God Wants Your Attention


He cares more about our character than our comfort.

Years ago that saying made such an impact on my soul. I wasn’t very comfortable. I was a mess with a mysterious illness and three little ones to nurture. But the truth of that statement helped me get a grip on the purposes of our God. He will do whatever it takes to bring us to the place He has prepared for us.

Max Lucado, A Gentle Thunder:

How far do you want God to go in getting your attention? If God has to choose between your eternal safety and your earthly comfort, which do you hope he chooses?

What if He moved you to another land? (As He did Abraham.) What if he called you out of retirement? (Remember Moses?) How about the voice of an angel or the bowel of a fish? (A la Gideon and Jonah.) How about a promotion like Daniel’s or a demotion like Samson’s?

God does what it takes to get our attention. Isn’t that the message of the Bible? The relentless pursuit of God. God on the hunt. God in the search. Peeking under the bed for hiding kids, stirring the bushes for lost sheep.

What’s happening in your life today that may be God working to get your attention?

Come back to the LORD your God, because He is kind and shows mercy.  He doesn’t become angry quickly, and He has great love.  ~Joel 2:13


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  1. My devotion for yesterday had a similar message. Specifically, the author talked about how we tend to push things away saying that if they don’t feel right, they are not from God, or if only they were removed, we’d be living a holy, righteous life. But God allows things to happen in our life, good and bad, so that we may be moulded into the image of His likeness and prepared for the purpose He has for us. I do appreciate that God continues to pursue us through situations. Imagine if He just let us be after we moved away. We’d be a mess. I thank Him for His persistance. I know that when no one else cares or is bothered to come after me, He always will.

    Love you Sis.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes: “Isn’t that the message of the Bible? The relentless pursuit of God. God on the hunt. God in the search. Peeking under the bed for hiding kids, stirring the bushes for lost sheep.” He so is. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Hey, Gchyayles, it’s so good to see you here. You’ve been terribly missed.

    It is true love, isn’t it? He won’t leave us alone, ever. I love you too, Gch!! 😀

    Good morning, Annie. I’m so glad it touched you. He cares so much more than anyone else. Praise Him. And Annie, have I ever told you that I LOVE you? I really do. 😉

  4. Love the pursuit…not always comfortable…but worth it. Your question was “comfort or eternity” Eternity hands down…I do pray this for my kids, and am seeing HIS hand move in their lives..when I think of all that I have lived through, I know without a doubt HE was trying to get my attention, and I was just not paying attention..How great is our God!

  5. Wow Michelle! Like a bombshell! God is really speaking to me today through the blogs. I think He is trying to get my attention! So I have to say thank you for being obedient and sharing.

  6. You got me off my rear to post, Darla. I love have Lucado handy in times of few words. 😉

    No, I haven’t found the pursuit much fun…quite humbling actually. But good.

    Hey, Ripple Girl. I need your blog address, I can never click on…

    Isn’t it great when He speaks and leaves no room for question!?!

  7. It took God 33 years to get my attention, and enduring and healing from the death of my Dad.

    Looking back although I would love to have my Dad back, I wouldn’t change a thing. I Know God has my eternal life in view…So I pray that he continues to prepare me for it while in this world.

  8. What is He doing to get my attention…placing people strategically along side of me to help me stay the course….

    He never lets us wander far…does He?

    Love you sweet sister…and Darla, i agree with CK…nice to see your smile! 😉

  9. Amen, Carl. He does work it all for His glory. The preparation for heaven can be tough too, but He always has a reason.

    I’m so thankful, Debs, He is in pursuit. Just the little checks in my spirit to say, “watch out” or “you may need to apologize there.” It is wonderful the way He helps us help eachother.

    Yes, Darla!! I will sing in the chorus about your avatar. I liked the themes of the others, but it’s so good to see your face again! 😉

  10. Eternal safety…glad He chose that one, especially with some of the horrors of this world.

    I try to keep my eyes open, and He gets my attention in so many ways beyond Scripture–speaking through a friend, a blog, waking me up in the middle of the night, my kids…He’s always at work…relentless…sweetly amazing.

  11. ‘How far do you want God to go in getting your attention?’ Wow, great question, Michelle, really makes you think.

    I really relate to your point about growing in understanding that God cares more for our character than our comfort. When I realised this, it helped me so much. Instead questioning and begrudging struggles, my thinking was changed so that I saw that God might have a greater purpose here – growing Christlikeness rather than my personal, momentary happiness.

  12. It’s true, Annie! 😉

    Good morning (afternoon), Birgit!

    His thoughts are not our thoughts nor His ways our ways. Happiness would be so great but I just don’t see that as His point. He’s getting us ready for a better place. Excites the socks off me!!! Hope you’re well and standing firm. Love you!

  13. God continues to put people into my life who affirm and encourage me toward the unknown. Sometimes I think to God thoughts like, “Yes, yes I hear you already!”

    Of course, he’s like, “No, I don’t think you do.”

    I wonder if he’s going to throw me into (the lion’s den, the furnace, the big fish) one of these days…

  14. honestly…i feel like im in one of those holding patterns. the ones where you just know something’s up and waiting around the corner. yah. not sure i like those. my flesh doesnt. but my spirit knows it is best! so i have to side with the spirit.

    however…HE is constantly speaking to me through my health. i know you can relate to this michelle. and its true. there are days i feel beat down. nothing left. ive had a few of those recently. but at the end of the day…i can see what God was showing me. and he chose my weakness, my thorn, to reveal a truth to me. i love Him for that. i truly do!

  15. Remembering a couple of ‘woodshed’ experiences here. . .very instructive, not accompanied with warm fuzzies….but neverthe less very VALUABLE…

  16. Hey, Ric! I certainly hope you listen to the people He sends cause the fire ain’t no fun!

    Just sayin’… 😉

    Yes, Tam, I can relate. Sometimes I don’t get the point by the end of the day though…I’m a bit of a slow learner, I’m thinkin’. Maybe I should see it as a “holding pattern” too?

    ♥ U!

  17. Hi there, Dan!! Nope, not warm fuzzies. But good to learn…the discipline of the Lord for legitimate sons and daughters…He disciplines those He loves.

    ♥ U2!!!

  18. What if He moved you to another land? (As He did Abraham.)

    God initated everything with Abraham as he does with us. Abraham responded. Abraham came from a wealthy family that worshipped the moon. So, it was a huge step for him I’m sure.

  19. Hi, Selena. Yes, very huge step! When we know He is speaking, how do we refuse? Sometimes my stubborn will (I think that’s called pride) gets in the way…then He keeps pursuing. I’m so thankful

    Thanks for chiming in!!

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