A Poem by Ric Booth


My Friend

by ric booth

so my friend and i existed completely aparti was talking with my best friend just the other day
here’s what He told me to speak up and say 

 in the beginning, there were three in the One
but i had not yet met the counselor nor the Son.
still, everything was mine; He even walked with us
bathed in love, no one knew what a tear was

it was heaven on earth for me in Adam and Eve
but then i fell hard and He told me to leave
like a parent who catches His child in some crime
painfully, He knew i must now suffer time

and so my friend and i existed… completely… apart.
and i found new pain in the nothing left in my heart
i started to struggled to rebuild my eden
if i could only do that, i would not need Him

so i turn to my brother and took all that he had
and as his life ended, i said aw, too bad!
covered with the mud and the blood of this war
i just beat my chest harder and cried out more! more!

with an ocean of tears He heard my cries
and filled all my needs despite all my lies
as i fought from my tomb not yet alive
i realized from this battle i would not survive

i screamed, are you going to just watch while i die?
what He would do next, well no one knows why…
you see my friend knew i was lost and alone
so He came to my pit to show the way home

but i would not see Him; i refused to hear
it had been too long since i’d felt Him near
rather, i wondered; really, it could not be
He would not come down here just for me?

filled with anger; i would not submit.
why did He leave me down in this pit?
so i ran up and hit Him! i threw Him in chains!
i spit and i cursed Him! all in His name.

then i got in His face and i shouted real loud,
if you’re truly my friend then prove it right now!
as He turned to look up, love rained from His face
He said, Father, forgive him. I am taking his place.

shocked i stood speechless; stained hands at my side
helplessly watching as my best friend died.
crushed and ashamed i fell to my knees
i’m sorry, come back! i’m begging you please!

then what happened next, i cannot explain
but that nothing inside me, the source of my pain…
i could not believe it! He’s creating again!
where once there was nothing, i found my friend.


…I have called you friends. –John15:15
© 2004-2007

You can link to Ric Booth’s site from my sidebar.  I only found him recently and have continually been challenged with his writing.  He is funny, honest, and most of the time, provocative – that’s why I enjoy his blog.  Check him out – he’s worth the click.

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