Comparisons are Pointless


The facts:

I’m a Christian with a biblical worldview.

I’m a wife and a mother.  I’m a teacher.  I’m a friend. 

I’m confused and enlightened.  I’m a jumble of feelings. 

I’m scared much of the time.  I’m weak, but strong in the Lord.

I’m physically not capable of much, but mentally I can hold my own.

I’m kind, but will share my thoughts honestly.

Some people think that’s mean.

The fantasy:

I want to be Cinderella.

I want to get out of bed and DO.

I want to save the world of all evils.

I want to be significant and noticed and popular.

The dilemma:

I think it’s obvious…I’m human.

The answer:

I will speak for God as I understand His Word reveals Him.  That’s really all I know that is real — God.

I want to be wise, honest, loving.  If I speak my own thoughts…well, I will confuse you…and me.

If I speak His Words I know I will be relevant.

The requirements for a good guide are reliability and accurate knowledge.  It matters very little to me what you think of me, even less where I rank in popular opinion. I don’t even rank myself. Comparisons in these matters are pointless.  I’m not aware of anything that would disqualify me from being a good guide for you, but that doesn’t mean much. The [Master] makes that judgment.  So don’t get ahead of the Master and jump to conclusions with your judgments before all the evidence is in. When He comes, He will bring out in the open and place in evidence all kinds of things we never even dreamed of–inner motives and purposes and prayers. Only then will any one of us get to hear the “Well done!” of God.  ~Paul as paraphrased in The Message

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  1. Comparison is an evil thing in ways – it makes the comparer into someone that will demean themselves for their lack of what they are comparing themselves to. I run into this a bit with my wife.

    However, we also need to make sure there is some standard…something we can compare our attitudes and behaviors to…I use the scriptures for example (and I think many other here also do).

    I think the key is finding a balance in one’s life when dealing with comparisons.

    For example, I love sports but I am quite adequate at each one. If someone is way better than me at basketball – I can stand to learn a few things…but I should not compare myself to him and his talent. I can learn from it – but I still have to be me.

    I think there is a problem once we compare ourselves with another – we lose the essence of who God created us to be – we actually cheapen it to try be like someone else. I think God did a candid job when he created us all quite unique.

  2. Thank you Michelle, this is beautiful. I think we all want to be better than what we are, I know I do. I also have the fantasy me that I would like to be. God recently spoke to me about not being a man-pleaser, it is not who we are but Who is inside us that matters.

  3. “it makes the comparer into someone that will demean themselves for their lack of what they are comparing themselves to. I run into this a bit with my wife. ”

    Yes, Society!! Women do have difficulties with this — especially when we believe we are to be “beautiful” — whatever that is!!

    “However, we also need to make sure there is some standard”

    Amen…if it’s not the scripture, well, then it’s not Truth. Is it?
    And your next point, the uniqueness of His creation…now that IS beautiful.

    Thanks, Society. Good to see you here. 😉

  4. Hey, Ripple! I don’t want to be a people-pleaser but then I want people to be pleased…it’s too confusing sometimes. 😕 And yes, I totally agree, when He resides within then we CAN reach our potential. Blessings and love you!!

  5. You may not be Cinderella, but no one really knows what happened to her after marrying Prince charming 🙂

    But you are definitely a Princess!! I love your honesty…and you…thanks for just being you and being true to your convictions, that really encourages me!

  6. I want to be wise, honest, loving. If I speak my own thoughts…well, I will confuse you…and me.

    If I speak His Words I know I will be relevant.

    yes maam!!! and Amen! This has been a week of sticking to the Word that’s for sure! You are a princess in every sense….even when you humph! LOL

    Love you and see ya this weekend! 😉

  7. I love the Facts! I can see myself in every one of them. You always have food for thought. Thanks!

    PS The bed & brekfast my husband took me to is in Brenham, Texas.

  8. HAHA!!

    Darla, I think she lived “happily ever after” — I guess that can have many interpretations. 😉

    You know, Darla, we have to have something firm to stand upon. If it’s just our opinions — well, we all have those and most of them stink. I do believe the Word speaks to most situations, we just need to search it for wisdom.

    Some people don’t like my tantrums, Debs. 😳 A spoiled princess is really no fun to be around, I must admit.

    Let’s keep stickin’ with the word, otherwise, we really don’t have anything of value to share. It’s the only thing that will last.

    The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever! ~Isaiah 40:8

  9. It’s good to know there’s someone else who is as confused as me. 😯

    No, honestly, Selena, it’s good to know I’m not alone. It does make me feel more normal! Especially when it comes from someone as cute and funny as you! 😉

    Brenham, Texas…? Now that ain’t far. 🙄

  10. Ya know…I know I’m “new” here, but I was always too much of an individual to bother with comparisons. I just do what I do and the rest of the world can take it or leave it.

    The most “significant and noticed and popular” girl in school never got my attention; I was always looking for the girl who was off in a corner by herself.

    Sometimes I don’t always see her, but when I do I know I’ve found someone whose friendship is real.

  11. We compare because we don’t pay attention to what is important the heart.

    We look at people and say I am smarter than him, I have better clothes, a bigger house, or we judge them and determine they could not possibly have any value to offer.

    The problem is the refusal to approach everyone with a humbleness and get to know their heart. The refusal to look at the “one another’s” and accept them as who they are God’s children. Then compare people to ourselves to find the person that best mirrors ourselves.

    Then even when we are in a group of “equals” try to figure out who is the smartest. Even the disciples had a problem with comparing themselves to each other.

    Mark 9 33-35 They came to Capernaum. When he was in the house, he asked them, “What were you arguing about on the road?” 34But they kept quiet because on the way they had argued about who was the greatest.
    35Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.”

    Ok I am tired.. Still trying to catch up on sleep…

    Love you sis.

    Eph 4:2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love

  12. Darla is wrong – (comment 5) – We do know what happened to Cinderella – you see, i am prince Charming! Mama is definitely Cinderella! lol

    i like your post – we all just need to give our total lives to Christ – not just the facts & realities – but also our dreams.

  13. Carl, thank you. I love your point. We pick and choose who we want to be like, or who we hope will pay attention to us, when in reality we are to be loving one another in humility, looking at the heart and reaching toward all, because He loves the world.

    Thank you for that perspective. I hope you get some rest this weekend. I really love your heart, Carl.

    Hello, Papa! It’s wonderful to see you here. After reading your post on marriage, I do believe Cinderella found her Prince Charming! Y’all seem to be the epitome of everlasting love.

    Yeah, giving up our dreams, understanding a higher purpose than our desires, it can be a struggle. But I do trust Him so much more than me. 😉

  14. Michelle,
    You may not feel like Cinderella, but I am just sure that you are. and I definately know that this is how He sees you. I think too often this is the struggle. He sees us beautiful, his bride, perfect in him, accepted in the beloved, and we are looking at the clock thinking, “oh no! it’s midnight. It was just a dream.” And there we sit in our drab clothes, with no shoes on and pumpkin seeds in our hair.
    Lord, help us to see ourselves the way you see us.
    Great post, friend.

  15. Sis~You are more than Cinderella 🙂 The Princess of the Most High King; fearfully and wonderfully made; precious in His sight.

    I really liked this post. It spoke to me in a lot of ways. I tend to go on feelings a lot these days and it’s not getting me very far. Still, I continue to trust that God’s deliverance is around the corner and He has not left me to deal with this on my own.

    I like the facts. And I believe that God’s truth works in much of the same way. Those are the facts we have to stand on to live more productively and righteously. So that He can use us for His glory.

    Love and miss you.

  16. Gch- 🙂 love it, and there is some truth Baby Girl!!

    Michele- loving you..and really some body said Cinderella lived Happily ever after..after what? 😯 just kidding…

    Papa- you better behave..or I will ground that walker of yours 😉

  17. Hey, Storie! It’s so good to see you again. Does this mean you have a new post up???

    Thank you, m’am, for the encouraging words. I do need to pray I would see myself through His eyes…that word “beloved”…kind of overwhelms me.

    Coming to see what’s happening over your way. 😉

    Good morning, Gch. It really is all we have to stand upon…the facts. The fantasy may not be a vision from Him…it could just be our own inadequacies or insecurities. I will choose to live in truth — even when it dashes all my unrealistic dreams. I do want His vision, His plan above all my imaginings. I love you so much, Gch! Hold on tight to Him.

    Wow, Darla, after what?? Very good question! A healthy dose of reality never hurts. 😉 Love you much!!

  18. Love you Sister!!! and thanking GOD for you!!! fur real!! sooo precious to me…playing my CeCe..getting my worship on..and cleaning…offering praise in my it …the only way it checking on you throughout the day! 🙂

  19. Hope your day is good, Darla! You clean the way I used to clean – worship music in the background, most of the time singing at the top of my lungs. I did love it!!

    Good for you…enjoy!!

  20. 😆 sometimes it helps to get the chores done…sometimes I have to stop to raise my hands and dance a little.. 😆 do you think that is priorities? hahaha I am missing you so much!!! tonight or tomorrow good to try to catch you on IM??? missing me some Michelle!! ♥

  21. Darla, I rarely move from this spot. You can catch me most times…just give it a shot. I think your priorities are right on!!

    ♥ U 😉

  22. I just wanted to put my avatar up. 😉

    Hope you don’t mind, Lil Miss Michelle. 😕

  23. It’s not easy being green. 😉

    Or yellow, for that matter. 😐

    Can’t blame a bear for trying, eh? 😕

  24. Miss Michelle…really loving that new look!!! So glad you finally got some time to do YOU!

    Love you and talk with ya later…

    😉 Debs

  25. Let’s go with great, Annie!! (hee-hee) Love you too!!

    Oh, Debs…I’m not sure how long it will last. I’m still not pleased — I don’t think people can draw themselves and be satisfied. Well, maybe Rockwell and Van Gogh…not me!!

    Thank you, Darla!! Like I said, not really sure about it.

    Hey, Selena, we’re about three hours from Brenham, I think. Maybe a bit more. I’m in Dallas. I thought you were in Oklahoma…?

  26. waiting on more thoughts…cooking for mom in law today..and wanting to spend some time with you..maybe later ?? love you and wanted you to know I am thinking of you.

  27. My thoughts are a bit muddled today, Darla. Hoping they clear up soon. Have fun with your family… ♥ U!

    Well, Papa, I really don’t know what to say to that — you two have a unique relationship. If I may offer, she did say it with a wink. 😉 But if she ever tries to take my scooter away, she’s in for a fight!! HAHA.

    Y’all are just plain fun!!

  28. I would never do that to you Michelle, and I never want to fight. thanks for reminding him of the 😉 that papa, he is an ornery young man!

    Papa- I promise to not take your walker, when you get one. 😆

  29. Yeah, I didn’t think so, Darla…but Papa does know you better than me! And to be honest, I’ve never been in a fight in my life. I’m really quite tenderhearted and a scaredy-cat! 🙂

    But, you’ve probably already figured that out. 😳

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