What the…?


Some things in life never make sense.  At least that’s the way it appears on this plane…in this dimension.

I do believe in coincidence, but sometimes I think coincidence is God’s way of working in our lives.  We think things happen by chance.  We think life twists and turns due to circumstance.  Happenstance.

I’m believing less and less in happenstance.  I’m thinking God works intricately in our lives.

I also believe we don’t give credence to some scriptures.   As a result, we’re shocked when things have worked for our good, which at first glance, appeared to be not so good. 

Consider these:

It was good for me to suffer, so that I might learn your statutes. 
~Psalm 119:71

Certainly the Lord watches the whole earth carefully
And is ready to strengthen those who are devoted to Him.

~2 Chronicles 16:9

All the inhabitants of the earth are regarded as nothing.
He does as He wishes with the army of heaven
And with those who inhabit the earth.
No one slaps His hand and says to Him, ‘What have you done?’
~Daniel 4:35

Recent events have shown me once again how much God is in control. I have felt His hand move in my life and those whom I love dearly. This doesn’t scare me. Sometimes I don’t like what happens, but…

…I do believe much of it is orchestrated by the One who sees…knows…and loves…beyond our wildest imaginings.

I will trust Him. 
Even when I don’t understand.


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  1. Remember.. The Day ends as it begins. God in Control.

    This life too begins as it ends. God in Control
    This world started as it will end. God in Control

    Peace and love sis.

  2. Noblese, 🙂

    You’re welcome, Ric. We do tend to overlook some of the things He says concerning Himself.

    Hey, Carl. Thank you. I need to keep reminding myself of God’s sovereignty and His love…thanks.

  3. FAN-TASTIC!!!

    i have been counseling a young lady who claimed to be seeking God. shes very upset, no – ANGRY, with Him for letting bad things happen to people and for allowing bad people to do bad things.

    i tried and tried to explain human nature – Gods plan – that He IS aware – our free will – our part in this world…but to no avail. these would be great verses for her to have. but unfortunately – she has given up. shes done with Him. too angry at Him to give Him a nod. but its mine and others fault for not explaining it well enough for her. so she says. but she made her choice a long time ago. its so sad.

  4. That is so sad, Tam. I’ve dealt with that same thinking before and it is terribly difficult to break through. Well, actually, God has to do the breaking through. It is hard to balance free-will and God’s sovereignty. But somehow, in the mind of God, it all works out.

    I read “Where is God When it Hurts” by Philip Yancy a few years ago. It was an excellent read for understanding the need for pain. And, right now, “Inside Out” by Larry Crabb…hitting me where I need it most.

    Hope all’s well for you…Love you, TammyJo! 😉

  5. I love this post because God recently reminded me of who He really is [as opposed to what we can sometimes reduce Him to in our doubt, lack of faith, anxiety etc] and it is mind blowing everytime. Which is so weird to me because it’s like I know Him, I see Him reveal His glory through my situation, and then something happens to mess me up and how easily I forget?

    Psalm 119 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. Thank you for reminding me of that. I plan on reading it tonight before I go to bed.

    I love you so much Sis. I praise God that He is revealing Himself to you when you need Him to the most.

  6. 3:16 am and you’re not in bed!!! Gch, please take care of yourself. I know I sound like a mom… 😳

    I need to stay focused on Him, not me. Everytime I get too focused on self, I lose sight of His ways. I spent this past Sunday reading Psalm 119 and was again amazed at the way He works in our lives to bring us to the point of Truth.

    I need Truth. Living in a fantasy world doesn’t work so well.

    I love you, too, Gch. You bring much encouragement to my life. 😉

  7. [I love your avi photo…]

    I believe He is intricately working in our lives, and even when random life happens due to free will, He is with us, weaving options for us and leading us down paths that can bring beautiful blessings. We just have to have our eyes and ears open to see what He is offering…

  8. I second gitz, you are a beautiful woman, love the avi photo.

    I also like the pruned saying. My first mental image was that of a person getting a glass of prune juice thrown at them. Ha! Such is life with a runaway imagination. 🙂 Then I tried to match the verse reference with the sopping face and it all clicked… Oh! I get it now! ha ha ha.

    Hi Michelle!

    You are a testament to us all of a woman who trusts wholeheartedly in the Lord. Thank you!

  9. I love the way you put that, Gitz, “…weaving options for us and leading us down paths that can bring beautiful blessings.” I think, sometimes, the blessings don’t appear so beautiful on the surface, but, given time and understanding we might begin to see the intricate beauty of His plan. Love you, friend.

    Prune juice, huh? 😆 Glad you got it. 😉
    You are a sweetheart, Angie. Thanks for your kind words.

  10. Good, good words. I don’t believe in happenstance either. Even when it is mind-boggling to think of how many details and seemingly unorchestratable things are orchestrated by our BIG God. It is VERY mind-boggling. But I do have to believe He does. And nothing is too big for Him. (HE did create it all, after all – I suppose He knows how to manage it.) The process of trust is a long one … and you are so VERY dear to Him. 🙂

  11. Tam: You should have given that girl my URL. Or my e-mail address. I could answer her questions in my sleep.

    Michelle: I have certainly learned that following God is not nearly as easy as I once thought it was–and that simple fact changes with each new season. Just when I think I’ve had enough, God comes up with something new. And it certainly doesn’t get any easier.

    I’ve been lurking around Blog-Landa lot lately since getting settled. There really isn’t much out there that Christians are saying about Jesus–though some writers have certainly matured, spiritually or artistically.

    Anyway. Christians that don’t write about Jesus? It’s disappointing. Cause I could really use some encouragement right about now.

    So, of course, I came here. To Consider Jesus! 😉

  12. Hey, Annie! I don’t know how I missed your comment from a WEEK ago!!! But thank you for the encouraging words. He does work all things for His good…His purposes. Seeing it in the moment, sometimes even years later, is the challenge for me. And some things I doubt I’ll understand until heaven. I just have to trust that His Word is True and believe Him.

    It certainly doesn’t get any easier, Nor. I’ve heard it said that if life is getting easier, maybe we need to look closely at our walk with God. The New Testament tells us it will get harder and harder as He works to purge us of our impurities. And we will be persecuted for loving Him and His ways…hmmm…? Totally different perspective than the one most American Christians espouse.

    On your other point, I don’t get the lack of teaching on Christ from Christians in the blogosphere. I do understand we all chose different reasons for blogging. Mine…yours…others…chose to blog to somehow make a difference. I sure hope that’s what we’re doing. Did you read a book at some point about God’s blog? Where have I heard that term?

    So good to see your avatar on my site again!! Hope you’re getting settled. I think it’s time to stop lurking and start writing!!!!! 😀 🙂 😉

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