Peaceful Settings


We went away for a couple of days to Jefferson, Texas.  It’s only three hours east of us and about half an hour from Phat’s old stomping grounds. We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast known for its ghosts, most notably a cat.

All the  rooms were luxuriantly decorated with period antiques.  Our room was a soothing blue and white Victorian complete with a four poster bed and romantic canopy.  It even had a private bath (a must for me when staying at a B&B — have you seen the “Everybody Loves Raymond” episode?). 

Although I could have taken pictures of the historic district with all the shops and museums, and I should have taken pictures of the inside of our B&B, I was mostly enchanted by the homes in the area.

I hope you enjoy seeing Jefferson through my eyes.  We seem to come away from these visits wanting to live in a small town.  This visit was no different.  A quiet, peaceful setting…covered porches with rocking chairs…tall oaks and piney woods…I feel myself being called away…

Come along.

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Gymnopedie, No. 3 . . . Alex De Grassi


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  1. I’m so glad you got some time away. It was well needed I’m sure! I’m sorry I keep missing you on MSN; I’m hardly near the computer. I hope we can catch up soon. You can call me anytime 🙂 The pictures are lovely; it definitely looks like my kind of place. The sky is so blue! I really like the architecture of the houses around. It seems like such a serene, peaceful place as you described it. Love you lots XO

  2. We had a good time, Gch. I have missed you again and again, but I can take a hint. 🙄

    It was a relaxing time. We’re looking into real estate…hmmm…

  3. Thanks for sharing your retreat with us. It was beautiful, especially with the peaceful musical accompaniment.

    I shared it with Nick too, who heard the music and was lured in =).
    We’re both at the beginning and ending (I hope) stages of the respiratory flu(?), and needing that ‘peace’, though sickness does seem such a waste of time (something you’re quite familiar with I’m sure !).

    Please pray I haven’t already exposed my folks to it, since it could be lethal for my dad who succombs so easily to pneumonia. I’m also concerned for an upcoming women’s retreat that I’m helping lead worship for in two weeks. We’re just starting to practice for that and I don’t want to expose the other team members. Over the past 5 years (tho’ I haven’t been involved) they have had major spiritual attacks to the team at the ‘last minute’ (including one family member’s death and another’s emergency heart surgery).

    Please pray!! I know you can relate and that your prayers ‘avail much (James 5:16) !!! God will have the victory though, I know– no matter what =) !


  4. Isn’t the music wonderful? It’s one of my favorites. I love all the movements from Gymnopedie. Beautiful, peaceful, alluring…

    Yes, Laz, I will definitely pray for your parents and the upcoming women’s retreat. I’m sorry to hear y’all have been sick. I agree, sickness does seem to be a waste of time. And yet, it’s so much a part of my life.

    He must see something we do not.


  5. you would love historic jacksonville, just minutes from here. i know you would be in awe walking around the small town.

    i’ll have to take some pics and email them to you the next time im there.

    glad you enjoyed your time, sis…

    love you!

  6. Do blue ceilings really keep bugs away? Or am I really just that gullible? 😉

    This was amazing… beautiful photos… I could almost imagine myself there. Heaven.

  7. So you stayed in a haunted cat house Michelle!? 😉

    The town looks so beautifully peaceful. That forest took my breath away. Wow and that was Phat’s backyard- must have been heaven. Thanks for showing us these!

  8. It felt a bit like heaven, Gitz. I’m not sure if the blue on the ceilings work, but that’s what I’ve always been told…maybe I’m just gullible! 😳

    I’ve never been past Phoenix, AZ, Tam. I need to explore much of these United States, from the East to the West.

    I did, Rain! Although, I hadn’t thought to put that allusion to it…hmmm…I wonder what all the house was used for in its former days???

    Yes, Phat grew up in a beautiful setting and still wants to return there. We are trying to figure out a way for that to happen sooner rather than later. I would LOVE to live away from the city.

  9. just read your comments..and OH DEFINITELY go to Oregon, visit Tam, and see Jacksonville..God was sooo showing off there..

  10. Tam- 😆 girl i would be on the plane today..if i just had a ticket! praying for a handful. teary kids at that thought that i would go alone..hahaha everyone loves Oregon, especially Central Point!

    Michelle- just go..i know you want to! 😉

  11. Michelle, I really enjoyed seeing the town through your eyes. When I was in high school my girl friends would be looking a pop fashion magazines and I would be scouring home architecture magazines for floor plans and house designs for my dream home that I was sure I would build one day. Many of the features you highlight here also caught my eye during that time of my life.

  12. Thank you for coming to see! It’s funny, Angie, I used to do the same thing in high school. I had so many house plans and would have liked to have become an architect. 😉 Hope all’s well…FYP!!!

  13. When ‘ya coming to Texas?!?!? You’ve got a home here. You’ll love the family, I’m sure.

    My son plays all three movements of Gymnopedie. Really. (I’m not proud. 🙄 )

  14. Wow, that was beautiful! And so well put together! The music was gorgeous too! Now I really want to visit …

    Sorry I haven’t been around lately (I may not get to all of your new blogs just now). A lot of stuff has been happening at home – I’ll have to e-mail or Gtalk with you about it. Thank you for always praying for me, as you said. That is most appreciated. Love you!

  15. Oh, I’m so glad to see you here, Annie! I’ve missed you!!!

    You’re in my daily prayers…Always. 😉

    If you ever come this far South, you are welcome to stay with me. It would be wonderful to enjoy God’s creation together. ♥ U!!

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