep’s leg, binding it and comforting him til the sheep knows his voice. Once healed, the sheep has learned the shepherd’s voice and does not continue to stray. I believe it’s Roy Gustafson’s illustration from his book, “In His Land Seeing is Believing.” BUT… can’t find it, may need to buy it to track it down…anyway…yeah…POWERFUL imagery. Made me think of Aslan, too. Like minds, huh? Love you, Sparkle. 😉

  4. It hurts to be torn apart…

    But when healing comes, it’s glorious. understanding sets in, love pours, and I realize how deeply I am loved.

    Hugs Michelle. I miss you.

  5. ‘He Himself has torn us to pieces, but He will heal us!
    He has injured us, but He will bandage our wounds! ‘

    Wheels within Wheels (Ezekiel) what could Hosea have ment?

    Does it only have ONE ‘meaning’?

    Does He ever work like that??

    We have been torn apart – and ‘something’ has bound us together down here away from the World of Spirit.

    We have been given the Gift of Free-will.

    What will we chose to do about our ‘bonds’? to what have we chosen to bond?

    Is there another ‘choice’?

    At what point did He first tear us apart? When then might he ‘Heal us?

    is there any point to our individual being being here at all?

    lots of questions 😀

    i’m sure you are up to ‘considering’ some of the answers Sis ♥


  6. “But when healing comes, it’s glorious. Understanding sets in, love pours, and I realize how deeply I am loved.”

    That’s a good place to be, Sherma. I’m ready for the mending. Thanks for the hugs…love you!

    Wow, Love ! Am I truly up for considering…???…let’s see…

    I found this link to be very helpful, although the author misreferenced the name of Gustafson’s book.

    The Shepherd Psalm
    (The reference to breaking the leg is in the fourth section.)

    I understand God’s discipline to be severe. When we have strayed, He will do whatever is necessary to bring us back to Him. At times, it can feel as though we have been torn to pieces, or smashed against a wall. But, praise Him, He doesn’t leave us there. He tells us we will be restored…He does bring healing.

    I’m not sure if that answers any of your questions, but it’s where my mind went when I read the quote from Brennan.

    Love you, Brother Love. I’m sorry to hear you’ve not been well. (Glad it was the “normal” flu…I guess. 😕 )

  7. Do you find it as interesting as i do that the root of the word you chose ‘Severe’ is the same as for the word ‘sever’? To Cut off or apart.

    is there a difference between being torn apart and being severed perhaps? or perhaps not?

    Maybe there is a bigger picture that can be seen if we widen our personal perspective a tad (as an ant might have to do to view a human?)

    Is the Author you quoted an Aussie? He mentions a sheep station in Roma (Queensland) – that’s pretty much off the beaten track for a tourist 😉

    The reference you posted in your comment was VERY helpful Sis – thank you.

    Have you visited Brother Ed’s Bible study lately? He is posting on … Psalm 23! Coincidence surely? 😉


  8. I’m such a tiny ant, Love, I’m not sure how wide my mind will broaden. 😳

    Roy Gustafson was a close friend of Billy Graham. He took touring groups to Israel for many years. His book is based on those trips. I don’t know if he was an Aussie. He died in 2002 and was a longtime resident of St. Petersburg, FL. I just assumed he was an American.

    I need to go check out Ed’s post. I’m not sure I believe in coincidence, Love…ahhh…you capitalized!!! 😉

  9. 😉 i certainly ‘capitalised’ on your good works – and your helpful reference.Sis.

    I think you may have misunderstood? Roy G was not the Author i meant, but the Author of The Shepherd Psalm, who mentions Gustafson.

    “The author was born in London, U.K. but grew up in Australia. He trained for the Baptist ministry in Spurgeon’s College in London, took his Divinity degree with London University, then went on to pastor three churches in the U.K. in Southampton, Petts Wood and Cambridge, before returning to Australia to pastor two churches at Dandenong in Victoria and The City Tabernacle Baptist Church in Brisbane, Queensland. He married Audrey, a nurse, and they have twin sons, both married. He retired at the end of 1993. His interests include photography, computing (modest programming), sailing (participant), motor racing (non-participant!), cricket, travel (no longer affordable), astronomy (very amateur) and church architecture. ( From the website) 🙂

    We’re ALL such tiny Ant’s Sis – He can help us ‘see’, when we Ask it… and when we really want to and are not afraid of what we might find.

    But each of us search for different things – for ourselves that is! All the answers are in the same place however which is what i hope brings us together 😉


  10. This is tough to read. There are such beautiful parts in it but the tearing and ripping part makes me cringe. How I wish the breaking and tearing wasn’t necessary but it is the broken He can truly mend and form for His glory isn’t it?

  11. I know, Rain. I really thought about it quite a bit before posting, wondering how it would be received. I’m afraid it’s too hard for some to accept, but it is His way. Especially when we need the discipline. He loves us too much to leave us to ourselves. But, as you say, it’s the only way to be conformed to His image.

    Hope all’s well, Rain. ♥ U!

  12. Oh…I didn’t realize I hadn’t responded, Love

    Thanks for the background info on the author of the article. I didn’t even bother to find out who he was, but I knew I liked what he had to say. I’d actually heard it all before through Kay Arthur’s ministry.

    “He can help us ’see’, when we Ask it… and when we really want to and are not afraid of what we might find.”

    Yeah. He does say He’ll give us wisdom. And, you know, Solomon said:

    In much wisdom there is much grief, and increasing knowledge results in increasing pain. Eccles. 1:18

    Sometimes it hurts too much to want to continue in the search for wisdom…to be perfectly honest. 😕

  13. Welcome to MY ‘world’ 8-|

    may be of some comfort to remember:

    With Great Privilege comes Great Responsibility.

    He gives us Good things… oftentimes at a certain ‘cost’.

    His Good Things are eternal, everlasting – we only have one of our short lifetimes to pay for them.

    Bargain! 😉


  14. My gracious, Bajan! Was it intentional or by accident? I suppose I should be impressed you read more than one post…

    …or…did you??? 😉

  15. Well actually, it didn’t start out intentionally… I was exploring the site… but I DID read all of the articles I went on… when I realized that I had like 3 comments I THEN decided to go for the hijack 😀

    Aren’t you proud of me???? 😆

  16. Proud of you?!

    I think I’m a bit humbled. Thanks for reading my scribblings, Bajan. The discipline of writing helps my muddled mind to gain a bit of perspective. Thank you. 😉

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