It’s Late, Father


 So late I should be sleeping.  But I can’t.  I have so many things on my mind…so many good and bad things…

You know every thought I have before I’ve even begun to comprehend it, and yet here I am telling You the details.  

You tell us to pray. 

I will pray.

I need You every minute of the day, Lord.  Life without You is nothing I ever want to experience.  I’ve known You for most of my life and You’ve never forsaken me.  We’ve been through thick and thin and through it all  You’ve been my Rock, my Fortress, my Strong Tower.  You’ve been my Comforter, my Daddy, my Covering through all those times I’ve needed Your security, wondering if the anxieties of life would swallow me whole. 

You are the world to me!  I want nothing more than You at this moment in time…

…and yet, Lord, You know me.  In just a few minutes, I’ll be worrying again…wondering how it will all get done,…the many ins and outs of life…my family…my friends…my neighbors… 

You know each of these needs better than I know any of them.   I’m asking for Your will to be done.  I’m asking for Your plans to be accomplished.  I’m praying, Father, that You will use me in whatever capacity You see fit for these needs.  I want to be poured out for You.

Please use me, Lord.  Let me bring You glory.  If it is only by lying in bed without complaint, let me bring You glory.

Thank You, Father, for Your steadfast love and enduring patience.  Thank You for sending Your Son to die for me so I can live with You forever.  Thank You for sending Your Spirit as my Helper to make it through this life.  Thank you, Lord.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…

I love You, Father. 

Thy Kingdom come…

Thy will be done…

Come, Lord Jesus, quickly come!


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  1. I hear ya, I can never sleep either, although you are probably long in bed by now, I am still going strong as I do every night. Its always been this way, and incredibly frustruating. I have always been the last person to go to sleep at night, and its all because my mind wont stop running. I always have done my best most focused work in the middle of the night as my worries become so much clearer than during the day. While on medication to make these worries come at a different time, I still pray to conquer the battle with the restless mind. I hope you got to sleep well, safe, and sound. I will also pray that your worries subside, so that your balance finds its way. Good Luck to you!I Love your site!!!

  2. Life just doesn’t stop much, does it, Nor?

    Sometimes I need a deep breath. I should put to use those relaxation techniques I learned many years ago when teaching third grade. 🙄

    ♥ U! 😉

  3. our pastor preached a great sermon on worry this weekend. i’ll be posting a bit about it this week.

    sometimes i find im worrying…and dont realize i have been. ya know…recognizing im stressed or uptight – then it hitting me i have “such and such” on my mind and is heavy on my heart.

    as we both know…worry, stress, is one of the worst things for our bodies. admittedly tho…its hard not to fall into it.

  4. Hey, Tam! I know you’re right about worry and the body. I’m praying…how do you get over stress?

    Good deal, Bad! (I drew that card) I’ll start reading. When do we start? You look like a happy grandfather!

  5. If only the whole world could know Him as we do…. If only they could rest ‘neath the shelter of His wing….
    If only….
    I write in tears today.

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