When God Disappoints


I dream of God’s beauty and His goodness. I see the wonders of His creation and feel the extravagance of His grace. I know He is sovereign and I rest in that knowledge.

So, what happened?

Some would say I didn’t claim His promises. Others will lay the blame at a lack of faith. A few might actually believe in the bogus “law of attraction” and say I was too negative so, I received back from the cosmos what I sent out. Hogwash!

God is Sovereign.

His name is El ElyonGod Most High.

He is above all and everything is under His feet.

His name is El Shaddai God All-Sufficient.

His strength is sufficient in our weakness.

His name is El OlaminGod Everlasting.

He will never end.  His mercies endure forever.

His name is El RoiGod Who Sees.

He sees everything; no detail misses His gaze.

His name is JehovahSelf-Existent One.

All exists because He has declared it to be.

His name is Jehovah-RaphaHealing Lord.

He wounds and He heals. I will trust Him for our healing in His time.

His name is Jehovah-Shammah My Lord is There.

He will never leave us nor forsake.

His name is Jehovah-JirehLord Provider.

He supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory.

His name is Jehovah-RaahLord, My Shepherd.

Though we walk through the dark valley of death, the Good Shepherd leads us.

His name is Jesus Joshua.

Choose this day whom you will serve.  As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

I will run to the strong tower of His Name and be safe.
For His Name’s sake He has promised.
I will put my trust in Him and rest in His ways.

Am I disappointed?


My ways are not His ways.

Do I know what’s best?


Blessed are the people whose God is the LORD. ~Psalm 144:15


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  1. This is a beautiful reminder of Who God is to us; how worthy He is of our worship and our trust. Thank you.

  2. Some would say I didn’t claim His promises. Others will lay the blame at a lack of faith. A few might actually believe in the bogus “law of attraction” and say I was too negative so I received back from the cosmos what I sent out. Hogwash!

    My buddies Peter, Paul & me would say otherwise.Romans 5:3-4, 1 Peter 4:19, and, of course where it sounds your are right now: 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.

    You and yours are covered in prayer.

  3. I love you and praise God for your faith Michelle.

    Yes He is all those things He declares in His Word!

    I am seeking His provision during this time of transitioning into one income and having a possible house mortgage and other things. How comforting when His NAME is those things that we need in order to live life.

    I have been praying and will continue to pray for you. Lots of blessings. XOX

  4. 4Pam, welcome. Glad you liked the post and come back anytime.

    Thank you, Ric. Those verses are perfect…just the reminder I needed.

    I love you too, Gchyayles. Please keep praying, I’ll be praying for you as well.

  5. Hi Michelle, We seem to be in the same place right now, trusting God with hurting hearts. I would much rather be hurting with Him than without Him. As would you, obviously. This is the only post I read, so forgive me if I am completely misunderstanding you. I found your site on Cathis and didn’t realize this was yours. You made me happy on Without Wax the other day. 🙂

  6. Hello, Tawny. I’m so glad you stopped by. Yes, hurting with Him is so much better than without. He is good, just not easily understood. If you haven’t read the verses Ric gave above, they really helped me today.

    I’m glad my words made you happy at Pete’s blog – you were right on and totally honest.

  7. Michelle said, “Some would say I didn’t claim His promises. Others will lay the blame at a lack of faith. A few might actually believe in the bogus “law of attraction” and say I was too negative so, I received back from the cosmos what I sent out. Hogwash!”

    It is interesting that some in the Christian faith will take from other religions and marry it with Christainity. Buddism, workism, and me-centeredism.

    It is all God and 0% us. That is the only way to true joy and peace. I heard an old preacher say, “God is never surprised. He never goes ‘WHAT!'”


  8. All sorts of ‘other religions’ are influencing the expression of Christianity these days – even to the extent that some major evangelical leaders will no longer stand on Jesus being the only way to God! Might I also offer that Christianity in America has been me-centered instead of God-centered for a long time now, and not necessarily borrowed from another religion? I think we are born me-centered and the modern/postmodern church in America just feeds it with all the feel good sermonettes being fed to Christianettes. Just an opinion mind you. . .

  9. Sermonettes for Christianettes…yes!

    It has been a me-centered faith…what’s in it for me? I can control my destiny with just the right “magical” words of positive assertion…He wants me prosperous…and the LORD scoffs…”it has been granted to you to suffer for Christ’s sake.”

    It is all about God and the glory being His. In my disappointment that He didn’t see it my way, what do I do?

    Shake my fist?

    Walk away?

    No, I will rest in His sovereignty. It is all about Him and His ways. I have prayed for myself and my family, “Search us, O God, and know our hearts. Try us and know our anxious thoughts. See if there is any hurtful way in us and lead us in the way everlasting.”

    He has chosen to lead us down a frightening path but we do know we are following Him…the darkness is not dark to Him…He sees clearly the way we should go.

    We want the safe easy bright path.

    He desires our character to be refined, more than our comfort to be restored.

    Though He slay me…yet, I will trust Him.

  10. yesterday every time I tried to comment here, I got kicked off! so I am back as your persistent friend who is trying again!

    I don’t think that God ever disappoints, I think sometimes he says that what we are asking for is good but HIS plan is so much better…and when we see it revealed, we are going to oooooooo and aaaaaaaaaa and jump up and down. I think sometimes I disappoint myself, because I can not control HIM, and although I don’t really want to..I want what I want! and like a small child…I don’t know what is best for me.

    I think the Lord wants to hold us and comfort us, and all the while HE is saying something like this..”Believe me that I know what I am doing, Believe me that you are the apple of my eye, Believe me that when this is all said and done, My Princess will rejoice in my love and goodness, Hide in me, I gave you my son, and sometimes I want yours..but it is not close to the level I gave mine”

    just some thoughts…I have been thinking about. 🙄

  11. Hey, Darla!

    I agree totally that it is my lack of perspective which has caused the disappointment. I think that’s what my post revealed, I hope – the title is like others I’ve used, “Jesus is the Problem” when He’s really the answer and “True Guilt” when it’s really false guilt. I do believe we can be disappointed with God’s answers because we don’t understand His ways, and I know He understands my disappointment.

    Hopefully you saw in the post my praise for Him, nonetheless. The sacrifice of praise…I will praise His Name even when I do not understand His ways.

    I’m glad you came to talk about it – I knew the title would bother some. Do you see where I’m coming from now? 😕

  12. when all else fails (which is usually “us”) go back to the name(s) of he Lord and everything is revealed!

    i sure love you Michelle.

    am consistently lifting you and yours!

  13. I remember ‘shaking my fist at God’ when a youna man in his late 20s was killed parachuting into a Special Forces training exercise. He was a warrior for Christ who wanted everything in his life to glorify and would share the gospel with a lampost. I couldn’t understand why God would allow it to happen until I witnessed a salvation message delivered to the entire battalion staff at our training base during a short memorial service conducted by a local pastor.

  14. one of the reasons why He is ‘in charge’ and not us is….

    He has a much better memory.

    He also has better hearing and better vision. He’s just ‘better’ than we humans.

    The day we think we can do it better than Him – for ALL of the people in the world and not just ourselves ( for we are linked together in ways that stretch our imaginations) is the day we will be – reminded.

    And given to remember just WHO is in charge of our life – and those around us… and especially the ones we LOVE 🙂

    love you Sis – and Him also ( foremost).


  15. Amen, Tam. His names show us His character – He is AWESOME. ♥ U2

    Hey, Dan, I keep looking for His way in this current situation – it’s good when we can see God working His purposes in our losses. Thy will be done.

    Hi, Love, He is the Best! I will rest in His knowledge…thanks for the reminder.

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  16. Beautiful post, Michelle — His names are like the towering lamp-posts we can grab onto in the raging storms around us. May not be able to see the Light through all of the rain and blowing branches, but… lamp-posts like these never move. Even when it feels like we ourselves will be blown away. Love all these names. THANKS for posting this. — Gracie

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