Weekends in the Blogosphere


Not much happens on the weekend in our little community. Lots of us have church responsibilities or family obligations. So it slows down to a trickle and I wonder what everyone’s doing, for you see, my days don’t change much.

I used to live for the weekends…get all the work done during the week so I could have some down time for a couple of days. Not anymore. Activity is not my everyday reality.

But it’s yours. What are your days like? If you have time and want to talk this weekend, I want to know more about you. But I also hate to pry so I’m leaving it up to you if you have anything to share…I’m here.

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  1. I was just passing through and wanted to compliment you on your blog – it’s lovely. You share some very encouraging thoughts. I know what you mean about days not changing much. I’m trying to manage my Chronic Fatigue and it takes a lot of patience…I pray God gives you a beautiful dose of encouragement this weekend!

  2. Thanks, Lucy! Chronic fatigue is definitely part of the package for me. It does take patience, indeed. Thanks for the prayer and the encouragement. Come back anytime!

  3. Hi Michelle! It is great to see someone around today. 🙂 How are you doing?

    I managed to paint some of my basement today, and ran to the grocery store. Now I can hardly move, and I’m hoping the Alleve kick in soon. Argh. I should have saved my energy for tomorrow for our plans to take the children to a local airshow. http://www.skyfestchautauqua.org/

    Love ya!

  4. Wow, Heidi! You’ve done a LOT!! That airshow looks like a blast -will you get to do the hot air balloon ride?

    I’ve not done much today except chat with a friend online and swim a bit with the family, but it’s so stinkin’ hot in Texas, we couldn’t even do that long. The pool feels like a warm bath. Phat’s been painting my daughter’s room, must be a good day for home improvement. What do you use your basement for?

    Hope that Aleve does kick in…that stuff won’t work for me!

  5. No, the balloon rides are way too much money… but it would be fun someday!

    That swim sounds wonderful right now! Thankfully it isn’t so hot or humid here right now. I would love to have a pool to float around in!

    We are going to be using our basement for a tv/play area for the kids. We got it waterproofed, so now I have to paint over the nasty walls so my husband can put down some squishy flooring and set it up with a tv and couch and start hauling toys down (we are going to use the living room for a bedroom so our oldest girl can have her own room instead of share with her 2 sisters). He’s been waiting for weeks for me to have some energy to paint. Maybe I’ll get it done by Christmas… 🙂

  6. That’s a big project!! I’m sorry your energy has been so low, it’s hard with little ones. There’s never enough energy when you’re being pulled so many different ways…and then…grief. It can slow us down as well.

    Yeah, I kind of figured those balloon rides would be ridiculous. I’m not so sure if I had the money I’d do it though, I’m not as much of a daredevil as I like to think I am. 🙄

    Pools are great but they sure are expensive!! Ours is in need of MUCH improvement…one of these years… 😉

  7. Michelle, I’m not homeschooling right now. I did pull the kids out of the Christian school they were in, and they’ll be going to the nearby public school. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll homeschool… but I’m hopeful that they will be ok.

  8. Good morning Michelle!

    I used to lived for the weekend as well, when I was still working fulltime. But since I became a freelancer, I started failing to keep tract of the days. Everyday is the same; I no longer work on a timetable, which I love…

    Besides church, I now associate the weekend as a 😦 because my love has to be away (for his regular hospital checkup).

    Take care and happy weekend to you!



  9. My weekends are the busiest. I wait tables. I typically double Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and work Saturday night. Saturday morning is my Hebrew class. Today I went shopping a bit – usually I just try to catch up on some housework from the 3 days I can’t really get any done. Tomorrow is church. We usually go to eat afterwards. Sleep a great portion of the rest of the day, ’cause we’re so tired. Tonight by husband has me staying up watching Alien 3. :] Monday and Tuesday are my “get everything else done” days. Shopping, cleaning, laundry. Blogging if I can. That’s me.

  10. I guess i’m pretty lucky Sis ( or lazy – read it which way you prefer!) 😉

    My weekends don’t differ significantly from my weekdays anymore.

    Yesterday i hung out with some very special friends – on on line and one in real life. The RLF’s and i went down for a walk along the Swan River right as it passes through the centre of my city – it is our ‘centrepiece must see for any tourist/visitor and is just nice to walk along i might be able to send you some pics in an e-mail if i get my butt into gear. We took their Dog Max – a White ‘Westie’ terrier – so cute. He was adorable as he tried to have a conversation with a lorikeet. ( After his month long stay in Quarantine from Europe he had lost his bark and it is coming back but sound more like a bird call at present.
    Today i got my washing done and was out in the garden and i’m making a Black Swan out of an old tire for a garden feature ( to match the one my Dad made ages ago)

    Missing you!


  11. Ha…weekends rest yeah right. I have a 1 year old boy to chase around.

    We spent yeasterday preparing for a small overnight trip today. We are headed to Holiday World/Splashing Safari. It is going to 95 degrees today. Ugh!!!

  12. WOW!!! Look who comes out of the woodwork when I open the site up for chat!!

    Sherma and Love…I’ve been missing you two!!

    Sherma – I thought your Love was in Europe, has he been able to make it back home now? It is so hard when we are without the people who mean so much to us…you are a strong one.

    It is nice not to have such scheduled days, I must admit. If I weren’t down due to illness, I would LOVE the more relaxed days of not pressing a time clock. 😉

    Wow, Love. When I get to Perth I want to walk the river, will you be my guide?? So you Aussie’s make yard art out of old tires too…I thought that was just a Southern American thing. You will post pics when you’re done, right?

    I’m missing you too. Need to answer that email. 🙄

    Oh Annie, your weekends are terribly busy!! Do you enjoy being a server? I think if I had strength I would like doing that…the closest I ever got was working at Taco Bell for FOUR years. I did love it though!

    YUCK!! CanNOT watch those Alien movies…yuck!! 😮

    Wow, Carl, a one-year-old! Yes…no rest for you for at least…10-12 more years! HAHA! Do you have any other children? Have a great trip…what fun! 😀

  13. Is prying pssible in the blogging world? Oh….. wait…. yes, it is. I imagine I’ve put plently out there tHat I choose to NOT share with some folks. The kind you REALLY know. Being a non-mom, weekeneds sort of blend in with the rest of the week, though I will say I HAVE spent more time in front of the computer Fri-Sun.
    Hope that gives something to work with. This week, and next, I’ll be doing outpatient therapy and care, so PLEEASE keep me on your prayer roll. 🙂 They’re monitoring my medication but seriously, I RREALLY don’t need crayons for that. OMGoodness. Mental Malady care has a LOoooooong way to go. I’m thinking about startinga blog on the topic.

  14. TRACY! I’m so glad to see you out and about!! You are in my prayers and on my heart. Getting the meds just right is crucial, but you know that. I’ll come to the new blog…life without meds is not doable for me! (just keeping it real, people!)

    Love you and God bless. 😉

  15. Michelle~ I am longing to be still, and today I may just get that..if I put my foot down about it.. 😉 I worked friday and saturday all day into the late evening…Nationals for Field and Track were held near by…so I bused 50 California competitors back and forth to attractions and competition…It really was not a hard job, alittle heavy in the responsiblity area, but I really enjoyed them…today i saw God move in so many new faces were at church, and from meeting us at the block party. I am always amazed at how HE works! Love you and check on you later!!!

  16. Oh Darla, I hope you do get some rest. We’re OLD ladies, and you’re at LEAST 6 months older than me!!! We need to put our feet up as much as possible. 😉

    YAY!! The block party brought in some new faces…PTL!

    Love you too, Debs! 😀

  17. I do enjoy serving. It suits me. Although right now I’m in the “I’d rather be starting a family” camp. The clock is ticking, you know. But yeah. Serving agrees with me. I’ve been waiting tables for a little over 10 years now.

    Alien … was pretty yuck. But not as bad as I thought. Definitely a testosterone movie. 🙂

  18. The clock is ticking? How old are you Annie, your picture makes me think mid-twenties…?

    Get him back with Pride and Prejudice. I could watch it once a week. 😳

  19. Hi Michelle!

    He’s still there, sis. But at least, we get to burn our communication lines on weekdays. On weekend, he’s usually away for his medical treatment. I got to be strong. We both have to. Btw: been missing you too. A lot. Heart you!

    Hey Friendster! You’re carving a swan? You oughtta show us your creation when you’re done! That’s a request, not a command. Something you can’t say NO to. Right, Michelle? 😉

  20. it’s lovely that we can share our story everyday with other people from different continent. it’s lovely to read your story. would you kindly visit my blog??? so many articles that we can discuss.. i’m an indonesian…

  21. hope you are still having a good day… loved your idea of just chatting on the blog..you do have good ideas…and yes I did get some rest…

    am I really 6 months older? I did feel pretty old when I went for a nap..hahahaha no worries…I am so very good with naps! 🙂

  22. You are strong, Sherma, you have the Lord. He strengthens us when we are at our weakest. I’m still praying for you and him. 😉

    Naps and I meet up daily, Darla! 😆 I figure chatting still works with the theme of considering Jesus since it’s fellowship, right?!

    Beranibaca, I went. I saw. I could not understand a thing. Sorry.

  23. Haha!! I told my hubby what you said. Pride and Prejudice. I’m laughing. I could definitely watch it once a week as well … as Ben well knows. Actually, you want to hear a funny story? Ben’s brother Matt came over one night to get something or talk to Ben … I forget. Anyway. I happened to be watching P&P at the time. He watched vaguely interested, but it was more than halfway through at that point. The following week he came over again to wash his clothes in our machine (they had just moved and their new house was sans washer/dryer). Again, I had P&P on, and it was at the same point as it had been when he came over the previous time. Again, he seemed vaguely interested, so … I started it over from the beginning. haha! He had several loads to watch, and he watched the WHOLE 5 hours!! Both he and Ben watched with some interest, and asked questions and everything. haha. These are both football, testosterone guys in general. Sweeties, but … guys. It was fun. I kept wondering the whole time if they really were going to watch it or if they were going to revolt at some point. Watch it they did! lol.

    I’ll be turning 30 at the end of next month. I know – everybody tells me that lots of women have kids in their 30s. I just really would like a big family (which means several pregnancies, most likely) and pregnancies, deliveries, and so on just get harder the older you get. So … yeah, I’m antsy. Trying to be patient, though.

  24. Oh yeah. I was going to say that I love your idea of using different colors for the type. I think I’ll share (better than steal or borrow, yeah?) that idea. 🙂

  25. Thanks, Annie, you are welcome to share it!

    I had my kids at 26, 29 and 32. In His time…He has it worked out. I always wanted 10, but…His plan is best, right? 😉

    That’s really funny about P and P…Gary has only seen it once. What’s with these men!?!?

  26. i think this weekend was one of my busiest in a very long time. in fact, i actually dozed off this afternoon. and i’m not a napper.

    saturday morning was busy gettin kass settled back in from being away at camp for a week. then, like every saturday, we leave for church by 3:30ish for rehearsal then have a sat. pm service. i came home a little early to do a video chat with some friends. then sunday left for church just before 8 am and got home at 1 pm. brent and i went shopping for a bbq/swim party we were hosting for some soccer coaches. went to his parents to load 30 boxes of books in a crate that they are donating to missions (my arms are killin me) then came home and the swim/bbq people arrived and im just gettin a chance to sit down. aaahhhhh…oh, and im sick and in the middle of a minor lupus flare. but…i have so much joy in my heart right now it almost hurts! blessed beyond measure 😉

    and. i love you. i love you dearly!

  27. Wow. Tam. How? Even with a flare-up. 😕

    He is good to give you so many wonderful ways to serve Him. I do hope you have a chance to rest before next weekend!!

    I love you dearly too! 😉

  28. weekend is over.. 🙂 I am ready to catch up with you! new thoughts on your heart?? love you and good morning Princess

  29. okay..its the weekend again…and I am wondering if this chat will start back up or not…mmmmm…Love you Michelle!!! although I have some company today for a little while…I am going to be checking here for you…now if you are hanging out somewhere else..I want to be included.. 🙂

  30. Not hangin’ anywhere…trying to get my post ready for Sunday, the Blogged Bible Study for chapter four. Man! There’s SO much there. Time for lunch with Phat, but I’ll be back.

    Love you, Darla!! 😉

  31. love you! have a good time with the Lord, and your post will be wonderful..its all GOd…what is not to like about that! my mom is going to be here shortly…so after she leaves..I will check in on you…

    Hi Phat!

  32. Have a great time visiting with your mom! I have a new resource Dan told me about, an expanded translation of the New Testament by Kenneth S. Wuest. I’m using it to quote from this week, it brings to life the original language using all the words necessary to get the Greek across. I’m lovin’ it! Later…

    Phat says “hi!”

  33. you should take a break and come talk with me and ck and scott..we are at debs..ahahahaha…

    Hi again Phat..you all should come visit me…really

  34. i know you want to…a little smile..a little company…and feel sorry for scott..he is over there by himself..yelling “attack” and why?? he is lonely on debs now…love you michelle..I am believing you are coming!!!

  35. You guys!! I’m so sorry. I missed the whole thing! 😦

    I did go over and added to the hijacking. Got her up to 260.

    Family came by unexpectantly to visit, but that was nice. Very nice. 🙂
    No. No swimming today. Did work on the post and just got it up.

    Hope y’all are having a great Sunday!

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