Fix Your Eyes


What does it mean to be just like Jesus? 

The world has never known a heart so pure, a character so flawless. 

His spiritual hearing was so keen He never missed a heavenly whisper. 

His mercy so abundant He never missed a chance to forgive. 

No lie left His lips, no distraction marred His vision. 

He touched when others recoiled. 

He endured when others quit. 

Jesus is the ultimate model for every person. . .

God urges you to fix your eyes upon Jesus.  Heaven invites you to set the lens of your heart on the heart of the Savior and make Him the object of your life.
~Just Like Jesus by Max Lucado

I have one deep, supreme desire,
That I may be like Jesus.
To this I fervently aspire,
That I may be like Jesus.
I want my heart His throne to be,
So that a watching world may see
His likeness shining forth in me.
I want to be like Jesus.

~Thomas O. Chisholm

May He enlighten the eyes of your mind
So that you can see what hope His call holds for you.
Ephesians 1:18 (NIV)

Keep your eyes on Jesus,
Who both began and finished this race we’re in.
Study how He did it.
Because He never lost sight of where He was headed
-that exhilarating finish in and with God–
He could put up with anything along the way:
cross, shame, whatever.
And now He’s there, in the place of honor, right alongside God.

Hebrews 12:2 (MSG)

If you would like to worship in song, go to Darla’s site.  She has some wonderful songs by Travis Cottrell posted — Amazing words and music with beautiful video presentations.  You’ll be blessed!  😉

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  2. Max has a very awesome way of summing it all up…how true..fixing our eyes on Jesus, and HIS example..letting nothing stop us as we run this win the prize of Jesus Christ. And we are going to make it! I believe this!

  3. “Jesus is the ultimate model for every person. . .”

    That’s what I tell myself every time I fall short (so like dozens of times every day)! I try again, and He’s there with me, lifting me over the obstacle; helping me to move on.

    “And we are going to make it!”

    I believe that too Darla!

  4. Yes, Darla. I believe we will too, in Him!

    I like the way the Message put it:
    He could put up with anything along the way: cross, shame, whatever.

    I haven’t endured yet to the point of shedding blood, but even if it ever comes to that, I will keep my eyes fixed!

    I get overwhelmed by His grace, Alan. Sometimes it seems I can’t get out of the muck and mire of my own mind. But when I finally turn to His truth and allow the water of the word to wash me, then I remember I have been given His mind. It’s a constant process, but like I said, His grace overwhelms!

  5. i was just thinking that during this time of year, where for us who are believers celebrate HIM this season, it can be so hard to stay fixed on Him. SO many distractions. school functions, church functions, parties, shopping, stressing, decorating, some are struggling with loneliness and sadness this season. all these things, and more, can take our focus off Him, im praying that we stay locked onto Him! Locked into the one true source of Joy.

    love you, sis!

  6. Hey, Tam. It is so easy to get distracted this time of year. I hear you and would love to experience a holiday season without all of the commercialism…focused on Him…hmmm. Love you, TammyJo!

  7. Jesus is our ultimate example – and thank God! I like how this put it … wherever we go, He’s at least a step ahead. 🙂 Gives you a kind of security on the future, huh?

  8. There ya go quoting Lucado again. Love it, Michelle! I’m also digging the new picture. Do you plan to bring back the video bible study? Say yes.

  9. Amen, Annie! Sometimes…many times 😳 …I have a hard time seeing the purpose in so many aspects of life, but He is working a plan I must trust. I’ve realized I would not know you, or any of my great blog friends, if I were not disabled. Kind of struck me upside the head. Here I stay frustrated with my illness, and yet it has been the catalyst for my starting the blog. I’m really slow. 🙄 It sure is a good thing I’m not in the lead, but am following a very Good Shepherd…who is “at least one step ahead.” ♥ U!

    Hey, Tim! I quote Lucado when I feel stuck. He always has something great to say. Thanks, concerning the picture. Hmmm…the video bible study…still wondering. But thanks for the vote of confidence. 😉

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