Why, Lord?


I woke up this morning needing understanding for the “why’s” of life. Then I remembered Annie’s poem:

If Only

If you only see the sunset
You will never see it rise
If you only look at Jesus’ hands
You’ll never see His eyes
If you only hear the singer
You will never hear the song
If you only think you’re right
You will never see you’re wrong
If you only want to laugh
You will never learn to cry
If you only want to live
You will never learn to die
If you only see the clouds
You will never feel the rain
If you never see a purpose
You will only feel the pain.

written by Anita McIver (now Kruse)
copyright 1994

Annie has a gift.  Actually, she has many gifts and RED hair!!!  I like red hair.

You can get a glimpse of this wonderful woman of God at her blog,
Calling to Deep.  I think you’ll love her as much as I do.  Go see.
But then come back and tell me the purpose.

Do you know why?

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  1. Good evening, Michelle! (Morning to you)

    Oh, this is such a lovely poem. Very inspiring.

    Indeed, our perspective plays a big part in our perception of the why’s of things…

    Warm hugs!

  2. I don’t always know why. Probably more often than not. But I do believe it is part of HIS will for me to draw closer to HIM, and to sit at HIS feet, and learn from HIM. For that I can praise HIM, and for that I love HIM. No matter what I don’t understand, I know HE does. Love you soooo much! thank you for your prayers, God is answering them, my heart is in a better place now. XOXOXOXO

  3. Good evening to you, Sherma! Maintaining the perspective is where I fall down. I need to have this poem and the verses from Ecclesiastes about a time for everything etched onto my heart and mind. Warm hugs to you!

    Hey, Darla. Drawing closer and closer to Him, especially when loss continues…He doesn’t always restore like he did for Job. Of course, we read those 42 chapters rather quickly. Does it ever say how long Job waited before he was restored? I guess we can realize a lifespan really isn’t that long in view of eternity. You’re always in my prayers. Thank you for praying for me.

    Yes it was, Angie. And she was in high school when she wrote it. If I’d had the same perspective that early in life…wow…I’m still trying to gain it now. 😉

  4. Love that poem.

    I think, for me, part of the act of being faithful is not asking the whys anymore. It’s telling Him that I don’t need to know the why because I trust Him so completely it doesn’t matter. My mom always says she’ll have a lot of questions when she gets to heaven, but I don’t think she will. I don’t think it will matter because being in the presence of His love so completely will be enough.

    At least that’s what I’m counting on.

    Love you, girl…

  5. That must be a very good place, Sara, to not ask why. I really want to get there. I know He is faithful — I know whatever is in my life is for His will and purpose. Honestly, today the problem isn’t about my illness. I’m struggling with the way we treat one another. The ugliness of our selfish acts and the effects on family, friends, the watching world. I suppose even that has a purpose, if it’s redeemed. I’m ready for the fulfillment of redemption, the restoration, the love that is suppose to occur within the body of Christ.

    Love you, too. Thanks for your encouraging words.

  6. I don’t mean to make it sound like I got there with the “why” questions overnight; it took years of prayer and decision and asking God to change my heart. It just seems to come easier over time.

    I have people in my life, in my family, who have treated me unkindly or differently than everyone else even before I was sick. I honestly think those things are harder to come to terms with than my illness stuff because being hurt on a personal level is much harder for me than a physical level.

    Again, the only way I’ve been able to deal with it in a healthy way is to ask God to change me instead of them. I know that I am only able to live the best life I can with what I am given, and while they may not be treating me as I would want them to, it may be the best they are able to do right now. And if it’s not, that’s for them to discover and decide to do something about. It doesn’t make their actions hurt less in the moment, but when I am still and try to separate their decisions from my hurt, it helps me to let it go easier. What used to frustrate me the most is that I seemed to be the only person at the end of the day who was hurt or carrying it around. Others can hurt us and not look back and carry on about their lives without a thought. I had to learn a process of letting go so I wasn’t continuing to hurt myself after they made the initial cut.

    I had to decide to either separate myself from them or separate myself from the hurt. And I love them too much to not have them in my life, so I made the decision to adapt. For me, it was about letting go of expectations and accepting what is. There are others who aren’t family that I’ve made the decision to let go of. Both are equally hard sometimes.

    Don’t know if that makes sense, or even if it’s right, but that’s how I cope.

  7. Hey, Sara. I took a nap and didn’t see this response til just now. Yes, that makes total sense to me. I understand what you’re saying. You know, my husband told me when we were dating (over 25 years ago) that I needed to lower my expectations of people. People just aren’t that good, or nice, and the quicker I realized that the quicker I’d get over hurts. Probably really good advice, I’ve yet to take it though. I always expect the best response and am shocked when it doesn’t turn out that way. Pretty naive, huh?

    Thank you, Sara. Sounds like you’re coping very well. It amazes me how some people seem to learn to let go. I’m thankful for your wise words.

  8. annie is SO gifted. this poem totally captivated me!

    i have more questions now than answers, i dont know the why’s. my mind cannot comprehend why life is the way it is. but i am learning, it is very seldom, if at all, about me. im here for Him and for others, thats the only “why” i know right now. if i could only remember that each second if the day, it would be much easier 😉

  9. “but i am learning, it is very seldom, if at all, about me.”

    Yeah, He has plans and purposes we just don’t see. We can get so focused on self, it’s easy to do. I’m learning the same thing, Tam, and I would love to remember it “each second of the day.”

    You’re one of my favorite people, TammyJo!

    Love you! 😉

  10. Michelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel all ooey gooey inside!!!! You blogged about me!! I’m so sorry I missed it. I love you!

    The purpose of life … hmmmm…. you mean our life, of course? “Life” in the strictest sense is God Himself. And His purpose? … just to be. I am so grateful for that. I cannot wrap my brain around how or why or where or anything (my brain cannot fathom never beginning), but I do know His purpose is to be I AM. Our lives? Hmmmmm 🙂 I have thought about this. Our existence? Because He wanted it. Our weakness? Because that was the only way. People who say that there was no sense of desire or want or need in God when He contemplated creating humanity (and indeed creation) simply do not understand the passion of a creator. Have you ever seen an artist? (you are one, I know) I mean the kind of artist who simply oozes their creativity. Who finds peace, enjoyment, fulfillment in simply being creative. They are never thinking but they are examining the visual effect of one thing against another. They are never writing that their fingers don’t itch to doodle in the margins. They are never home, but they have to spend time in their studio. Does such a passion need to be expressed? Or does it simply want it so badly that it feels something is missing if it is not there? You see, I see God in art. I see that every artistic and creative person in the world reflects the image of God in some manner. And these passions of design, architecture, invention, and beauty are not things which originated in the mind of man. God Himself is the ultimate Creator. He is oozing with design, art, invention, and creative ability. Would He have been satisfied with an existence void of that expression? Would an artist be satisfied being a financial accountant? Everything that exists, does so because it was created. Out of Him. We are His workmanship. Yet in creating, He knew that everything He created could only be inferior to Himself. It was not possible for Him to create another being of exact measure as Himself. The only way He could create a family for Himself, was to infuse His exact nature into it. So God breathed into us His Spirit, and we became a living being. It was always our design to have Him on the inside of us. Yet He knew we would fail. Only He Himself is capable of living up to the exacting measures of His holiness. So He had a plan. A marvelous, un-heard of plan to rescue us, and take our failure as His own, giving us His perfection instead. This plan would fully demonstrate for all eternity the immenseness of His love. The plan was designed by love, created by love, carried out by love, fulfilled by love, and all things exist in and through love. This is the story: We fail, but He redeems. We are broken, but He restores. We kill Him, but He raises Himself and us back to life. Our flaws are not the point. Our pains are never the end. Our sins, our sickness, our brokenness … are only the setting for the most wonderful display of love in the history of eternity.

    For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison…
    2 Corinthians 4:17

  11. Wow, Annie. My gracious. Thank you. Did this just flow from you in this moment or did you write it somewhere else and paste it here? Amazing and beautiful.

    Yes, I know this need, this desire to create. The motivation of love because He is love…everything He does is based upon His being…Holy Love.

    You’ve given an incredible picture of why YOU are an amazing woman of God. All your pain and grief have been turned around to share your understanding of Him with others. You’ve seen the purpose. He speaks through you, Annie. Beautifully.

    Thank you for this. Thank you.

    “This is the story: We fail, but He redeems. We are broken, but He restores. We kill Him, but He raises Himself and us back to life. Our flaws are not the point. Our pains are never the end. Our sins, our sickness, our brokenness … are only the setting for the most wonderful display of love in the history of eternity.”

  12. Just in the moment, Michelle. Just for you. 😀 Because you asked. I love you!! I’m so glad it ministered to you. You too, have SO MUCH that you give out of what you have. I am constantly blessed by you. :hugs:

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