Testimony Time!!


I’m sure my age will show on this post…it’s testimony time!!

When I was a little girl, at some time during the Sunday evening service (do people go to church on Sunday evenings anymore?), we would sing “Victory” songs and then commence with the testimonies.  Being the “talker” I am known to be, most often I had something to say.

At our annual church camp, one evangelist explained that each time we stand up and give a testimony, it’s like building a brick wall against the devil – each time another brick is added.  I took him at his word and started right in…giving testimony of the awesome, powerful, burning within.   I now understand this burning as the God-given fire (read: Holy Spirit) which causes us to move in His power, to do the works He marked out beforehand for us to accomplish.

Anyone who has a desire to share what the Lord is doing in your life, speak right up.  Let’s bring glory to our God!!!

Debs exclaims:
My passion…People, people, and people. Saved, unsaved, old, new, dirty, clean, past, no past, doesn’t matter people and praise…that’s me!

Society testifies:
My greatest passion is for my community to realize how to be a community…It’s my life’s goal to see this endeavor furthered and also to become someone that aids people (offering grace) instead of someone that burdens them…This is my passion – to see true revitalization of a broken people(s) – and I spend my time where the healing is needed…I guess I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. I also enjoy it…so I thank God for this.

Love expresses:
The water within? I want that to spring from the centre of who i am, come up flooding through me, washing me clean of my flotsam and bringing eternal life and then overflowing out to flood (spread out over) the entire world.

Mandy contemplates:
drew and i are facing these questions as we face the final 20 months of seminary…. yeah. what burns in us? we’re chewing on that.

and chewing.
and chewing.

and I’m praying, Mandy

Ric affirms:
I long to know Him, learn from Him, write about Him, and tell stories about Him. I want to sing about what he’s done in my life. I’m learning to sing. I’m stepping up to the blog and the mic.

Gchyayles clarifies:
My passion is to help people who are lost and suffering without hope. I worked in domestic violence for 4 years and then became the ED to my local homeless coalition…I also have a passion to help Christian marriages. I am going to grad school to get my license in Marriage and Family Therapy and want to be a Christian-based marriage counselor at some point. I don’t know when that will manifest but God has confirmed that as a calling and so I press on until He tells me I’m ready for it.

Gothique Fae praises:
The fire that consumes me is writing…it is actually very hard for me to accurately describe how it consumes my heart. I almost feel like I need to say something grand and profound but with things like this that are close to my heart I lose the words. The same thing happens when I try to describe what God has done for me and how He has changed me, I become unarticulate. And I get all choked up. It seems impossible to me to describe the fire that burns in me for writing…

Dan (Born4Battle) synergizes:
“And I said, I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name: but it was in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones; and I became wearied with holding in, and I could not.” Jeremiah 20:9…Does that sound like you, Michelle? I have been praying that for my life, that His word would become that to me more and more each day. Specifically the gospel as Paul preached, the crucified and risen Lord!

Sam shares:
Lately, aside from writing, my passion can be summed up in this song, “She’s All Heart” by Daniel Amos…especially the part:

My longing:
Not to be a god or hero, but to change
Into a tree that grows for ages
Hurting no one

Brandy explains:
I love people (most of the time) and I love to take care of them. Cook for them, help them, anything like that. Make them a cup of coffee…Right now though, my babies are my fire.

Great testimonies, everyone!  What an amazing community of believers we have in the blogosphere, if you didn’t get a chance to share your testimony, or have anymore to say, let the Spirit lead in the comments below.  Let’s pray for those who are in need and for those who willingly try and meet those needs…What great work He is doing in and through you!!

And all the people said…AMEN!!

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  1. My passion right now is to show others they do not have to live under the bricks of their pasts. They are free!

    Gothiquefae – I completely understand what you said up there. me too!

  2. NE – i’ve read so many of your words – you have it all in you already friend! You are an inspiration!

  3. God has recently set me free from “not good enough”. I’ve been trapped in this hamster wheel “faith” of “when I pray enough, when I read enough, when I’m perfect enough, when I’m free enough, when my faith is big enough, when I’m enough enough enough” THEN God will…..(fill in the blank)
    It has become so REAL to me that…God already DID!!
    “inadequacy” kept me from experiencing the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Even though I’m a believer. Even though I’m a minister. Even though I flow in the gifts of the Spirit. Even though.
    God is amazing.

  4. Good morning, y’all!!!

    Glad you enjoyed “Testimony Time” – it just might become a regular entry. Y’all give so much insight in the comment sections, sometimes it gets lost on those who skip to the end.

    Kelly – I get you!!!! It’s not about us…it’s all about Him. When we keep our perspective in the proper order, knowing it is finished in Him, then we can walk not trying to be enough, but trusting: He who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it.

    Tam – You’re such an encourager. It’s always a boost to see your picture in the sidebar – I know it will be something many need to hear. Thanks.

    I’ve recently better understood the phrase, “sacrifice of praise.” Even when life is unbearably hard or you feel totally inadequate, giving praise for who He is will speak truth to your soul.

    Keep it coming, people…He gets all the glory!!!!

  5. Why sure, Society!! Your work is an inspiration, one many may not have considered. Thanks for sharing… 😉

  6. Michelle,

    This is my first time to your blog though I’ve appreciated your comments on others I regularly visit. I’m adding you to my bookmarks =).

    I haven’t read all the comments on the post previous to this one, but hope I’m getting the ‘gist’ of your question as to what ‘fires’ one’s life (?).

    For me, the best way I can describe it is, ‘ the pursuit of God through intimate, unified, life-altering worship’. That comes both in alone times with Him (where it utimately starts or ends), and, equally as important, in unified worship with His people. That’s not just through ‘singing’, but also ‘seeking His face’ through prayer and just being quiet (or boisterous =) before Him.

    It’s not just pursuing ‘mountain top experiences’ though, but being CHANGED there to go back into the ‘valleys’ of human need to be Christ’s hands and feet in ministry (like Mt. 17:1-20). Steven Curtis Chapman has a great song about that called, “The Mountain” on his “Heaven in the Real World” CD.

    I’m just starting a book on worship that says this in the forward:
    Worship is “not a service we attend occasionally but.. the life-altering recognition that Someone has shown up and changed the rules that our society tells us govern human existence. Worship…is to be the new way of seeing and feeling that redraws boundaries, rewires connections, and redirects how we govern ourselves. It subverts the way we decide who counts and who doesn’t.”
    – John Ortberg on “The Dangerous Act of Worship” by Mark Labberton

    My ‘passion’ is also closely described in Tim Hansel’s book, “Holy Sweat”.
    ( I noticed you referenced one of his books in your latest post.=). Another of his works you might relate to in your physical ‘trial’ is “You Gotta Keep Dancin”.

    Thanks for your posts, comments, and emphasis. I’ll be back =).


  7. Hello, Laz! I’m honored to see you here…I’ve appreciated your comments on Love’s site. And now mine! 😆

    So, your fire is worship…does this mean you are a part of the worship at Table Rock? Y’all must have quite a community there.

    “That’s not just through ’singing’, but also ’seeking His face’ through prayer and just being quiet (or boisterous =) before Him”

    I love it – I worship best when I’m working in the garden. I can pray, sing, listen, wonder…it’s great.

    I should look into Tim Hansel’s works. I took the reference from notes on TheNETbible listed in Sermon Illustrations.

    Come back anytime, your wisdom is appreciated here!! 😀

  8. Michelle,

    Thanks for making me feel welcome here =).

    To answer your question re: Table Rock, I’m involved in several different worship ministry opporutunities on and off ‘campus’, but mainly with kids and the elderly. Sometimes I lead alone, sometimes with a team (incahoots’ Kass & Kota are involved there too =), and sometimes with my husband (he’s the REAL ‘passionate’ worshiper, believe me =)!

    We’ve been there since the beginning of the fellowship (almost 10 years ago now), and Nick (my hubby) is still on the adult team (plays acoustic guitar) with Brent (inWorship) and Tammy (inProgress). I presently am not.

    We just look to be faithful with every opportunity we’re given to proclaim His glory in unity of spirit and purpose to the watching/waiting world.

    Thanks for asking, and yes (as in your ‘garden’ times), my best moments with Him are alone too. He designed us that way, first and foremost, I think. But it seems to be what we’re often distracted from the most ={.


  9. Ric, I read your message right after returning from physical therapy, where I’m doing the minutest movements which cause me to break out in a sweat and have need for a long nap after…body builder…hah! 😉

    Thanks, I appreciate your words.

    D or Laz, which do you prefer? Put your feet up and stay awhile…I love fellowship! 😉

    “We just look to be faithful with every opportunity we’re given to proclaim His glory in unity of spirit and purpose to the watching/waiting world.”

    That’s what it’s all about!!! If we each do what He’s asked of us, would the world hurt as much? You may have sparked another post…

  10. Michelle….been out of the loop a bit…so busy these last few days. What an amazing blog this is. The body, all seperately yet of one accord praising the King in their own way.
    I always tell my kids when they make mistakes, and most of the time myself as well, that we don’t have a past, we have a testimony. All things for His glory…

    There are so many people who remain hostage to their mistakes, yet the Lord is big on getting us on our feet and looking ahead. I tried to walk forward by looking back once…it didn’t work too well. If we could just see ourselves and eachother through His eyes, redeemed by the blood…and live in Him…it is complete freedom. We are free…to dance, to sing, to walk with our heads held high knowing that we are no less than sons and daughters of the King. I love to make Him smile…

  11. AMEN…
    “I tried to walk forward by looking back once…it didn’t work too well. If we could just see ourselves and eachother through His eyes, redeemed by the blood…and live in Him…it is complete freedom. We are free…to dance, to sing, to walk with our heads held high knowing that we are no less than sons and daughters of the King.”

    And again, AMEN…I think you know how badly I needed to read this…thanks…the Lord has spoken truth to me through you. Love you. 😉

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