O Holy Night – Let Us Adore Him!


‘Tis the Season!

Celtic Woman from the Helix Center in Dublin, Ireland

Are you focused on the Reason?

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  1. O Holy Night – Divine! My favourite Carol 🙂

    it is sad though that sometimes we seem to need the reminder of why we celebrate at this time.

    Then again Christians and many religions have replaced previous pagan winter solstice festivals that were the original reason for celebration at this time and now some ‘believers’ reverse the process.:roll:

    A Child is Born. – O Holy Night.!


  2. Oh good, Love, I’m glad I picked your favorite. It certainly is a struggle in our materialistic societies (I’m including Australia) to remember what this holiday is all about. I’m determined to keep my eyes on Him.

    Thanks, Angie. Did you see gitzengirl.blogspot.com made the buttons and offers them free, to anyone. She’s great!

    Nor, you ain’t right!

    But I still love you! 😛 😉

  3. Oh, I’m so glad you liked it, Annie. I was beginning to think I was the only one out there with this type taste in music.

    I think between the two of us, we should start a State-side Celtic Woman…???…my real-life sister could sing along. AMAZING voice, although her hair has gone gray, it was your color, at one time.

    Naw…come to think of it…we’re too old. Now you! You could do it!! 😉

  4. haha. I have one friend at work (who is from Mexico) who says I should be on American Idol. HA! I pretty much laugh at him. But I am appreciative that he likes my voice. I tend to sing a lot – especially at work. And unfortunately I tend to sing whatever’s playing … and that’s … not so good at times. I don’t think my voice is strong enough to do solos. Backups perhaps. I do like accompanying a stronger voice.

    And WHO says there’s such a thing as ‘too old’ to sing! I’m pretty sure if/when I do make it down to visit you, we’ll have to do a 3-part (your sister, you, and me). 🙂

  5. my father in law LOVES these women! he probably watches their dvd a couple times a week. we would love to take him to see them some day!

    ok. dang. i cant stay on blogs that have snow. the snow eats up something in my computer and the fan starts going crazy…so i have to go. dang. dang.

    love you sis!!!!

  6. Well shoot, Tam!! Does that mean I won’t see you until January???

    Celtic Woman is an amazing group. Especially “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “Someday, Somewhere.”

    Love you, TammyJo!

  7. It’s certainly evident those videos were not the first times those talented women sang together! Wow! They really know how to sing. Thanks for posting.

  8. Michelle, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there is another great site for Christian videos – godtube.com. I have found all kind of goodies there. One caveat, though, it’s not always easy to download the movies.

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