Please Pray


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Please pray.  Please.

My dear little sister, Gchyayles, has had some terrible news.  Her father is missing and she is away from the family.  This is an urgent need, for she is a new Christian and is estranged from her family of origin for choosing to follow the One and only true God.  She is the Brave One, as Ric has so affectionately named her.

She needs our prayers.  She needs our support.  She needs God’s comfort.   She needs His wisdom and direction.   She needs His everlasting love to envelope her, to surround her this moment.

Please pray with me for our sister in the Lord.

May God’s will be done.

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  1. I went over to her blog and heard the story. Thank you for alerting those of us who are unacquainted with the situation. I am praying …

  2. Michelle – I just got your comment to ‘more on wisdom.’ Actually, the ‘seven spirits’ posts started before that, so there’s one which introduces the idea and gives all the background references, and another with the first wisdom post. Those posts are:

    I guess you can find both of those if you go to ‘October’ of 2007.

    Thanks for taking the interest! This study is one which has captured my attention off and on for the last … 7 or 8 years or so.

  3. Thank you all for praying…just a quick update…plans to visit her family are in the works and she is feeling the Lord’s presence. She is running to Him and He is faithfully holding her close.

    Keep praying…please. Gchyayles has many days ahead that will test her faith. For someone so young in the Lord, she is amazingly mature. Let’s fulfill our calling to bear one another’s burdens as we hold her up to the Lord.

  4. What a great community here….united in prayer.
    Love it—and beginning to love all of you!

    Praying for Gchyayale’s trip, and the situation.
    Also for you Michelle…(teenage boys!)

    Heading up north now…to pick up grandkids for the week.
    Their mom is starting treatment for thyroid cancer…prayers for a complete healing are welcome!

  5. My son died on his 20 birthday, we still don’t know what happened, which makes it hard to live with. My husband of 30 years left me a year after our son died. I often wonder how I can go on. The pain is too difficult. I am lost and lonely. Please pray for me

  6. Good morning, Foto. Yes, I will pray for your daughter-in-law and your grandkids. His Name is Jehovah-Rapha the LORD our Healer. And for you to be a blessing to them all in this difficult time. Somehow I just know you will be.

    My gracious, Teri, I am so sorry to hear of your pain. Yes, I am praying for you now, asking the Father to bring peace to your heart and mind, to guide you to Him.

    I understand deep pain, Teri, and the feeling of being lost and lonely. Grief can take us to places we didn’t know existed. I have kept my sanity through the years by turning to the Lord for understanding, for peace that passes understanding. Sometimes it’s daily, at other times it’s a minute by minute struggle. Cry out…shout out, to Him. He will meet you where you are and lead you through the dark valley. He is our loving Shepherd.

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