The BEST Father in the World!


( Six years later… I still believe this.  I was a wonderfully blessed woman and will forever regret the break-up of my marriage.  Don’t let sin take precedence in your life, even for a season…  the devil can gain a foothold and the warfare can tear all your dreams to bits.  Live for God, not for self.  Cherish the blessings God has given and stand firm in the grace He bestows.  8-22-14 )

My husband!

Gary is his name (although it’s fun to call him Phat – short for Comic Phat, his online name). He’s amazing! He’s strong and capable, hilarious and insightful, fun-loving and hard-working.

The first time I knew he would make a great father was in college. We hadn’t gone out yet, but I was hopeful. Our distance flirting had progressed to the point of lots of eye contact and smiles, with me blushing every time he looked my way. But this time the distance was further.

Our college basketball team was playing across town. The stands were full and the cheering was ear splitting, considering this was our beloved rival. Gary was one of the “bleacher bums” – a freshman male pep squad – along the lines of stadium clowns. Half time show was over and some kids flooded the court to shoot baskets until the second half began.

One tiny little boy, probably three years old, kept trying to make a basket. Obviously each attempt fell far short, but he was tenacious in his efforts. Enter…

…my Hero.

Gary approached him asking if he could help. The little guy was happy to have such “big” help so Gary picked him up and they tried again. No goal. Again. No goal. One more time. No goal. (You must understand, dear reader, my husband has reached the grand height of 5’4″ – a giant to me, towering 5 inches above my peak of 4’11”)

At this point many in the stands were watching these efforts and beginning to participate, sharing their ooos and aahhs. Two more guys from the crowd – friends of ours from school – joined the struggle. Each one took ahold of Gary’s legs, lifting him off the floor with the toddler in tow. Needless to say, the littlest guy made the shot – it was a slam dunk! The stands erupted and I fell in love.

I knew, in that moment, if Gary ever asked me out, I would not let go. I wanted a man like that – I wanted THAT man – to be the father of my children! (Well…my thoughts didn’t actually go there immediately, but you get the idea) When all the cheering had stopped and they began moving off court for the second half, Gary looked my way (that long distance glance that confirmed I was on his mind too). WOW! I was twitterpated.

And you know what? After the game he asked if he could give me a ride back to campus. *uh…yeah!*

The beginning of our romance. Eight years later we had our first “little Gary” running around, being trained by the BEST Father in the world, who was being trained by THE BEST HEAVENLY FATHER OVER ALL.


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  2. That is adorable! Praise God for a wonderful husband and father. I bless God for blessing you and making your heart go twitterpated 🙂 [Yes I have seen Bambi!]

  3. Wow, another similarity in husbands. Though mine is much taller at 5′ 5 1/2 =}, the difference is near the same with me at 5’2″.

    Our dating began our junior year of high school, with a one year break (his family went to Ethiopia his senior year as missionaries) and then all through college.

    I didn’t have the ‘enamourment’ so much (else I would have been so nervous around him it never would have progressed anywhere), but just felt from the start he could be the most honest, sensitive best friend anyone could ever have. That has only been confirmed over the past 39 years since =)!

    He would make a great dad, but it seems he’ll have the chance instead for adopted ‘spiritual’ adult children and grandchildren instead. There are a couple of those who have responded in that way, and it means the world to Nick.

    I do also always get him a Father’s Day card from the dogs (‘pawed’, licked, et. al. =), and this year the youngest almost delivered it all by herself.

    He is an extraordinary man, and will be the ‘father of many nations’ as God sees best, in His time, I know =)!!


  4. Hey, Laz!! Glad to see you again – it’s been a while. We must meet someday – Short Texans need to stick together! 😉

    Almost 40 years!!! That’s great!!

    It is wonderful how the Lord has given us spiritual family and in many ways they can be much closer than blood.

    Father’s Day card from the dogs – I understand – now that we have a dog – they’re family! 😀

    As God sees best, in His time…amen.

  5. What a precious entry. 🙂 He sounds wonderful!
    You know, the very first thought I had when I met my husband (and totally assumed just from his bearing that he was married and had 2-3 kids) was, “He seems like a great husband and father. It’s a shame there aren’t more single guys like him!”

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