Not Guilty


Every moment of your life, your accuser is filing charges against you.  He has noticed every error and marked each slip. . . . Try to forget your past; he’ll remind you.  Try to undo your mistakes; he will thwart you.

This expert witness has no higher goal than to take you to court and press charges. . . . Who is he?  The devil. . . .

He rails:  “This one you call your child, God.  He is not worthy. . . .”

As he speaks, you hang your head.  You have no defense.  His charges are fair.  “I plead guilty, your honor,” you mumble.

“The sentence?”  Satan asks.

“The wages of sin is death,” explains the judge, “but in this case the death has already occurred.  For this one died with Christ.”

Satan is suddenly silent.  And you are suddenly jubilant. . . . You have stood before the judge and heard him declare, “Not guilty.”

Who can accuse the people God has chosen?  No one, because God is the One who makes them right.  ~Romans 8:35

~another Lucado excerpt from, In the Grip of Grace.

Have you heard this accusing voice?

If you are in Christ, you need to remember the truth.  You are free.

If you are not in Him — if you have not turned to Him — He’s waiting to free you.

He says,

Come unto Me,

All you who are weary and heavy laden

And I will give you rest.


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  1. Oh dear! Very profound. Something we all need to be reminded everyday. You share things that balm the spirit and feeds the heart. Thank you.


  2. Hey, Angie. It is so simple and yet we drag our feet, wanting it our way, instead of His.

    Hugs to you, Sherma. I know, I need daily reminders too.

    It is amazing to be set free. Glad you’re dancing, Darla.

    That’s the truth, Bajanpoet. Thanks for commenting. 😉

  3. I have this picture of the Judgment…

    There we are sitting in the court room, God sitting in the Judges chair. Satan saying much like what you said above. God’s asks
    “Who will stand and speak on behalf of the defendant.” Out of the back of the room the voice of Jesus comes, which we will recognize as we always do, ” I got this one” he says, “This one is mine” God then looks at us and says “Not guilty.”

    Oh I can’t wait for that day…

  4. What a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see,
    And I look upon His face,
    The One who saved me by His grace;
    When He takes me by the hand
    And leads me through the Promised Land,
    What a day, glorious day that will be.

    Do you remember that song, Carl? It was one of my grandfather’s favorites. It’s so good to know he is standing in the presence of the Lord today, totally accepted in the Beloved.

    Love you brother!

  5. satan is definitely pressing hard on me today. thanks for this much needed reminder.

    now i just have to focus on the fact that the condition of my faith does not in any way depend on the condition of my feelings.

    one thing at a time…

  6. Hello, Walker. Focus is key. If I look at the circumstances I become overwhelmed with fear and grief. Looking at the truth, He has it all under control, keeps my head above water.

    Praying for you and whatever you’re enduring…He knows.

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