A Tribute


To George and Laura Bush and their Love

One of the sweetest love stories of our time.

They celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary on November 5, 2008.  The rest of the world was busy with the election at that time.   I felt it fitting to pay tribute and remember their story.


Who could have predicted that when Joe and Jan O’Neill invited their two single friends, George Walker Bush and Laura Lane Welch to a backyard barbecue in the summer of 1977 their efforts at matchmaking would end up making history? Who would have known the couple would not only be attracted to each other, but that sparks would fly and ignite so quickly into flames, that they would marry in a mere three months?And who could ever have imagined that eventually God would lead this same young couple to become the President and First Lady of the greatest country on earth.


George W. was admittedly “smitten” by the lovely young Laura. He said that she was “gorgeous, good-humored, quick to laugh, down-to-earth, and very smart.” Laura thought that young George was “kind of cute, and funny” and liked how he made her laugh.


Though they were opposites in personality–he outgoing and sometimes outrageous, athletic and from a boisterous, energetic family, and she a calm, quiet and thoughtful reader, and beloved only child–they found they shared the same beliefs and values–“West Texas” values of an individual’s worthand of personal responsibility.

They discovered they had common interests–they both loved to read and spend time with friends. They fell so quickly in love that they married on November 5, 1977. According to Laura,”It was a small wedding, just about 75 people. It was in the church I’d been baptized in as a baby. So it was really a wonderful way to start a new marriage.”


Their marriage began with a honeymoon in Mexico , followed by a congressional campaign trip throughout Texas . It wasn’t politically successful, but both have said it was a good way to start their marriage because they got to spend every minute with each other and loved it. Rumor is, they still do!


After years of trying to have the family they so desired, the Bushes became proud parents in November 1981, of lovely twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara, both named after their grandmothers.



The family was deeply involved in church and community and in developing loving relationships with each other that have stood the test of time…


…through difficulties and triumphs, through a not too successful oil exploration venture, a very successful Texas Rangers baseball team, the Governorship of Texas, long and difficult campaigns, and finally to the White House as President, First Lady, and beautiful, mature and gracious first daughters of the United States of America.


The story of George and Laura Bush is a wonderful love story…..a song of delight and passion, humor and fidelity, steadfastness and grace. The President has said, “I saw an elegant beautiful woman who turned out not only to be elegant and beautiful, but very smart and willing to put up with my rough edges, and I must confess has smoothed them off over time.”


There really aren’t that many couples who after 30 years display so openly their deep affection for one another–in their embraces, kisses, whispers, playful pats from well-placed hands, touches, and looks that could melt the coldest heart.



When they are together, they can be alone in a room full of people. They have allowed us to observe their love and to love them even more because of their adoration for each other,…

…and even at times to be “twitterpated” and inspired by what we see in them…the intimacy, the trust, and even the passion of mature love.


What a blessing it has been for the past eight years to observe this exemplary relationship!

It is so extraordinary and exciting, yet so normal…just like us, but not.


This marvelous couple has been subjected to some of the ugliest abuse in the country’s history — false and vile rumors and unmitigated hatred — and yet they have endured with an abiding peace and joy.


They have endured through the grace of God, through Jesus Christ, and because of their faith and prayer–and the prayers of people all around the world who understand what a blessing God has given us in these two.


They have endured because of the love of family…including those two lovely young ladies they brought up in faith and love…and the love of millions of Americans who see who they really are.


President and Mrs. Bush…
Millions of us who love you will rejoice with you, that you will finally be able to be truly refreshed and renewed as you spend time at your beloved, peaceful Prairie Chapel Ranch, where you can take long, hand-holding walks around the ranch, talk endlessly with your very best friend, take romantic rides in your pickup truck (and maybe not have a Secret Service agent close enough to know what you’re doing!),and enjoy the scenic Texas view from your “favorite room” with its presidentially mandated king-sized bed!


Or you can enjoy your new home in Dallas as you begin your private life together again. There you can go to bed early, as you are wont to do, without having the very weight of the world on your shoulders, and just savor the company of the beloved mate whom God has graciously and lovingly given to you. How blessed you are…and how blessed we have been to have you leading us and providing such a wonderful example for us all!


We will miss you more than words can say. This country will not fully realize what you have done for us until you are gone from public view.  We can never fully describe what you have meant to us, but know that we admire and respect you in a way that is inexpressible and rare. You have blessed and enriched our lives,and we will be forever thankful to God for loaning you to us for these past eight years.


Thank you, George and Laura Bush.


(Full disclosure:  I received this tribute through an email and made it fit my blog.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Yes!  I think they’re amazing people.  Just sayin’.)

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  1. I’m very thankful to you, Tim, for withholding. It shows great self-control on your part, I’m sure. 😆 I really do like the man. And she is class to the highest degree.

    Hey, Heidi! 😉

  2. i seriously teared up at this. i dont think politics should have anything to do with the fact they are a lovely couple, completely in love. thats what should be seen here.

    stellar example for sure! she is so very classy. i have always thought that. and beautiful!

    and really, george was pretty darn good looking back in the day. dang.

  3. I don’t care if your post did come from an e-mail, it was good and fitting to give the outgoing president and his wife some credit for being decent people who worked hard to help our country.

    While not agreeing with all he did while in office, he probably wouldn’t have agreed with all my decisions, either. This post is certainly a breath of fresh air and I am grateful.

    BTW, my wife and I are coming up on our 31st anniversary, and remember the line from Bambi about being twitterpated. It’s good to be in love with the one you’re in love with.

  4. Yes, Preacher, I love that line from “Bambi.”

    I can’t say I agreed with everything either, but you know, I will never question their love for our country, for one another and for the Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. This brought tears to my eyes too. Just beautiful. They are a lovely couple, and I am honored that they served us so faithfully for the past 8 years. I have a great deal of respect for who they are. I hope that somewhere on the rounds, they get to read what is written here as well.

  6. Thanks for the good word…it’s about time we heard a few about people who have persevered through a historic time of national crisis that one can only imagine having such responsibility in!

    It saddened me that he was so abandoned by most who once supported him. I do hope history will ‘redeem his record’, but, as with us all, his most important commendation will come from the Lord Himself.


  7. I really appreciate having seen this. I share your feelings, Michelle. I’ve so often prayed for Laura during these past years, with how much it must have hurt her heart to see the way people are about her husband. They are graciousness personified.

    And I so agree with those above who’ve said that it’s the Lord who will commend him. Amen.

  8. Hey, Annie! I sure hope they’ve seen this via emails. It was much more involved than I posted…about 40 pictures. They’re moving about 15 minutes away!!!

    I think History will redeem him, Laz. It may take a while, with the current cognitive dissonance, but I do believe he will stand honorably before his Lord, and ours.

    Amen, Lisa! Graciousness personified!!

  9. I love How some people know how to respect what God has given us! I love them so much!

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