Do You See?


Do you see with God’s eyes?

Do you choose to see the hurting?  Or do you close your eyes?

Is it more about what you can get than what you can give?

I’ve been wondering why we continue to build bigger and better homes.  Places to store our stuff.  Stuff that will be eaten by moths or rust, or for thieves to steal. 

Up the road we have a community called “Castle Hills” where every man can have his kingdom.  Beautiful, outstanding homes in a well-planned community.  The street names are straight from fairy tales:  King Arthur’s Court, Enchanted Hill, Excalibur, Magic Mantle…

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not against wealth.  I just wonder what it’s all about when we keep building our castles in the sand.  Foolish dreams that seem so grand…will surely melt away, for in life’s raging storms…they can not stand (an old church song from the 70’s).

Nor’s post today got me thinking about this again.  I want to see with God’s eyes.  I want to be disturbed with what I see around me.  I don’t want to be complacent and content to store up treasures on earth.  I want to make a difference.  I want to BE the difference.  Not for me.  And certainly not for you to say, “Wow!  Look at what Michelle’s doing.” 


For Him. 

People are hurting.  The world is hurting and we have the answer for their pain. 

Jesus is the answer for the world TODAY.

Check out NorEaster’s post if you haven’t seen it yet.


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  1. “Give me your eyes for just one second, give me your eyes so I can see. Everything that I have been missing, give me your love for humanity. Give me arms for the broken hearted, the ones far beyond my reach, Give me your love for humanity. Give me your eyes.”. Brandon Heath

    I think I got that right or close..We have to ask God for the sight that is blinded by the world.

  2. We do have to ask for it, Carl. For a heart that beats in sync with His and eyes that see what He desires…it’s my constant prayer. Heath said it well — thank you for sharing.

  3. “I want to see the things you see, and feel the things that hurt you” not sure who sang that but it was a prayer of mine, and now I would caution anyone who is thinking careful what you pray for, this is one of those things you will get..and your life will never be the same…

    I am missing talking to you, thanks for your prayers, and I am praying right now to not go into your spam or the cyber space dark hole…

  4. This so resonated with me. Building up treasures on earth vs. heaven – and Mt. 6:21 – is something God is speaking to me about these days.

    I heard recently that, if we laid our heads on God’s chest, and listened to His heartbeat, we would hear, “Souls… souls… souls.” And not just in regards to salvation, either; but the hurts so many are going through.

    Your words also remind me of the Casting Crowns song, “If We Are The Body”: “If we are the body, why aren’t these arms reaching…. hands healing….. words teaching….feet going?” And I guess we could add to that “eyes seeing?”

    I’m grateful for the way God is using blogs like yours and Nor’Easter’s in my life.

  5. Hi Michelle, I’ve been wondering, and this is slightly related to your previous post too; why do you think in the old testament God showed His favor toward those who followed Him by blessing them with great wealth, lots of children, land etc. While in new testament times it seems different? Like you said, following God is no gaurantee of happiness and it is certainly appears that way, but do you think maybe we’re missing something today? Do you think maybe we got it wrong somewhere? Or have times just changed?

  6. Hello, Tim! So you’re back in blogland? Phishing, huh? And now you want to win the lottery?!?! 😆

    Hey, Lisa! Thank you for sharing this:

    “I heard recently that, if we laid our heads on God’s chest, and listened to His heartbeat, we would hear, “Souls… souls… souls.” And not just in regards to salvation, either; but the hurts so many are going through.”

    If we aren’t willing to see, we certainly won’t be reaching. I believe we are consumed with self. We really don’t hear much about “death to self” anymore, but I do think that was Jesus’ main point, “Take up your cross and follow me.” The listeners of His time would have known the cross meant death, not some momentary affliction. Willingness to die to our desires, to live for His. Nor is definitely challenging the church. Very good stuff, there.

    Good to see you, Ripple!! I believe the covenant changed. Annie and I had quite a discussion on this in a post last week, ” A Theology of Success.” If you move through the comments you’ll see my thinking on this topic. I believe we are not part of the Mosaic Cov’t. That covenant was for the Children of Israel. Those of us who are a part of the New Covenant have been grafted into the Abrahamic Cov’t. These are distinct covenants, with distinct blessings. It is quite involved, that’s why I’ve referred you back to my previous post. I’m not saying I’ve got it understood, but it is what I think, I think, from my studies. 😕

  7. I’m heading over there now… Wish I could understand theology better. Or maybe just the Bible… 😉

  8. Hi, Michelle, thanks for your response. You are SO right on about death to self. I always wonder what present-day martyrs in places like Vietnam and Iran would have to say about the average sermon being preached in America these days…….

    And yes, how can we reach out if we don’t see? And are we really sincere when we pray to see because as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss (I’m speaking to myself here). Because how can we walk away then…. and what if we do?

    I’m reminded of the Samaritan’s Purse founder, Bob Pierce’s, prayer, “Lord, break my heart for the things that break Yours.” Kind of similar to the old “praying for patience” prayer….. be careful for how God will answer. 🙂

    I appreciate your heart and your thoughts. (Forgot to add before that I found your blog through Grit and Glory, as well as NorEaster’s.)

  9. This is for everyone —

    How are you reaching out to your loved ones?
    How are you reaching out to your neighbors?
    How are you reaching out to your city?
    How are you reaching out to your county?
    How are you reaching out to your Country?
    How are you reaching out to your World?

    Being a Christian is not a passive calling; we are called to action.

    That begins at home, then to neighbors etc.

    Reach out to those you come in contact with –
    See them through God’s eyes, not your own.

    Thanks Michelle.

  10. I rescued you, Darla!!! Amen about praying that prayer. He will definitely take you up on it and when that happens, the weeping begins…well…it did for me. I think when we see with His eyes, the sin that has affected every part of His creation becomes more and more real to us.

    I’m glad you came over, Lisa. I love Alece’s heart and well, NorEaster…he’s just plain wonderful. The prayer you quoted, “Lord, break my heart for the things that break Yours,” AMEN. Just like Darla said though, we better be ready for the fallout. It will come. But it’s good. Not easy…not at all easy…but good.

    Thanks for the exhortation, Phat. Love you, bunches!!! 😉

  11. …I think comicphat saw the “Forecast” video! 😉

    Thanks for sending people my way, Sis! 😉

  12. I totally agree with you, Mic. That is the cry of my heart as well. I want to make a difference. I want to truly impact those around me, and propel people to see Him, know Him, love Him. HE IS what makes everything worthwhile. Love you!

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  14. Christ tells us to lift our eyes for the harvest is ripe. I agree that it is important for us to see the people around us. I get an eye full everyday. So as to avoid becoming overwhelmed I remember the other verse about our view: fix your eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Yes, we are to lift up our eyes, but we mustn’t stop at the needy but continue to lift our gaze to the Need Meeter.

  15. Thanks for your perspective, Angie. You are definitely one who sees clearly and works to make a difference. So many of us really have no clue how much the world is hurting. We would rather shut our eyes.

    But thank you for reminding us to keep looking beyond, to the One who can meet the needs. Love you, Angie. FYP still!!

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