A Kiss from God


I have been strengthened today by reading blogs of inspiration.  It’s good to have places to go to hear expressions of life from others.  I just found Storie’s blog a few days ago, and have been struck by her heartstrings.

After reading about the seasons of life and struggling to find the words to comment, Sammie jumped up in my face yapping to go outside.  I couldn’t pass this deed on to another (they are sleeping) so I had to get up.  This is not always an easy task for me.  But, I did it, knowing that cleaning a mess is much harder than walking to the backyard.  I grabbed the fish food on the way, remembering I had not fed them yesterday.

As I approached the pond I noticed a bit of pink peeking from under a lillypad.  Pushing the amphibious resting place aside, I found the most exquisite water lilly.  The delicate perfection of the bloom struck me with awe.  Water lillies are not open all day long and last only a few days at a time.  In a pond as small as mine, I might see four or five in a season…not much…but when I am blessed to get a peek I am always filled with rejoicing.  Honestly, I burst into song and do not care who hears.  It just happens that way for me…

I sang my wedding song and felt the strength of His Spirit flowing.  I looked around the yard and gave thanks for all the beauty of His creation.  His wonders to behold…

The shockingly orange trumpet vine overtaking the fence beckons hummingbirds to drink….

Gerber daisies standing tall in their blue pot make me smile everytime I get a glimpse of their bright yellow petals….

My grandfather’s rose bush, the one I planted after his funeral a few years ago, is full of blooms, even in this Texas heat.  Usually this time of year it has gone dormant until the Fall when the days cool down once again.  But not this year….

Thank you, Father…I needed to be reminded of my grandfather’s life and love….

And the pink verbena spilling from an old terracotta pot mingling with the Sweet Williams blooming beneath.

What a lovely day…

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

My heart is singing.

Thanks, Storie, for reminding me to keep my perspective on Him.  I felt kissed by His presence today.

Have you been kissed recently by the presence of God?  Have you beheld His wonders?


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  1. Oh yes. Lots of smoochys from my Father in Heaven lately. Smooches of peace. Smooches of strength. Smooches of healing. Smooches of faith. Smooches of grace. Smooches of forgiveness. Throw in some fluffy clouds, a bright blue sky and an incredibly warm sun [Son] and I am standing in awe of His wonders and His presence!

    Glory to God!!

  2. “Throw in some fluffy clouds, a bright blue sky and an incredibly warm sun [Son] and I am standing in awe of His wonders and His presence!”

    YAY!! Me too, Gch, I look to the heavens and am filled with wonders and questions abound…what is man that You care about him…?…and yet He does think of us. He knows our every thoughts before even a word is on our tongue…wow! He loves us with an everlasting love.

  3. if there was any doubt before there is not now…

    We were twins separated at birth -born 5 years apart! 😉

    Water Lily – i can SO relate!

    And i am blessed by His Grace from above with such a Joy in my Heart

    Beauty Truly surrounds me daily… even in winter… and you are but one part Sis!

    Is so good to hear of you receiving strength 🙂


  4. This blog is an inspiration.

    Talking about words… THis morning around 2 am I woke up and went out to my porch. I was having one of those moments that I needed fresh air and I came back in and wrote a post. After I had posted it and slept another few hours. I had posted again with a quirk post.

    But still now at 1pm, the cadence words are calling me and so tempted to erase the quirk blog.

    Crazy huh??????

    birgitwhelan.com had a awesome post yesterday about patience. check it out!!!

  5. Hello, Love! I thought you would “get” me in this post. Somehow I just knew you would understand. 😉

    Hey, Heidi! Don’t delete the quirky post…it’s fun to read…and I did a hostile takeover! The cadence post really got to me…thanks! I’ll go check out Birgit’s now…

  6. my favorite flowers are daisies.

    my favorite treat is an oreo cookie.

    im sitting here eating oreos right next to darla.

    she’s just as weird in person.

  7. And its all good! I like Orange Daisies..not sure what the name is..but real cool…

    Oreos are totall awesome..double stuff! mmmmmm
    Tam is still Tam in person..but not at all disappointing..

    Love you Michelle

  8. Oh…I wish I could be there…

    You would think I was too weird if I showed up…and it might ruin all the mystery…

    …or dare I say…respect?

    ♥ U both more than you know.

    Weird, isn’t it?

  9. Wow, I love this post! Seeing God in His amazing creation and being touched by His presence. I love the way you describe your garden too, it sounds beautiful. Especially the bright yellow gerber daisies 🙂
    Kissed by the presence of God? Yeah, I really sense His grace at the moment. That He is always with us, always compassionate towards us, and never gives up on us! He is an awesome God.

  10. Michelle, You are wierd, you dont just have to show up where they are for that to be true. 😛

    Great Post!

  11. Hello, Birgit!
    I’m so happy to see you here. I love reading your blog – it makes me reminiscent for England. Walking through gardens is my favorite way to feel close to Him – you certainly have many to choose from in your part of the world – some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

    Burton!! 😛
    I have a facade to keep up here – if you tell everyone how weird I am in real life I may lose readers! Please keep some things to yourself…please… 😕

  12. Michelle,
    Just finished IM with a Dallas native who now lives in England. He’s a vicar at a C of E church there now – left Information Technology to serve God.
    My friend and I haven’t communicated that much in 25 years.
    “The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his countenance to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.”

  13. Practicing the Presence of God…

    I need to know more about this, Sam. I’m feeling a bit depleted today, must be the heat. Some days aren’t you glad you live up North? Now England…wow…that would be great. We thought at one time we would be pastoring in England some day.


  14. Hi Michelle, it was lovely to see your reply. You mentioned you were reminded of England, have you spent some time in this lovely country?

  15. Yes, Birgit, back in ’86-’87 my husband and I lived in Manchester for the school year. It was the catalyst of change for our entire philosophy of life. I wrote about some of our experience here: https://considerjesus.wordpress.com/2008/01/02/in-him-alone/

    We have always hoped to get back there, some day. For a time we thought that would be our place of ministry, but God had other plans…now I’m hoping to have a “job” there in the millenial kingdom..hehe. 🙂

    It’s so great to get to know you, and the ministry you have there…when we were there, Christian media was not allowed. Glad to hear of the change, Christian network even?! Wow.

  16. Wow, what an incredible story of God’s plan for you and your husband to serve Him in Manchester for a year, and the way He paved the way for you both to live there and also be grown in your faith. It was great to read about this! 🙂
    It would have been amazing for your husband to help research for the book about John Wesley. England really has a wonderful history of great Christian theologians and scholars and preachers.
    I am really enjoying your blog and reading about your different experiences 🙂

  17. Thank you, Birgit, I don’t know what happened to my manners, I just noticed your follow-up comment. The whole England experience was pivotal to our life’s path. We were able to connect with one another, without family around, and think through our whole philosophy of life. I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed reading, thanks. 😀

    Hey Storie! Thank you. I love reading your thoughts and songs. Maybe someday you’ll do the audio link and we can hear you sing too. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge) 😉

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