So, What Did You Get?


I must say, I don’t usually think much about gifts.  Honestly, gift-giving is NOT my language of love.  If  I’ve connected with someone through a good conversation, enlightened discussion, sharing deep thoughts…WOW!!!  That does it for me everytime.  And if coffee is available, I will love you for life!!

But…yesterday…and today…I was given three amazing gifts, and I’m still ecstatic!

First of all, my mother-in-law brought me a solid-oak OLD student desk.  You know, the kind that has one arm with the desktop attached, but underneath is a drawer for the books.  I’ve loved that desk since she picked it up at a garage sale years ago, and now, she’s passed it on to me.  Very cool. 

My mother-in-law is a gift-giver.  It IS her language of love.  I’m very thankful to her for giving this much coveted object to me.  Yes, I have coveted that desk for many years!  And NOW…it’s mine!!!  ALL MINE!!!  (Hmmm…I may need to do some repenting.)

I was also given two CD’s.  One of Kathy Troccoli, “Draw Me Close.”  The other…U2, “The Joshua Tree.”

I cannot even begin to express how excited I am about these!!!  I know, I know…OLD CD’s,  but totally new to me.

My husband gave me these.  He has his mother’s language of love and is continually bringing home gifts he knows I’ll appreciate.  Very thoughtful and endearing.  Especially when he knows I’m a bit down, he’ll bring home a delightful bouquet of flowers or make some brownies to share.  Such a sweetheart.  And then, guess what?  He’ll sit and listen to anything I want to say…anything at all, for as long as I want to talk.  Incredible, huh?  No matter how serious I want to be, he always makes me laugh with some ridiculous comment, some silly response…

…and then, all is well with the world.

So…what did you get for Christmas? 

Me?  I got a heavy dose of LOVE!!!


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  1. I got to spend time with family, including grandchildren and my sister. That was nice. One of our daughters brought her boyfriend over, and both of them prepared food in the kitchen. Now, that was nice.

    One of my church members gave me a new R. L. Alan & Sons ESV 1 Bible in British Tan goatskin leather. Wow! R. L. Alan & Sons Bibles are probably the most well-made on the planet, according to many who study Bible and book binding.

    My sister got me a Garmin nuvi 255W GPS. Pretty slick.

    There’s also an office chair with the Florida Gators colors and Albert embroidered on the headrest. May we all say, “Go, Gators?”

    My sister also gave me a set of CDs that’s several years old, but hardly used. It’s music of the 50s – 70s, including lots of Doo-Wop.

    The thing is, those gifts reflect a sincere desire on the part of the givers to show how much they love me. That’s pretty special.

  2. Hello, Preacher! So is Florida your alma mater? Music from the 60-70’s, now I could get into that! Well, soft rock, nothing too hard.

    It is wonderful when the givers show their feelings through their thoughtful gifts. Makes for a very special time, indeed. 🙂

  3. I got an electric blanket to keep my tootsies warm. 🙂 And some new pans to cook with. I think they were a hint, although I asked for them. Tonight we threw an old pan away with glee!

    I’ve been sick the past few weeks, so I’m looking forward to snuggling in warmth tonight after I watch some reruns of House. Ahhh… the good life!

  4. i got my Glade Clean Linen Plug-ins! oh yes i did!!!!

    sounds like you had a perfect day. i love gifts like that, like you received. theyre so full of love and thoughtfulness. and you my friend, are worthy of much love!

  5. Hello my dear friend.

    Warm greetings! I hope you had a blessed Christmas. I pray your New Year would be prosperous and full of love.

    Hugs. And more blessings for you and your family.


  6. That is so great that you got some wonderful gifts!

    My best gift this year was that we got to give all of our kids each a new mattress. Now their rooms look so… right. 🙂

  7. No, Florida is not my alma mater; I am, however a Florida native ( I think there’s about 30 of us) which happens to be a Gator fan. I used to live in Georgia, and was surrounded by GA Bulldog fans, but I held my ground and kept rooting for the Gators. The BCS title game should be a good one, and I’m hoping my team will prevail. Go, Gators!

  8. An electric blanket would be a MUST if I lived in PA, Heidi!! I don’t know how you people live with all that snow. Well now, a warm blanket and reruns of House just might make it bearable. 😉

    Plug-ins, Tam…really. I know you’re telling the truth — I read that post. The love is the best part of Christmas. Hope you got plenty of it, too!!! Love you, TammyJo!

    Hello, dear Sherma. I hope your Christmas was blesssed. Were you able to spend time with your family? Maybe Virtual Friend? I pray the Lord’s blessings will pour down on your head. Many hugs.

    Wow, Angie! That’s a great gift. I think my kids would have appreciated new mattresses, as well. The loving thoughfulness of the gifts means the most, you know?

    I figured there must have been some deep connection to Florida for you to be a fan, Preacher. My brother-in-law supports Nebraska and my dad is an Oklahoma State fan…lots of healthy interaction when they play. Go, Cowboys! (Oklahoma and DALLAS!!!)

  9. Hey Michelle!

    Thought I’d check in, though I’m a little late on the “So, What Did You Get?” discussion. My presents consisted of a leaf-blower and new bed. Boring, I know, but my wife and I sure needed them.

    I’m digging your idea of “love language’ gifts, though I never pegged you for a U2 fan. (Did you see Bono in the movie, “Across the Universe”? He deserves a Grammy for his rendition of “I Am The Walrus.”)

    Anyway, I may’ve scored love-language points with my own wife for the least expensive gift I bought her. She loves old coins, and I got her three pennies from 1943 that are made from steel, because copper was being rationed. The fact that these are “Wheat” pennies brought tears to her eyes, because her father, who passed away twenty years ago, kept a number of Wheat pennies in his sock drawer. Imagine, a present that cost only three-cents could bring my wife so much joy.

    Thanks for your blog and I wish you the happiest of New Years!


  10. Hey, Tim! Yeah, with love languages you can never go wrong. It doesn’t matter how much you spend, if it brings tears to the eyes, you’ve struck gold!!!

    I’ve only been a U2 fan for a very short while. I have lots of catching up to do. My kids have been talking about the movie, “Across the Universe.” I guess I need to check it out.

    Thanks for the kind words, Tim. Hope your New Year is wonderful!!!

  11. Hey Michelle! You’ve been on my mind a lot since Christmas, I’ve been praying for you!

    My christmas was filled with books and books and cds. Yay! 🙂 But the greatest gift was spending it with my family which wasn’t going to happen but turned out that way and was so special! God bless!

  12. Hey, Ripple! Thanks so much for the prayers. Isn’t it great how God does that for us? He keeps putting you on my mind, as well, which brings me to pray. I hope life is settling down for you and all is well in your country. My understanding of y’all’s situation is so limited (American journalism doesn’t care too much for international affairs).

    Books and books and cds makes for a lovely Christmas — much to keep the mind occupied. I’m so glad to hear you were able to see your family. Family time makes the holiday that much more special.

    God bless you and hugs from Texas!! ♥ U!

  13. it’s nice to hear all of you had a great Christmas ^^ & got a lots of gift
    this Christmas was a liitle lonely for me, i was spending time for accompany one of my client to shopping, & then he gave me a T shirt as a Christmas gift, maybe, hehehe.
    But, i didnt give any gift to someone i missed, but it might be the best solution.

    Wish you all have a great new year

    regards from
    Chris – Jakarta

  14. mmmmmm books…jewlry…scarf…you know the best gift this year was having all my children together and seeing them actually like each other..loving on them was the best!

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  16. Thanks, Chris. Hope your new year is great as well.

    Hey, Darla!!

    “…the best gift this year was having all my children together and seeing them actually like each other…”

    That was my favorite part too. To see them enjoying eachother’s company…so fun!! Ooooo!!!! Jewelry?!?! Love jewelry!!!

  17. So nice!! Gift-giving is not my language either … so it’s quite a challenge. But … I’m getting better at it, I think. My favorite things this year were things I gave (giving is definitely more fun). I made a scarf for one friend, am getting theater tickets for two others (both Quality Time girls!), the entire season of West Wing for my husband (his favorite gift by FAR), glitter makeup for my friend who LOVES glitter makeup, ‘nights out’ for my sister and brother and their spouses (who definitely don’t get out much), a book for my sister that she was wanting to read but hadn’t picked up yet (rather a miraculous ‘coincidence’) … those are my favorites. 😀

    Favorite things I got … a Bible atlas (HUGE!), Bible maps with overlays, huge Bible timeline, a jewelry making kit (definitely expands my beading collection). OH! And my dad and step mom gave me money which will definitely go toward a carpet cleaner. 😀 We’ve been wanting one for a while. (Two cats!)

    It was a fun Christmas. Perhaps next year I’ll get to visit my family. My little brother graduated from the Air Force Academy. 🙂 I didn’t get to be there or see him this Christmas, so ….. maybe someday soon.

    Love you Michelle!

  18. You sound like a great gift-giver, Annie.

    If my husband didn’t take care of the shopping and the entertaining, our Christmas would have been like any other day. This is the first year I’ve not been able to take care of the meal and participate in the gift wrapping. I suppose for some it wouldn’t have felt like Christmas at all, without all of that to do. But thankfully, he and my daughter had a good handle on it all. Christmas was beautiful!

    I surely hope you’ll have a chance to see your family soon. It makes the holiday so much sweeter to have family around. Congrats to your brother!! What a great accomplishment!! 😀

    I love you, Sparkle!! So glad to see you’ve posted again. Been missing you!

  19. Hi, sweetie!

    I got SHOCKED at Christmas time. I wasn’t exchanging with any of my family this year, and my aunt ended up passing away on the Monday before Christmas so any celebration was put on hold.

    I do gifts for my friends’ kids and they usually do something small and meaningful back to me. But this year one of my friends went insane. Actually, her husband is the one who lost his mind. He read a flip remark on my blog about my dream camera, and bought it for me. Canon Rebel xsi.

    I’m still in total shock!

  20. One more thing to share regarding the R. L. Allan Bible one of my church members gave me. I preached out of it for both services yesterday. The people (all King Jamesers) really enjoyed the ESV text, and many wanted to know about the version. I have been enjoying the ESV for several months now.

  21. Oooo, Gitz…insanity is good!!! How thoughtful of your friend’s husband!!! Now we can get even MORE pictures of the Life of Riley. How fun! I can see why that would be a shock — Friends are wonderful! I am sorry to hear about your aunt. From what you wrote, she seemed to be an exceptional woman. ♥ U!

    Hey, Preacher! Is the ESV like the Revised Standard Version? I read from the NET Bible quite a bit, since it’s online, easy access while blogging. It’s the New English Translation. I believe it comes from Dallas Theological Seminary. My personal favorite is New American Standard, probably because of my years teaching Precepts. I have the International Inductive Study Bible. It’s like having a Precept workbook for every book in the Bible…really cool. Good to hear you’re loving your new treasure. 😉

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